Youth Netiquette


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Youth Netiquette

  1. 1. Youth Netiquette<br />The web is great! On the web, you can hang out with your friends, search for information, play games, get to know new people and exchange thoughts. Everyone also has certain rights on the Net that must not be violated. <br />I have a right to privacy<br />Who reads your information? Consider what kind of text and pictures you want to release to a worldwide audience. Think particularly hard before giving out your name, phone number, home address or e-mail address online. Once you upload a piece of text or photograph onto the internet, you may never be able to take it back.<br />I have the right to be left alone<br />Who do you talk to? Not everyone is nice, and it is easy to con people in online conversations. So be careful about who you talk to online and what information you submit about yourself.<br />Do you want to meet your online friends? Many friendships that start on the internet continue in the real world. However, you should take someone you trust along with you for your first meeting, and arrange the meeting in a public place. You can never be sure what kind of person you are meeting.<br />What about the right to tell someone? If something seems suspicious or unpleasant to you, do not hesitate to talk to other people about it. You do not have to feel guilty if you run into some unpleasant material on the web. Tell your parents or other adults and the site webmaster about any suspicious material.<br />Other web users have feelings, too<br />Real people? The people you meet online are real people, even though they may use a nickname. Treat people the same way online as you would in the real world.<br />Good manners are attractive? Behave in an appropriate, tolerant and friendly manner towards other web users -- and they will treat you well, too.<br />