The popular war


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The popular war

  1. 1. Chapter 1 (The New Girl) She walks into the school with hair as blonde as corn and a light pink streak running through the middle. Every boy looks at her as if they are in love and the girls ooh and aah over her cute top and jeans. She tosses her long, wavy blonde hair and the girls all clap and cheer. I, well I’m just as impressed. But I know I shouldn’t be. I should be that girl, the new girl that everyone likes not just the class clown or funniest person in our school! Alright, alright I’ll admit it. I’m jealous. Actually no I’m not. I’M GREEN WITH ENVY, (whatever that means)! No this is not happening. It can’t be, it can’t be, yet it is. “Miss Fancy Pants” (a.k.a the new girl/Lacey) just had to ask my BFF if she wanted to go to the mall with Lacey today. And (surprise, surprise) Lacey didn’t invite me! Plus today’s supposed to be the day Julie (my BFF) and I get to go to the mall! So not fair! This is just about the worst day in my entire life! You know, I just might have a prank up my sleeve to make it the funniest day of my life. This is going to be interesting. “I don’t care about Lacey or that she has the right clothes, talks the right way and walks the right way,” I had said to the mirror. Then of course Shai had to walk in and start giggling. “What is up with you?” Shai had asked me. “Oh and by the way, have you met the new girl? She’s so nice and really funny!” Wow, Shai. Way to make me feel better! Now I wish I had actually said that but even as the class clown I only have so much courage! But actually I just sort of stared off into space and Shai left. I mean, how pathetic is that? I can’t believe how quickly rumors spread! So Shai told Jill that I was very afraid that I couldn’t walk or talk the right way, (I guess she heard that last part) and Jill changed to that I couldn’t walk or talk when I was a baby. Everyone was whispering about it and then Miss Fancy Pants came up to me and told me she was really sorry that I had had a disease when I was little and that I couldn’t talk and walk. I of course couldn’t bear any more lies so I screamed in her face that was a big fat lie and it wasn’t true. Everyone was shocked and I started walking away when Lacey tapped my shoulder and told me that she was so sorry that someone started a rumor about Page 1
  2. 2. me and blah blah blah. I was probably the only one that realized that she was lying to my face and putting on her sweet act just so people would like her and think she was nice. I just grunted thanks and sprinted to class so I wouldn’t see anyone’s reaction. Everyone has turned against me because of Lacey and her evil niceness. Shai and Jill apologized by basically turning their back on me and Julie is always “out” whenever I call. Lacey must be plotting something against me! It’s like one of those old spy movies. I must uncover her plot and create one myself! Page 2
  3. 3. Chapter 2 (My Entrance) I had to plan my entrance according to the right beat and time it just right. I had to perfect it so all the eyes would be on me. It had to be the same perfect entrance as the one at Bridgewater, my old school, the one I got kicked out of. My hair had to be just right when I tossed it and my walk had to be more than perfect. That’s how I’d become the most popular girl in school. It was perfect, actually. More perfect than I ever could have imagined. I noticed all eyes on me except for one pair, just one pair. It was a girl who wasn’t a beauty but you’d notice her when she walked into the room. She had those bright emerald green eyes and a smirk played around her face. When I first saw her I know right away she was the class clown, the one everyone liked. So it became my first goal to be better than her at everything, even being funny. It was almost like a Christmas miracle (except it’s September) when I asked her BFF to go to the mall with me. I knew that Julie was supposed to go to the mall with Carole but she’d backed out last minute when I asked her to come. Eavesdropping comes in handy sometimes. Then another miracle happened! Shai (Carole’s other bestie) started a rumor that Carole couldn’t talk or walk when she was a baby. I don’t know how she thought of that but it doesn’t even matter! So anyway I had to be the nice one and I told her how sorry I was that she had had a disease when she was little and blah blah blah. She looked like she was about to explode and then she screamed in my face about how it was a big fat lie. I was all apologetic and though I knew she didn’t believe a word I was saying, everyone else did, so it was all good. The thing is I sort of wish I was actually as nice as I act. I mean if I wasn’t fighting a popular war then maybe I’d be nice. But I am fighting a popular war so it’s different. I know that everyone’s jealous of me but I’m sort of jealous of them. I have to make sure everything I wear is perfect and I have to act perfect even though I’m not. It’s so hard to try to juggle everything going on right now. It’s like a juggling act where everything is about collapse but miraculously it doesn’t! Page 3
  4. 4. I have sorted out a plan and it’s in action! Step 1 has already been finished. Here’s my plan to make Carole miserable: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Get all her besties to not be available Get all her friends to think she’s over the top weird Get her in trouble with the principal Make the whole school hate her Get her kicked out! This has to be the most brilliant plan ever! The only thing is I feel a little guilty about it. I don’t actually dislike her, it’s just that she’s in the way and I have to move her out of the way. It’s as simple as that. Page 4
  5. 5. Chapter 3 (Something Fishy) On the first day of school I saw something fishy. Not fishy like fish but fishy like suspicious fishy. I saw a girl who looked a lot and I mean a lot like Cassi Lee who went to my old school, Bridgewater. She had the same pretty face with high cheekbones, blonde hair and a dazzling smile. The only difference (in my opinion) was that she had a pink streak in her hair and she had big brown eyes. The next day she was talking to Carole, the class clown about how sorry she was about something and blah blah blah. I told myself it wasn’t Cassi because Cassi was never this nice or sweet. Carole obviously didn’t believe a word she said and basically screamed at her and then walked away. I keep telling myself that it’s not Cassi but my mind doesn’t believe me. It keeps telling me to spy or at least eavesdrop on her. I’m almost positive that it’s not Cassi and it’s just another really cute girl that looks just like her. I mean I now know that having a crush on Cassi is not good but I couldn’t help it! She was so pretty! Today I finally spied on her. But I didn’t find anything out. I just found out that she was planning to go to the mall with Julie, Shai & Jill but not invite Carole. But not invite Carole! That’s big news! She must be plotting something against Carole just like she did to Hillary. She’s probably using Shai, Jill & Julie just like she used Dylan, Hector & I. I have to find out more! Now that I think about it I’m almost sure she’s going to try and pull the same thing she almost got away with doing at our old school to Hillary. I bet she’s going to try and blame Carole for locking Cassi in the old art closet so she would get expelled. At least that’s what she tried to do to Hillary. But luckily my buddies and I busted her and looked like the heroes of the school! The only problem is, well she probably still hates my guts. No, she’s not Cassi Lee. In fact there’s no way she is. Today she went with Mr. Karvac to the animal shelter and helped him unload the blankets and kitty beds. Cassi Lee hated helping out and she hated animals more. I think she just Page 5
  6. 6. thinks that Carole is too much of a class clown and thought she’d act too silly if she went to the mall with Jill, Julie & Shai. I bet that’s just it. Yep, it’s definitely it. I’m just not even going to suggest it’s not because I’m completely, positively, totally sure that Lacey is not, I repeat not Cassi Lee. Page 6
  7. 7. Chapter 4 (Crushes And Secrets) That first day is always the worst. It’s the first day that I’ll have to sit alone, the first day that everyone completely ignores me. The only good thing about the first day that I get to see Quinn. Quinn is like the boyfriend I’d never had. He’s not really really cute but he’s good looking. But the most important is that he’s nice. I’ve never seen him be mean to anyone. He actually even says hi to me sometimes and once in a while (if I’m not sitting alone in the library) he’ll ask if I want to sit with him at lunch. I’ll usually decline because I don’t really want to sit with a bunch of boys. Quinn appeared around the 2nd marking period last year. One day he wasn’t there and then poof, he appeared! I think he went to Bridgewater before but I’m not sure. I’ve always wanted to ask if he knew the girl who tried to make it look like another girl had put her in the locker but I don’t because I’m afraid he’ll think that it’s weird and he won’t talk to me anymore. This year was the one year where everything went sort of crazy. There was this new girl who was beautiful. It wasn’t the type of beauty you could ignore. It was the type that you had to stare at. I was staring at her when I saw something that looked really out of place. Carole the class clown, looking grumpy. She’s usually the one who always looks happy no matter where she is but in this situation that was not the case. I’m pretty sure that Carole is probably planning something against the new girl, maybe a prank like the one she did to Georgia Juere when Georgia wouldn’t let Carole into the cheerleading squad. Today had been an interesting day. I saw Quinn spying on Lacey, the new girl. So I of course had to spy on Quinn and Quinn was spying on the new girl. I heard some interesting stuff about how Lacey wanted to go to the mall with Jill, Julie & Shai but without Carole. Maybe she knows that Carole plotting something against her. Page 7
  8. 8. I found some precious information! I found a note in the trash, (don’t ask what I was doing in the trash) that had the steps to sabotaging Carole’s future! Wait, what! Carole’s future? CAROLE! I thought Carole was the one mad at Lacey, not vice versa! This has to be an all-out girl war! So anyway the note said: How to get rid of Carole (Laceys paper) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Get all her besties to not be available Get all her friends to think she’s over the top weird Get her in trouble with the principal Make the whole school hate her Get her kicked out! This is good stuff! I can’t wait to tell my bestie about it! Oh yeah, I have no bestie. Page 8
  9. 9. Chapter 5 (Not So Funny) I’m not sure how she’s so smart! Lacey has already got everyone to think I’m a weirdo (except for Kaleigh & Quinn but they’re so weird already) and all my besties won’t talk to me! This has got to be the worst year of my life! So here’s how it happened: I was walking through the halls when all of a sudden Lacey said to me, “Nice tail,” and then she smiled her dazzling smile and walked away. I of course panicked and started running around the halls trying to grab my “tail” (which was really toilet paper) but it kept flapping around so I couldn’t reach it. Everyone was laughing and I was trying to be “ha ha” about it but it’s really hard to be laughing about something when you’re running around, screaming your head off. So I finally got it off after about 10 minutes later and then some kid remarked, “I guess she forgot to wipe,” and then all these kids were laughing their faces off. So during lunch I went to go and sit with the table I normally sit with which now Jill, Shai & Julie don’t sit at. I thought that because the other people are all pretty nice so they probably wouldn’t make fun of me. But I was dead wrong. When I went to sit down with Fiona and her crew, Fiona started snickering and then said sarcastically, “Sorry you can’t sit here. I don’t want you to get toilet water on the seat,” and every girl at the table laughed. So I ended up in the library and I thought I was going to sit alone when I saw Kaleigh who’s not mean but she’s a little odd. She waved me over and told me to sit with her. So I went over and sat down and she showed me this note that had all the steps to “Get Rid of Carole” (at least that’s what it said on the top) and It was written by yours truly, (Lacey/ Miss Fancy Pants.)Then I remarked that I had to come up with a better plan to make sure her plan didn’t work. Then Kaleigh started writing down a list of ideas and we were going through them when Quinn came up to us and asked us what we were doing. Kaleigh blushed (it’s so obvious she likes him) and showed him the note and our ideas. Page 9
  10. 10. I told Kaleigh afterward that I wasn’t sure that we could trust Quinn just in case he actually liked Lacey (who doesn’t!) and was her secret spy. Kaleigh basically got reallymad at me and told me that Quinn was not a spy nor a liar or crook. I asked how she knew thatwhen she didn’t even really know him but she wouldn’t answer me. Then (big mistake) I asked her why she liked him so much as he wasn’t the cutest guy around school. She basically gaped at me and maybe 10 minutes later she started speaking but she wasn’t making any sense. The only thing I did hear her say that made any sense was “How…” and then just some jibber jabber. I just sat around eating my lunch and when I finished I threw away my garbage and left. I haven’t heard nor seen Kaleigh and it’s been 2 days. I’m beginning to think that she might actually want to be friends with Lacey and maybe she figured that if she got some sort of knowledge of my plan and showed it to Lacey, then Lacey would be so happy that she had found my plan and then they’d be besties forever! I just hope that’s not the case. Page 10
  11. 11. Chapter 6 (Tough Luck) Right now I sort of feel bad for Carole. I mean I sort of ruined her life by taking away all her friends and getting everyone to laugh at her in the whole school. But then again it’s really her fault she doesn’t like me. It’s just tough luck, that’s all. My plan is working like a charm. Though I did lose my list of steps to get rid of Carole and it’d be pretty bad if she found it. But then again there’s about a 1 out of 400 percent chance she found it and luck is on my side now. Plus even if someone else found it they’d take it to me not Carole because it has my name on it. No one is on Carole’s side now except maybe Quinn and Kaleigh but they’re too stupid to even think about doing that. They’d probably just throw it in the trash if they found it. I have to keep my plan moving! Julie was complaining to me about how we had to wait too long and if we waited more than another day or 2 she was out of the plan and she’d take Jill and Shai with her. I tried to talk some sense into her but she wouldn’t listen until I said, “We strike tomorrow.” Then I gave them the plan. This is what we plan to do: Julie will apologize to Carole about how she was such a jerk and blah blah blah. (It’s all pretend, obviously) Then she will get Carole to meet her in the girls’ bathroom at 2:30 (during P.E.) Julie will be in the plumbing room instead because she will be busy hacking into the plumbing and turning the principals water system in his office to “High”. Then she’ll text Carole to meet her in the plumbing room but she’ll run out of the room before Carole gets there. Mr. Karvac always has his lunch break at 2:30 and he uses the facet to fill up his water bottle. Mr. Karvac will get water sprayed in his face and then he will send the janitor down to check on it. Then Carole will be waiting in the plumbing room when the janitor comes in and catches her! Mr. Karvac will be mad at her for “her prank” and she’ll get detention. There is just one problem. I don’t know if Carole will trust Julie. I mean I think Carole knows that Julie’s on my side but I don’t know if she’ll think it’s a Page 11
  12. 12. trick or want to trust Julie even after all she has done. I just hope Julie is a good liar and Carole is very gullible. Page 12
  13. 13. Chapter 7 (Who Told Her?) How does Carole know that I have a crush on Quinn? Who told her? Actually I didn’t even tell anyone! Maybe she guessed? But I mean the nerve of that girl! I mean I almost thought of going to Laceys' side but that’d totally be mean and cruel so I’d almost be as bad as Lacey! I heard Lacey talking to herself in the bathroom. She’s so odd. She was going on and on about how she going make Carole get kicked out of the school and blah blah blah. I wasn’t actually listening (though I think I should have been) and then I stupidly flushed the toilet. Now luckily the toilets are automatic so she wasn’t too suspicious but she still high-tailed it out of there! This has been the worst day of my life! Carole actually may have been right about Quinn. Maybe he is the dirty rotten traitor that Carole says he is. But I still am in love with him. So what happen was that I was spying on Lacey to see if she had any more evil plans and I noticed Quinn spying on Lacey with this “love” look. He also had a paper in his hand that looked awfully like the “get rid of Carole” list. What if Quinn actually likes Lacey? Please no, please no! I been thinking and thinking and something just doesn’t add up. Why would Quinn like Lacey if he knows that she’s plotting to ruin Caroles’ life? Maybe he’s evil too? What, no! That can’t be! I bet he doesn’t like her. Maybe he just spies on every girl and looks at them like he’s in love? That’s probably it. I don’t even know why I got into this. Today Lacey asked me if I wanted to come to her house. I of course said yes not only because I wanted to but also maybe I could find out the reason Lacey hates Carole so much. When I got to her house I knew right away she was rich. Her house was bigger than the Kansas Hotel which I thought was the biggest building in our whole entire town. It had 50 feet ceilings and elevators instead of stairs. Page 13
  14. 14. When I entered her room I was astonished. Her room was almost bigger than my whole house. It has a huge king sized canopy bed and 2 flat screen TVs that were bigger than me! She had a huge book self completely filled with movies and I couldn’t find a single book! The only odd thing was that she had a small certificate that read, “Bridgewater Honor Student.” I didn’t think that she was really smart! Then she pulled my arm and told me that she had a surprise that would amaze me so I forgot all about it. She took me to her closet and what I saw took my breath away. Her closet was bigger than my entire room and was filled up to the ceiling with makeup and clothes galore. We sat down on her bed and then she asked me if I liked Carole.I answered that she was nice enough and so I did like her. Then she lowered her voice and whispered that she knew something so deep and so secret about Carole but that I had to swear that I would keep it a secret if she told me it. I promised that I would tell no one and then asked her to tell me it. She said that Carole had gotten kicked out of the school she went to 2 years ago and that she had moved here because no one knew her. Then I asked her how she knew that and she told me that she had overheard her mother talking about it. I knew she was lying but I let her think I believed her and acted surprised. Then I asked her where the bathroom was. From there I called my mom and asked her if she could pick me up. I told Lacey that I had field hockey and I had to go home. I could tell she was surprised but then she whispered to me that I couldn’t tell anyone about Carole and then I nodded and ran out the door. When I got home I felt dizzy from being lied to and lying to other people. I laid down on my bed and tried to sort out the puzzle pieces. It was all so confusing that it gave me headache. What side was Quinn on? I kept debating and running the information through my head trying to decide what was true and what was false. Then a question (a pretty random question) went through my head that stopped all my thoughts. What if Lacey was the girl that got kicked out at Bridgewater? Page 14
  15. 15. That would explain everything. I mean it gives her a reason to hate Carole and make up lies about her. It just makes complete sense. Now I think I might have to warn Carole before she does something as crazy as she did to that other girl. I will talk to her tomorrow. Page 15
  16. 16. Chapter 8 (Recognized) Cassi Lee is here at this school. Now I’m sure of it. Lacey (or Cassi) has seen me and I’m pretty sure she knows it’s me. The good thing is (I’m not really sure if it’s a good thing) that I now know who she is but the bad thing is that she definitely hates my guts. So here’s how she recognized me: So I was walking through the hall and Lacey bumped into me. Then she smiled her darling smile and apologized. Then she squinted looked directly into my face and then her expression looked liked she’d seen a ghost. She muttered, “Quinn?” and then got out of there so fast that she dropped her binder. A few papers had fallen out and then I looked at the top of the paper. “Cassi Lee,” it read. Then I chased her and handed her the binder but I stuffed one of the papers into my pocket. She shook her head and said to me, “What’s your last name, Quinn?” I told her it was Smith (it’s actually Jones) and I think she believed me because she apologized once more and then left to class. Today I showed Kaleigh one of the papers that I had stuffed into my pocket. But she wasn’t as surprised as I had thought she’d be. Kaleigh told me that she had thought of that because when she went to Lacey’s house she has seen a certificate that said “Bridgewater Honor Student.” I asked her exactly why she had gone to Lacey’s house and she told me it was to see if she could find any more information about how Lacey was planning to get rid of Carole. Then she whispered so quietly that I could barely hear about how Lacey had told not to tell anyone that Carole had gotten kicked out of the school she went to 2 years ago. Then Kaleigh told me that she was sure that wasn’t true because Carole had been at this school for the last 3 years. Cassi is up to her old tricks again. Carole was just walking through the halls when the loud speaker went on. “Carole Lyman, please come to the office.” Carole pretended not to notice the laughing and pointing and continued on to the office. I then saw Cassi sneak up behind her and pat her shoulder. What was so Page 16
  17. 17. weird was that after she did there was a little beeping thing on her shoulder. Carole went into the office and while she was chatting with the secretary the little beeping thing started flashing red. Afterward I went over to Carole and whispered into her ear that there might be a listening device on her shoulder. She turned her head and when she saw it, it was gone so fast I could of sworn it was never even there! Carole told me that Lacey was getting smarter and that if we wanted to beat her we had to be 1 step ahead of her at all times. Cassi is getting smarter and that’s not a good thing. She has more tricks up her sleeves but she’s waiting for us to strike first so she knows what we’re doing. I just can’t stand waiting! I just want this to be over, as soon as Cassi makes that wrong move then she’s in for it and it should be all over. But somehow I don’t think it will go the way we want it to go. Page 17
  18. 18. Chapter 9 (What’s Happening?) I just can’t get the feeling out of my mind that something bad is going to happen. I mean I know that Lacey must know something, after all she planted a listening device on my shoulder! I’m just not sure what to do though, I mean how to I know what she’s actually going to do. We can guess but really it’s just a guess! I just have to be prepared for anything. Prepared for anything, boy am I right! Kaleigh told me that Lacey is actually Cassi, the girl who got kicked out of Bridgewater! This is just downright scary! I mean this girl decided to go through pretending that a girl locked her in a closet, what sort of extreme is she going to try this time? At least here I have 2 chances, at our school it works this way: if you do one really bad thing, you lose one chance. If you do anything else you’re out! I just hope Cassi doesn’t know that! Please, oh, please! I laid in bed thinking about my situation and then a thought came to my mind. What if Cassi is going to have my old friends pretend to become my friends again? Man, this girl is really brilliant. They just don’t give her enough credit. What am I saying? She’s horrible, absolutely horrible! Cassi is going to get it bad! She’ll learn, you don’t mess with me! I’m going to teach once and for all a lesson she will never forget. There is just one little, problem with that though. Cassi has to strike first. No, no, no! This is going all wrong! Quinn is in love with Cassi, in LOVE with Cassi! This is so, so, so bad. What if he becomes her love sick puppy? Oh, I am having a horrible, horrible day! First getting to school late and then finding out this! How am I ever going to tell Kaleigh? As it turns out, Quinn isn’t actually in love with Cassi. Phew, that’s off my chest. I also came up with another plan. So we pretend to strike (but it’s not actually our real plan) and then Cassi (thinking it’s our real plan) strikes and then we catch her red-handed! It’s as simple as that! What could go wrong? Page 18
  19. 19. Many things actually, many, many things. Such as she knows it a trick and doesn’t fall for it. How does she have so many good spies? This is almost impossible!!!!!! What happened was we did our plan; spreading a rumor about how Cassi killed a cat, (pretty stupid I agree) but then she stepped right in the middle of it and said, “I loved my cat, oh, yes I did but then my cat was killed, by a very big garbage truck who disposed her without will.” Of course everyone started clapping and cheering. Then (this was the worse) Cassi started (fake) crying and people patted her back in the hallway and handed her tissues! How can they not see through her? I mean come on, they were big fat crocodile tears! Arrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! I just want to scream right now!!!! Page 19
  20. 20. Page 20