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Section 4 tad & vincent


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Section 4 tad & vincent

  1. 1. OVERALL THESISWhile the rise of the KKK and the Red Scare gained the most attention in history, there was a revolution of manners and morals that was taking place in the everyday home where the traditional beliefs of older citizens degenerated into the everyday norm enjoyed today. Cigarettes, dancing, drinking, socializing and appearance became a problem that the parents naively thought would be a flash in the pan, but little did they know the revolt of the younger generation was only the beginning of a revolution that would soon affect men and women of every age in every part of the country.
  2. 2. SECTION THESISThe revolution in manners and morals was fueled by the breakdown of the once “proper” gender barriers, and soon they were soon replaced with new gender norms that coincided with the swift change of popular culture, the widespread usage of cigarettes and alcohol.
  3. 3. Cigarettes Becomes Popular
  4. 4. Foul Language reaches Pop Culture
  5. 5. Drinking groups form at country-clubs
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