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Politics dennis, amos, devin


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Published in: News & Politics
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Politics dennis, amos, devin

  1. 1. Reconstruction Photo Essay Amos, Devin, Dennis
  2. 2. Main Thesis The emergence of segregation in the post- Reconstruction era was an unfortunate andunconscious result of the black’s efforts to attain the true meaning of freedom: equality through control.
  3. 3. Sub ThesisIt was necessary for blacks to work within theestablished and predominately white political system in order to gain control and achieve equality.
  4. 4. “National Colored Convention”African-Americans peacefully convene, pursue equality
  5. 5. “A Political Discussion” African-American political opinions remain autonomous
  6. 6. “Franchise: And Not This Man?” African-American defended homeland, seeks suffrage
  7. 7. “In The Trenches Before Wagner”African-Americans fight to preserve U.S.A
  8. 8. “Time Works Wonders” Integration precursor to moderate politics
  9. 9. “The First Vote” African-Americans utilize equal-rights in government
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