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Taming The Km Monster Slald 9 2012 Lapachet Reynolds


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Webinar presented on 9/26/12 and sponsored by the SLA Legal Division with generous support by Wolters Kluwer.

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Taming The Km Monster Slald 9 2012 Lapachet Reynolds

  1. 1. Knowledge Management & Libraries TAMING THE KM MONSTER Jaye A. H. Lapachet & Camille D. Reynolds SLA Legal Division KM Webinar September 26, 2012
  2. 2. Real World KM
  3. 3. I want to find THIS top TANK TOP
  4. 4. TOP RESULTS: Tank Swim SuitsBOTTOM RESULTS: Mesh Jerseys
  5. 5. Thinking of new terms–tank–tshirt–top–sleeveless
  6. 6. Desperation Search: TshirtSearch Terms: Sleeveless Tank
  7. 7. Yay! Some results that look like what I want
  8. 8. Found it!
  9. 9. Lessons• Check synonyms for terms and link them• Consider slang; even unappealing slang• Omit search results the user has already looked at
  10. 10. The Evolution of KM in Law Firms KM in the 1990s – Technology Focused – Hype “The Crash” – People & Process Focus – Opportunity for Librarians
  11. 11. Knowledge Management: What it IS and IS NOT What is KM? – Capture – Search – Collaboration – Analysis – Process What KM is not – Magic – Technology alone – Easy
  12. 12. The River Managing the Flow of Knowledge• CRM InterAction• DMS• Intranet• Group inboxes• Conversations• Relationships• Email• Other
  13. 13. The Role of the Librarian • Content vs. Container – Organize the content regardless of container – Organization can add more value than information itself • Organization’s content curator • Already organize external content – Why not internal content?
  14. 14. KM as Change Management It’s not about buying and rolling outtechnology, it’s not about giving people newtoys, and it’s not about adding another task into the project framework – it’s about changing the way people think. – Knoco Stories Blog “Top 7 Reasons why KM Implementations fail”
  15. 15. Must-Haves for Successful KM• Define KM for your org• Identify a Champion• Solidify support from management• Get buy-in from affected staff• Start Small
  16. 16. What Problem will you Solve? “At its heart, KM concerns itself with solving business problems.” – S. Lasteres “Aligning through KM” Information Outlook (June 2011)
  17. 17. Staff Assessment• Understand staff resources needed• Don’t overpromise• Are there low-value tasks that can stop?
  18. 18. The Right Tools
  19. 19. From Library to KM
  20. 20. eLibrary
  21. 21. Application to Internal Content Online eFiling of court documents directly into DMSExternal team wiki content moved to intranet for easier KM staff access
  22. 22. Library to KM via SharePoint• Packaging researchresults• Displaying electronictitles grouped intopractice area tabs• Delivering ongoing BDresearch updates• Linking researchdirectly into SPextranets if provided toyour firm
  23. 23. Library to KM via SharePoint
  24. 24. Connecting Repositories
  25. 25. Connecting Repositories
  26. 26. Challenges• Change Management• Money• Staff Resources• Time
  27. 27. “Do or Do Not, There is NO Try”
  28. 28. Librarians are from Venus IT are from Mars
  29. 29. Measuring Success
  30. 30. KM=Connections
  31. 31. Questions? Thank you! Camille Reynolds Jaye A. H. LapachetDirector of Risk Management & Manager of Library Services Information Services Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP Fenwick & West LLP San Francisco, CA San Francisco,