How to survive the wilderness 2


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How to survive the wilderness 2

  2. 2. HOW TO CREATE A SHELTER • There are many steps to survive out in the wilderness by just following the eight steps giving you could survive no matter what situation you maybe. The first step we are going to talk about is how to create an shelter for you to live in for now. Step # 1 as I had said building an shelter and in the wilderness as everyone may already know is that their is no houses located anywhere near their and that is when you come in as a survivalist you may need the tools such ad branches bamboo may also work as well , and you may need a rope to put the branches together and cannot fall apart. More branches will help you for more protection from windy and rainy weather. But this would only work if you are lost in the forest if you wonder of into the desert you can start to realize that it is not like the forest because their is no branches nor water in sight no such thing as life. Try to make an underground shade shelter to help you prevent sun exposure and this well help you travel in cooler temperatures but this method well only work if the climate is to hot try to avoid sweating as for water you can find a cactus an drink the water it has been holding . A third type of shelter is know as the lean- to for this we need to have a log or a large rock to help you create this shelter and . Lay longish branches against it thickly, and cress-cross smaller branches and shrubby on top to support it the smaller the shelter the better it well be to survive. As you can see their are many ways to build and create your very own shelter you just need the tools and the mind to guide you.
  3. 3. TAKING ACTION • We have talked about creating a shelter for you to live in and now I well explain how to take action so you can survive the wilderness. Quickly start thinking about all the possible options and be decisive about the best survival course of action is. For example, if you think the best survival course of action is to seek help or civilization, do not wait 4 through 5 days before you come to the conclusion. Take action on the 1st and 2nd day if possible while you still have strength and endurance working for you.Taking action well help you survive and not die and well prove that you have what it takes because as everyone may know the wilderness is not a place for the weak but for the strong and for people that want to show their skills and strengths.
  4. 4. MAKING FIRE • Making fire is a must in order to survive the cold and cook food when you are out in the wild so it could give you some strength ,hope, and warmth. There are many ways to create a fire but I will start to explain three ways only. The first, way is using your glasses and or an magnifying glass lenses to help create the fire. Start locating dry wood and sticks to help start the fire. There are many kind of wood so only get tinder, kindling, and fuel no other kind of wood. Tinder is any kind of flammable wood shaving , They are usually light and wispy. Kindling is used for coaxing the flame into a larger form and fuel is for fuel. The second way is to take two pieces of dry wood , sharpen one of them and drill it towards the other piece. Make sure you have any flammable objects you can find near the drill bit.
  5. 5. HOW TO CARVE A KNIFE • Get an ordinary block of wood and hit with a blunt rock repeatedly until the wood sharpens. Sharpen like any other knife, but in this case, use the rock as your sharpener. You could also take a rock and break off some of the edges and then use another rock and some water like a wet stone and sharpen. In an ideal situation, Obsidian stone (black, translucent lava rock) would be used for its infamous sharpness. This weapon well help you by hunting or protecting yourself from danger and well probably help you live up to a few more days.
  6. 6. PICTURES
  7. 7. LEAVING A TRAIL • By leaving a trail behind you can find your way back to your base and it can help other people that you are in fact okay and there may be a chance that help may be on its way. With this strategy it will help you survive by not getting lost and rebuilding your shelter, and starting all over from the top.
  8. 8. DO’S • A few things that you are supposed to do are listed below to help you gain knowledge in case if you are in situations such as for example stranded or just lost in an forest or desert which in fact many people have.These steps well assure your survival ,and help you get motivated that there is still in fact hope for you to survive. • Do: • . Keep dry • .collect water • .Stay alert for weather related injuries • .Get a fire • .And be constantly alert of signs of rescue
  9. 9. DON’T • What every survivalist should not do is panic and give up hope. Panicking will cause a commotion and may bring danger to you making it harder to avoid danger. Giving up is a sign that you are in fact not ready and you may just quit and die but if you do the opposite of this you will live.
  10. 10. END