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SRCONF 2011 (Paul Maxin)

Social Recruiting Conference 2011 - Presentation by Paul Maxin, Global Resourcing Director, Unilever

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SRCONF 2011 (Paul Maxin)

  1. 1. Social Recruiting & Global Resourcing Social Recruiting Conference, London 30 June 2011 Paul Maxin – Global Resourcing Director, Unilever @PaulMaxin
  2. 2. We work to create abetter future every day.We help people feel good,look good and get moreout of life with brands andservices that are good forthem and good for others.
  3. 3. We will inspire peopleto take small everydayactions that can add upto a big difference forthe world.We will develop new waysof doing business thatwill allow us to doublethe size of our companywhile reducing ourenvironmental impact.
  4. 4. double the sizeof Unilever whilst at thesame time reducing ourenvironmental footprint.
  5. 5. “If everyone in the worldlived like an average UKcitizen, we would need3 planets.”Environmental footprint quiz:
  6. 6. Help 1 BILLION people by 2020 improve their health & wellbeingHALVE environmental impacts of our productsSOURCE 100% of agricultural raw materials sustainably
  7. 7. Talent Acquisition Vision and Strategic Thrusts WI To attract the quality, quantity and diversity of talent required to match ourNN growth ambitions. We will achieve this by: ING AT• Establishing a compelling employment brand and employment value proposition TH E talent attraction• Engaging our leaders fully inPO INT• Leveraging our global footprint to source talent OF• Building best in class recruitment and on boarding experiences AT• Becoming the employer of choice in our fcmg competitor set T RA CT IO N We will place particular focus on winning the talent war in: BRIC markets, Marketing and CD functions, and Beauty Category.
  8. 8. Digital Recruitment Strategy 9 We  will    embracing  a  candidate-­‐consumer-­‐centric  approach  to  crea6ng  integrated,  authen6c    employment  brand communica6on  across  media  channels.  We  will  be  present  wherever  the  candidate  -­‐  consumer  is,  engaging  them  inAmbition ‘always-­‐on’  digital  experiences  that  penetrate  the  culture  and  build  employment  brand  advocacy  and  our  People  Value Proposi6onObjective Leverage  digital  channels  to  drive  shiAs  in  posi6ve  employment  brand  equity  and  improved  return  on  global  media  investment 1.  Evolve  to  an  engagement 2.  Integrate  digital  into  how 3.  Exploit  the  digital  medium 4.  Leverage  the  digital  space 5.  Accelerate  the  digital based  communica6on  model we  go  to  market  with  a to  enhance  candidate-­‐ to  build  candidate-­‐consumer readiness  for  the shiAing  from  Paid  ,  to  Paid, canvas  of  content  focused  on consumer  insight,  tracking, centric  plaBorms  across organiza6on  with  a  focus  onStrategie Owned  and  Earned  approach mobile,  social,  video,  search. analy;cs,  op;miza;on  and brands  &  categories,  and structure,  roles  and s overall  ROI scale  regionally/globally capabili6es 1.    Build  digital  strategies  &  plans  for  all  categories,  func6ons  and  countries,  u6lizing  the  overarching  digital  strategy 2.    Forge  strategic  partnerships  with  leading  edge  digital  media  suppliers,  technology  plaRorm  providers,  research  firms    and  best  in  class  digital  roster  agenciesActions 3.  Align  with  Global    Communica6ons  s  for  all  key  markets  &  shiA  media/produc6on  spending  ra6o  to  beUer  align  with  Paid,  Owned  &  Earned  Model 4.    Create  assets  globally  and  customize  them  for  local  markets 5.    Ready  the  organiza6on  to  embrace  digital  by  clearly  defining  roles  and  responsibili6es
  9. 9. Early  Career• Unilever  Future  Leaders  Programme• MBA  Talent  Acquisi6on  Channel
  10. 10. Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP) Our PropositionAttract top-tier graduates who aspire to enjoy world-classcareersSelect candidates who have the knowledge, skills,ability and attitude to become our future leaders,achieving a managerial role within three yearsAccelerate the development of this top talentthrough early international exposure, job rotation andstructured ongoing educationCompetitively reward these individuals, with ‘up orout’ reviews to ensure that only the best continue
  11. 11. Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP)Background• In 2011 we expect >770 MT’s to join in 37 markets• 64% MT’s recruited into AAC• 61% MT’s recruited into 10 MCO’s (Benelux, Brazil, GC, NAMCA, Mexico, SEAA, South Africa, South Asia, Turkey, UK&I)• 60% current WL5 population began as MT’s Global Standard UFLP leveraging best local practice: ATTRACTION SELECTION DEVELOPMENT PDP/REWARD • Profile: HP3 • Hiring Criteria • Development roadmap • Up or Out Review • Attraction • Common Selection • On-boarding • Pay for Performance Campaign Process and • Rotations materials • Formal Training X
  12. 12. UFLP:  Current  and  Projected  Hires)!!(!!!!&!! ,-./0123%!! ,,4$!! 56789/:;.#!!"!! ! #!!*+"! #!"!+#!"" #!""+#!"# Note: For 2011/12 a projected increase of 30% has been assumed over 2010/2011 figures
  13. 13. The MBA acquisition channelWL2 BB/BD vacancies in 20 Countries Business Schools Selected A Global Mindset:  World  Class  Candidates - Short listed candidates from 21 countries The  Companies  they  have  worked  for
  14. 14. “top talent attract top talent”• Our leaders as “magnets” for talent• Coordinated plan in 2011: – UEx to participate in 2 events during 2011 at target universities/MBA schools – WL 5 leaders to participate in 1 selection board and 1 other campus event = 220 opportunities to showcase Unilever – great place, great people!• Make it easier for our managers to refer great talent to be considered for roles“.. a deep commitment to talent throughout the organisation, starting at the top”: McKinsey – War for Talent
  15. 15. What does Unilever mean to you?Tweet your answers or any other commentsor any questions you may have to:#UG(UniversityName)
  16. 16. Case  Studies• UK  and  Ireland• La6n  America• China
  17. 17. UK & I Social MediaAttraction Campaign
  18. 18. Careers Website Social Media sites flow on from careers site, giving audience the option to explore Unilever further
  19. 19. Source it, Play it…PURPOSE: Consolidate all the rich multimedia content already created by Unilever, to tell a story of why to apply for the UFLP scheme Content - Link in with HR – graduate interviews, hints & tips - Unilever news & updates - Source and add other adverts / content out there - Pull together videos that tell a story and give an insight why an applicant would want to work at Unilever
  20. 20. Tweet it… Purpose To ensure that Unilever and UFLP Graduate Attraction activity are capturing the attention of potential applicants. Twitter is a key tool for communicating directly with our audience and leveraging existing Unilever content. Audience - Students interested in FMCG industry and Grad Schemes - University career feedsLinks to CareersWebsite for more Delivery - Dailyinformation or to - Personal, chatty styleapply - Link in and align with Facebook and YouTube. Maximise content across all channels Content - Blog – day in the life of a UFLP trainee - Career open days – when, where, who. Connect with the university and students - Company and marketing / brand information - Application information – more information on functional roles, deadlines etc
  21. 21. FaceBook 2010 Page Introductory Text automatically directs to ‘Your Future’ Tab Slogan ‘By Welcoming Grads for Grads’ Message Slideshow Menu Page Banners Content populated Quick Links through simple tool at theLinks to careers backendwebsite
  22. 22. Objectives for 2010 - 2011 Partner  HR  Talent  team  on  digital strategy Alignment  between  digital  channels and  on-­‐campus  ac6vity Source,  update  and  align  content  on Facebook,  TwiUer  and  YouTube Evaluate  success  of  digital  campaign in  aUrac6ng  candidates  and subsequent  conversion  into applica6ons
  23. 23. Objectives for 2010 - 2011Sept Feb/ Sept Mar Graduate Funnel Closed, Graduate Funnel Open, Applications being processed. Applications being taken Communications focus moves Majority of posts about the graduate towards Unilever News, brand scheme, recruitment process and awareness and innovation stories to trainee role profiles. sustain the interest of the audience.
  24. 24. The Journey  Brand  newFirst time digital recruitment team & roadmap Create strategySetting up official Facebook Fanwith HR Alignment Page UnileverSetting up official Twitter Page Links to resources printed on all grad recruitment material Graduate Links on the careers website Facebook  page  Widely followed Twitter feed  Recently created YouTube Channel
  25. 25. Team Structure UK Graduate Recruitment Coordinator Twitter & Youtube Lead - Alex Facebook Lead - Harry HR & Strategy Lead - Stella Campus SC Kate Management Digital Team Katie R&D Michael BTM Ind. Emily CD Mars Place. Julia FIN Rhiannon MRK
  26. 26. Demographics
  27. 27. Followers  &  Tweets 1,568 Followers 1,147 Tweets
  28. 28. *7-day totals Channel  Views
  29. 29. How  are  people  finding  the  videos?
  30. 30. Brazil and South Cone Social Media Pre and On boarding
  31. 31. Objec6ve  –  Pre  On-­‐boarding• Create  a  channel  of  communica6on  between  the  company  and  the  trainees before  their  effec6ve  entry  at  Unilever  as  a  way  to  facilitate  the  induc6on  of the  group  and  introduce  them  to  the  world  of  Unilever; The  site  was  launched  3  weeks  before  they  actually  joined  us  right  aAer  the selec6on  of  28  Trainees; The  site  is  proposed  to  be  a  virtual  plaRorm  where  the  group  of  Trainees 2010  can  meet  to  share  experiences,  impressions  and  lessons  learned during  the  3  remaining  years  in  the  program; All  updates  are  available  through  TwiUer
  32. 32. Func6onali6es
  33. 33. l  sec;on,In  the  Ins;tu;ona ablewe´ve  made  avail t  Global informa;on  abou Brazil,  UB Unilever,  Unilever   2012  (Brazil)  and s Ins;tu;onal  Video The  tra in built  a   ees pr with  co ofile n photo   tact, an inform d  some a; about   on them. In  the  Forum  site,   the  Trainees generate  discussio ns,  exchange contacts,  suggest   mee;ngs  and  sha videos. re
  34. 34. First step on the site: Welcome by HR VP or Country Manager For Chile: Ignacio Hojas Country Manager Chile For Argentina, Perú and Paraguay: Pablo Maison HR Director SOCO
  35. 35. Graduate Public Profile -Video -Personal Data -My world in images -Personal anecdote -Favourite Proverb
  36. 36. Home: meet your boss ¿Do you want to meet yor boss? Your boss also wants to welcome you. Check in you profile wich one of them is going to be your boss and click in each one in order to get to know the advices that they left for you and for your companions. Bosses Public Profiles
  37. 37. ou
  38. 38. Objec;ve:    Strength  Unilever’s  “Employer  Branding”  on  campus Digital In-­‐store Presenta;on April  18-­‐25,  R1: April  25-­‐May  16,  R2: May  16-­‐19,  R3: June  7,  R4: •  Par6cipants  to •  Offer  top  10 •  Offer  top  5  teams •  15  minutes  for create  a  ZH  page  in teams  RMB1.5K, RMB1K  to  be  ZH each  team  to Sina  micro-­‐blog, each  team  to  shoot promoters  for  2 present  the  strategy recruit  as  many  fans a  ZH  viral  video  & days’  sales and  final  result as  possible. promote  it. compe66on.•  Scope:        5  top  universi6es  in  SH
  39. 39. •  Improve  Unilever •  Real  marke6ng  challenges Employer  Branding •  Build  teamwork  spirit awareness •  Learn  from  others •  Early  iden6fica6on  of poten6al  talents  for  UL•  Grow  university  studentsinto  ZH  advocates  (online •  Drive  trafficand  instore) •  Boost  sales•Fresh  ideas  fromuniversity  students
  40. 40. Poster X-­‐standee
  41. 41. Finalpresenta;onPut  50-­‐day  effortsin  15-­‐min  speech,present  strategyand  result.
  42. 42. •  Where:Tesco  hypermarket•  What:White  now  100g•  When:12:00-­‐18:00  on  May  28th,  29th•  Support:Crea6ve  displayPremium  400/storeRMB  1000  Yuan
  43. 43. The  ever  best  PMG  in  FMCG  history!
  44. 44. A  “Glocal”  Approach  to  FB  and  You  Tube• Leverage  all  the  Unilever  digital  channels  as  one  ecosystem  rather  than  them compete  with  each  other  for  traffic  and  views.• An  onboarding  guide  for  Unilever  Brand  YouTube  channel  to  show  you  the  type  of documenta6on  that  you  can  adapt  and  circulate  to  your  teams  in  country.• Agree  which  channel  (YT)  or  Facebook  pages  to  op6mize,  in  line  with  our  digital strategy• Create  design  for  each  “Glocal  Channel”  including  link  guidelines    to  other  careers and  Unilever  channels• Create  content  calendars  for  each  channel• Create  onboarding  guidelines  for  users  of  each  channel  to  reflect  the  above  and  to include  Governance  info  around  upload  of  non  careers  video,  when  to  link  to  video in  Unilever  Brand  channels,  copyright  etc• Migrate  exis6ng  channels  onto  the  new  enhanced  channels,  link  to  new  Unilever brand  channels  for  a  beUer  global  linking  strategy• Central  team,  creates  and  builds  the  plaRorm  and  creates  some  core  content. Countries  manage  their  local  channels,  localizing  global  content  where  relevant and  crea6ng  local  content  in  line  with  the  pre-­‐determined  guidelines.• Always  keep  channels  open  and  remain  authen6c  with  the  voice  of  real  people.