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Why you shouldn't be the jack of all trade


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Crevise Technologies has used its core competency and successfully delivered various projects for large organisations.
Why are more large organisations outsourcing their tech to startups?

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Why you shouldn't be the jack of all trade

  1. 1. Why you shouldn't be the Jack Of All Trade Stick to your Core Competence
  2. 2. ● Successful startups are ideas that are transformed into a business model and succeed. ● That idea and the passionate team behind it lead the organisation to success. ● That idea is the core competency of the organisations - business, values, cultures and its employees. Our Core Competency Crevise Technologies has 75+ years of combined expertise in:- ● DevOps ● Microservices ● Cloud Ops ● Test Ops ● Infrastructure Management No, we don't spread ourselves thin. These expertise are what Crevise stands for. An important re-engineering principle is that companies should focus on their core competence and outsource everything else. - Bill Gates
  3. 3. Why Crevise? ● We have a dedicated team which ensures a smooth and professional experience in handling all types of tasks and challenges. ● Our concentration is solely on your requirements. ● Our engineers are always in touch with the latest tech and are also certified in the same. Why Large Organisations are looking at Startups for their tech solutions? ● Various large organisations are realising the benefits of outsourcing some of the tech solutions to startups. ● Crevise has been involved in various such projects in various verticals ranging from tech, financial, airline, manufacturing,telecom etc. ● Advantages of outsourcing to startups:- ○ Dedication to a single project enables time saving and timely deliveries. ○ Startups maybe hold better technical expertise in a particular area than the outsourcing company. ○ Outsourcing will help in reducing the cost instead of building a in-house team. ● Startups concentrate on their core competence so that outsourcing organisations can concentrate on theirs.
  4. 4. We may not be the organisation to launch a satellite into space but we may just be the one who manage the organization's infrastructure ;) Kidding ! Or are we? Write to know more about how we have implemented various projects for large organisations. Write to us to know more about how Crevise can help you deliver better solutions:- Email - Call - +91 9112298177