Eco-Friendly Promotional Products


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From reusable products to those made from recycled products, these promotional products are eco-friendly and currently on sale, just in time for Earth Day!

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

  1. 1. Earth Day Celebrate with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products
  2. 2. How Do You Do “Green”? Do your part to help the environment with inexpensive giveaways that encourage others in your community to do the same. The following promotional products are made from recycled or biodegradable materials, just in time for your company’s Earth Day event!
  3. 3. Up to 29% off!! Color Bio Grab Bags Try a branded bag that reduces your company’s carbon footprint. The Color Bio Grab Bags, available in two sizes, can be used when sharing small giveaways or brochures. And they are available in over 10 bold colors!
  4. 4. Up to 17% off!! Single Potted Plant Kit Grow healthy relationships with your customers that thrive for years. Share these plant kits at the beginning of your business relationship, like when a new bank account is opened. Or try other personalized housewares for hundreds of repeated brand impressions.
  5. 5. Up to 16% off!! Eco Statement Tote Customized reusable grocery totes are a popular promotional item given by all different types of organizations. Set yourself apart with colorful patterns. And since the Eco Statement Tote is made from recycled materials, it’s twice as good for the environment!
  6. 6. Up to 15% off!! TRIMARK® Eco-Friendly Tri-Liter Switch to imprinted office supplies with an eco-friendly touch. And when possible, USA Made to support local jobs and reduce waste caused by travel. This 3-in-1 piece makes it easy to color code notes.
  7. 7. Up to 14% off!! Earth Friendly Journal Whether you are providing notebooks for the office or handing them out at events, look for products that are made from recycled materials. Pair these notebooks with eco-friendly branded drinkware to make a greater impact.
  8. 8. Up to 13% off!! Eco-KOOZIE® Can Cooler Logoed can coolers are an inexpensive giveaway for most any event. Add your logo and share these at trade shows, job fairs or company barbecues. Eco-friendly imprinted sunglasses can be used for an added touch of summer fun.
  9. 9. BIC® Ecolutions® Round Stic® Up to 13% off!! BIC® Ecolutions® Tri-Stic® Pen Up to 11% off!! Did you know that pens can be made from recycled materials? Stock up on either the Round Stic® or, for a longer message, the Tri-Stic® Pen. Imprinted writing tools are one of the most inexpensive ways to spread the word about your organization.
  10. 10. Small changes, like changing to reusable grocery totes, can make a world of difference. Shop our eco-friendly promotional products for ideas on how your organization can make a difference to help the environment. Please contact us at 1-866-488-4975 with any questions, or browse our website,