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Drawstring Backpacks


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10 creative ways to use branded drawstring backpacks for your organization.

Published in: Marketing
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Drawstring Backpacks

  1. 1. Drawstring Backpacks 10 Ideas for Using Drawstring Backpacks in a Giveaway Campaign
  2. 2. Looking for promotional products for your next giveaway campaign? Save now on one of these drawstring backpacks and create thousands of brand impressions for your company or organization.
  3. 3. Up to 16% off!! Nitro Drawstring Backpack Help new pet parents care for their fur babies with informational packets. Store these and a few imprinted treats inside a drawstring bag. Owners can then use the bags to keep daily necessities for their pet whenever they travel. Perfect for dogs when heading to the park or back and forth from daycare.
  4. 4. Up to 17% off!! All Clear Drawstring Backpack Visiting the dentist can be a scary experience for children. End the visit on a happy note. A bag filled with branded personal care items, like a toothbrush or an imprinted lip balm, encourage young kids to keep their teeth healthy.
  5. 5. Up to 16% off!! Duotone Drawstring Backpack Elementary schools can create a fun program for new readers using drawstring bags. Fill each bag with a handful of books for students to read at home with their family. At the end of each week, exchange for a different bag with a whole new set of stories. At the end of the program, reward each student‟s hard work with branded youth apparel.
  6. 6. Up to 16% off!! Funnel Drawstring Backpack Encourage new gym members to stay on track with a bag to keep them organized. And since studies show that promotional bags create an average of 5,983 brand impressions, it‟s a great way to get extra exposure for your business. Add a custom printed t-shirt and water bottle in each drawstring bag to drive your brand even further.
  7. 7. Cooler Drawstring Backpack Up to 13% off!! Celebrate your community events, like National Night Out, with fun giveaways. Encourage families to use customized thermal bags to store snacks and juices when visiting the local park. These are just the right size to carry what is needed while staying hands free.
  8. 8. Up to 15% off!! Libra Drawstring Backpack Promotional giveaways at trade shows are an important tool for engaging with booth visitors. Not only do people feel more positively towards a company they receive a gift from, they are more likely to remember the company name even after a year. Be prepared with a giveaway that can be used by anyone, over and over again.
  9. 9. Up to 11% off!! Enviro Drawstring Backpack Go green with eco-friendly giveaways. Since most people don‟t spend a lot of time researching “green” companies and products, do the legwork for them. Share information about how your business works to improve the environment, along with tips on how your customers can do the same. Pair this information with an eco-friendly reusable bag to help them get started.
  10. 10. Up to 13% off!! Dressy Drawstring BackpackSports Series Show off team spirit with matching drawstring backpacks for athletes, from youth programs all the way through college. And you can help fans get into the game with these branded team spirit items.
  11. 11. Intensify Drawstring Backpack Up to 13% off!! Separate yourself from the pack using accessories with flair. The Intensify Drawstring Backpack can be used by competitive gymnastics or dance teams. These are just the right size to hold equipment like hand grips or dance shoes along with uniforms. And in case these bags aren‟t large enough, we have a large selection of imprinted sports and duffel bags to choose from.
  12. 12. Up to 5% off!! Paws ‘N Claws Drawstring Backpack Aquariums and zoos can keep the fun going even after the day is done. The Paws „N Claws Drawstring Backpacks are perfect for storing snacks, drinks, and anything else needed for families bringing their young kids for a long exciting day. See the whole Paws „N Claws collection here.
  13. 13. There are plenty of ways to use imprinted drawstring backpacks in a marketing campaign and even more styles available to choose from. See more options for Drawstring Backpacks here. Please contact our drawstring backpack experts with any questions. Call 1-866-488-4975 or visit our website at