Branded Tech Accessories


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Keep your brand current with giveaways for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. From ear buds, to screen wipes, to phone stands, we have a large variety of products that can be branded with your logo.

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Branded Tech Accessories

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  2. 2. How many mobile devices do you own? Do you use at least one every day? At work and at home? So do your customers. As tech items and touch screen devices grow in popularity, so does the opportunity to accessorize them with items bearing your company name. From screen wipes, to stands, to headphones, and more, we have a large selection of imprinted tech accessories to choose from.
  3. 3. Save up to 18%!! iCrayon Stylus Try fun and creative imprinted tech accessories for your next event. The wide barrel on the iCrayon Stylus offers twice as much space for a logo compared to most other styluses. Promote a new program with a giveaway that reminds customers how easy it is to work with you.
  4. 4. Mushroom USB Car Charger Stay in touch with consumer needs with something as simple as a logoed USB charger. They work with most any tech device, from phones and media players to tablets and laptops. Help customers get “charged up” about a new store opening with a giveaway they can use over and over again. Save up to 17%!!
  5. 5. Techno Headphones Save up to 14%!! Use branded headphones to spread the word about an after school program. Or sell them to raise money for a church choir. Connect people to their music with a reminder to connect to you for future business.
  6. 6. Save up to 13%!! Easy Earbud Pack Show customers you are listening to them with an imprinted ear bud pack. Avoid tangled headphone cords with this small, convenient imprinted case. Plus the container can be reused for jewelry, candies, or other small items when the headphones stay at home.
  7. 7. Save up to 12%!! Wrap It Cord Organizer Stay organized with a nifty piece that makes it easy to travel, whether you need ear buds, charging cables, or any other cords. Such a simple giveaway that makes a world of difference. This piece easily fits into a purse, briefcase, or gym bag.
  8. 8. Ultimate Screen Cleaner Save up to 12%!! Fun tech accessories fit right into the “win” column for your next promotion. The loops make it easy to hang by a desk, keeping your logo visible every work day. Plus, the bright colors and funky design grab extra attention from coworkers. Not a bad way to attract new customers.
  9. 9. Save up to 12%!! Stylus Grip Pen Imprinted pens are proven to be one of the best priced promotional products for the amount of impressions it can create. Combine this with the growing popularity of technology giveaways and this is a clear “must have” for your next event.
  10. 10. Save up to 11%!! iPhone Stand Amplifier This imprinted phone stand doubles as an amplifier for music and videos. Since phones are usually close at hand, doesn’t it make sense to link your logo to it? Encourage customers to take advantage of promotions using a complimentary iPhone Stand Amplifier to sweeten the deal.
  11. 11. Save up to 10%!! Colorful Media Easel Imprinted phone stands have a strong foothold in the tech giveaway category. Available in many different colors, you can drum up some new business just by earning a spot on the desktop.
  12. 12. Save up to 10%!! Insight Junior Tech Folio Combine the past and present in one. One side of the imprinted padfolio holds a tablet or iPad® while the other holds a notepad for handwritten messages. Complete the package with a stylus pen that shows your company phone number or website.
  13. 13. Go-Go Giveaways!! Stay ahead of the competition with the imprinted tech accessories customers will use regularly, increasing your chances of gaining new business. Browse our selection of imprinted items online at Or speak with our reps by phone at 1-866-488-4975.