BEA Ignite: Roger Cooper


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BEA 2012 Ignite presentation

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BEA Ignite: Roger Cooper

  1. 1. Using Improv Comedy Exercises to Develop Leadership Skills Roger Cooper School of Media Arts & Studies Ohio University
  2. 2. OriginsCreated Course… Leadership and Humor for the Creative Industries Focus on the role of humor in organizational effectiveness, particularly collaborative, creative professions.
  3. 3. Why Improvisation?Promotes• Cooperation and Respect (“yes, and”)• Relationship Building (Humor is rarely “jokes”)• Honesty and Trust (“Truth in Comedy”)
  4. 4. How Improvisation Exercises Connect to Leadership Development• Thinking quickly on your feet• Being in the moment with people• Importance of listening• Value of teamwork/collaboration
  5. 5. How Improvisation ExercisesConnect to Leadership Development• Sense of Humor • Outstanding leaders use humor 2-3 times more than average leaders Humor Stimulates (and Signifies) • Creativity • Openness • Trust • Spirit of Joy/Play • Higher Productivity (quality & quantity)
  6. 6. Exercises…
  7. 7. Basic:One-Word Story/Pattern Game
  8. 8. Goofy:Samurai
  9. 9. Intermediate:“Yes” (We’re not Praying)
  10. 10. Bad News
  11. 11. Vegetable
  12. 12. Additional Benefits of Using Improv• Open, communicative class• ‘Bonded’ group• Deeper course impact
  13. 13. Leadership and Humor for the Creative IndustriesTextbooksPrimal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional IntelligenceTruth in Comedy: The Manual of ImprovisationAdd’l media/humor
  14. 14. Thank You! Roger CooperSchool of Media Arts & Studies Ohio University