BEA Ignite: Kimberly Spencer


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BEA 2012 Ignite presentation

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  • Student read/watch story; compare how each slants the angle
  • Have students brainstorm to create list similar to this one.
  • Using the strongest elements from each, put together a web package.
  • Have students write a 140 character or less summary of story for Twitter and Facebook.
  • Discuss importance of accuracy, verification over speed. Something as serious as reporting someone dead could have serious consequences.
  • BEA Ignite: Kimberly Spencer

    1. 1. How to ignite romance between broadcast and print media to conceivebrilliant buzz on the webSTORYTELLERS MATING RITUAL 2012
    2. 2. Teaching objectives Facilitate convergent media, good storytelling Help students critically assess methods to convey information: What’s the best mode to communicate a concept? Illustrate complementary use of media; dispel silo mindset of past Encourage students to think across platforms Allow students to practice summary idea through Tweet
    3. 3. Silo method: print vs. broadcastNewspaper story Broadcast story dvr-angry-family-member- places-fake-obituary-on- greeley-man- 20120204,0,664213.story
    4. 4. What’s the main point?Obituary is fake; man reads about his own death What other information do we need/want?  Where and when did it happen?  How did he discover it?  Who was affected?  How could this happen?  How did he feel?  What will be done to avoid this error in future?  Why would someone do this?
    5. 5. What’s missing in each?Newspaper Broadcast Feelings of Edgar  How he discovered he was Balderrama “dead.” Wife’s reaction/emotion  Response from paper’s Photos editor
    6. 6. Which pieces from each?Newspaper Broadcast Facts of the event  Clip of Edgar Baldarama Perhaps add a timeline of talking about his feelings events when he read it. Names, dates, portion of  Wife explaining family actual obituary reaction
    7. 7. What’s the lead for print?A Greeley man overcame the shock of seeing his ownobituary Friday and says he learned how much hisfamily loves him. Identify him Quote from him Interview family Reaction from newspaper/how, why
    8. 8. Multimedia elements to add Video of Balderrama expressing weird feeling of reading his own obit Timeline of events PDF of actual obituary Photo of Balderrama
    9. 9. What’s the Tweet?
    10. 10. Tweets Greeley man has “Final Destination” moment when he reads of his own death in local paper Colorado newspaper to change obituary policy after publishing false death of local man Colorado man joins celebs in false death reporting incident
    11. 11. Other teaching opportunitiesExamine recent trend of false death reporting Editorial about accuracy/verifying information Poynter story on Paterno’s early death
    12. 12. That’s a wrap Good storytelling keeps reader/viewer in forefront Use the method/mode that best suits the purpose The more elements of media, the more likely to reach a variety of consumers Remember accuracy above all