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Crescent IT Solutions is established with the motto of providing interactive learning of essential IT related business courses viz., SAP,SAS, Data warehousing, QA, .Net, Java etc to anyone, at any time and at any place and provides an easy, convenient and effective solution.

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Java Online Training and Placement @ Crescent IT Solutions

  1. 1. Crescent IT Solutions Visit : http://www.crescentits.comCall Us: (01) 713-589-5479/2879, 704-248-2649
  2. 2. Java Course ContentCORE JAVA•After all having a lot number of programming languages.•Why JAVA; yet another language!!!•AND NOW WHY ONLY JAVA??? Visit :
  3. 3. Java Course ContentPART-1•Basics & Core Components •Features and History •JVM Architecture and BYTECODE •A little bit of CODE & Class files •Data types Operators •Control Constricts •Arrays •String Handling-using String, String Buffer classes Visit :
  4. 4. Java Course ContentPART-1•Basics & Core Components •OOPS and OOPS in JAVA •Classes and Objects •Methods and Constructors •Packages and Interfaces •Access specifies •Exception Handling •Threads and Multithreading •Wrapper Classes, Inner classes •Applet Programming Visit :
  5. 5. Java Course ContentPART-2 Java API (The Java Class Libraries)• Java.lang-Javaslanguage Fundamentals• I/O Mechanism• Java.util-Utilities & Collections Framework• Java.awt.event-GUI Applications using Java• Programming• Javax.swing-Javas Extended GUI Programming• Attentions & annotations Visit :
  6. 6. Java Course ContentAdvanced JavaDatabase Programming using the JDBC API:• The X/OPEN Call Level Interfaces• Database Connectivity & ODBC Concepts• The JDBC mechanism-Connecting to a DB• Types of JDBC Drivers• The steps in implementing a JDBC application• Types of statements, Result Sets etc.• Introduction to JDBC 3.0 AP! Visit :
  7. 7. Java Course ContentAdvanced JavaJava Servlet v2.4 Technology:• CGI Vs Servlets• Introduction to web designing• Introduction to the web servers• HTTP Protocol-Status codes, request methods• Deployment descriptors• Servlet Lifecycle• Types of servlets• Servlet API• Sessions & Session tracking• Cookies• Servlet changing and dispatching• Filtering Visit :
  8. 8. Java Course ContentAdvanced JavaJava Server Pages:• Overview• Comparing with the other technologies• JSP Architecture• Implicit Objects• Elements of JSP (Comments, Experessions, Scriptlets, Declarations,actions)• JSP Directives Visit :
  9. 9. Java Course ContentAdvanced JavaPageilinclude, taglib Scopes JSP & JDBC JSP & Java Beans-The use bean tag Tag Libraries (JSTL) Visit :
  10. 10. Java Course ContentAdvanced JavaCase Study 1• Convert the previous site from servlets using the JSPsCase Study 2• Develop a full-fledged shopping (art web applications)Introduction to Distributed computing• Introduction to Distributed computing Visit :
  11. 11. Java Course ContentAdvanced JavaRemote Method Invocation (RMI):• Introduction to remoting• RMI Architecture• Stubs 7 skeletons• RMI-IIOP Visit :
  12. 12. Java Course ContentAdvanced JavaCOBRA Introduction to OMG Difference between RMI and COBRA The ORB Protocol COBNRA and Java IDL SAMPLE APPLICATION USING cobra AND Java Visit :
  13. 13. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionJ2EE Overview• Introduction• Components of J2EE• Modularization of components-The 3-tier Architecture Visit :
  14. 14. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionEnterprise Java Beans (EJB):• Introduction to EJB 2.0• Deployment Descriptors for various Application servers• Lifecycle of EJB• The EJB trilogy-Session Beans, Entity beans, message DrivenBeans Visit :
  15. 15. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionEnterprise Java Beans (EJB):Session Beans-Stateless, Stateful Life cycle Deployment Areas of Applications Visit :
  16. 16. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionEnterprise Java Beans (EJB):Entity Beans-CMP, BMP• Life cycle• Deployment• EJB QL• Areas of Applications Visit :
  17. 17. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionMessage Driven Beans-the new entrant into the EJB specification• Introduction to JMS and Java Mail• Types of Messaging Domains-PTP,Pub/Sub• MOM• Life cycle• Deployment• Areas of Applications• Configuration of messaging servers Visit :
  18. 18. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionEJB and J2EE Services• Transactions• Services• Attributes• ACID Properties and the 2PL Protocol• JTAPI• Security• Bean Management• Lazy Loading• Dynamic Loading• Pooling and Data Sources• Relationships-O/R mapping Visit :
  19. 19. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionDeveloping EJB Clients• Introduction to Naming and directory Services• The JNDI API• LDAP Visit :
  20. 20. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionStruts Framework• Introductions to the MVC1 & MVC2 Architecture• Overview of struts Framework• Components of Model, Vies and Controller• Action Classes• Forms, Form beans and Dyna Form• The Validator plug-in• The Tiles plug-in• Deployment descriptors Visit :
  21. 21. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionDesign Patterns• Overview• Types of patterns• Factory pattern• Signleton Pattern• Front Controller• Session Facade• Message Facade• DAO• DTO• Intercepting filter Visit :
  22. 22. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionJDBC Direct Read Design Patterns JDBC Direct Read Design PatternsXML & Web Services Introduction to XML DTDs, Schemas and Namespaces XML Parsers (SAX and DOM) Interoperability between application Web services SOAP WSDL UDDI Visit :
  23. 23. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionSERVERS TOMCAT 5.5/6.0 Web logic 10.X Web sphere 6.X JBOSS 4.X Visit :
  24. 24. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionIDES• Eclipse 3.X• Net beans 5.5/6.X• RAD 6.XEXTRA TOOLS• Log4I• ANT• JUNIT Visit :
  25. 25. Java Course ContentJ2EE-Java 2.0 Enterprise EditionFrameworks• Hibernate• Springs Visit :
  26. 26. Crescent IT SolutionsAddress :10919 west road,apt 518 Houston, Tx, USA, 77064Phone No: (01)704-248-2649/713-589-2879/713-589-5479Toll Free : 1-800-929-0849eMail : training@crescentits.comWebsite :