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3D Printing Applications in Manufacturing Processes

3D printing has many practical applications – We identify applications that can be used in the manufacturing industry.

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3D Printing Applications in Manufacturing Processes

  1. 1. 3D Printing Applications in Manufacturing Processes Companies Using 3D Printing Proof of Concept Models • 3D printing helps determine if the idea is functional • Handles complex structures, interlocking, even enclosed parts • Allows you to further develop ideas for complicated structures • Selecting from different materials improves proof of concept Product Development • Cuts out the middleman in the prototyping process • Easier to communicate and verify an idea vs. 2D sketches • Reduced time and money allows manufacturers to lower costs • No limitations in product geometry; customization is possible 3D Prototyping • More accurate design and testing reduces risk • Reduction in overall materials waste • Rapid printing of different models Increases efficiency • Greater innovation due to fewer restraints Production Process • Facilitates short-run parts production • Speeds production and time to market • Changes to the production are made faster • Energy savings vs. complex production lines General Electric Fuel nozzles for leap jet engines Boeing Various parts, including air ducts and hinges, for 10 different military and commercial planes Ford 500,000 parts, including an engine cover for new ford mustang Medtronic Surgical instruments for spinal cranial surgeries Ortho Baltic Hip, cranial and jaw implants 93% of companies using 3D printing are able to gain competitive advantages including reducing time-to-market and flexing to support shorter production runs for customers. Source: Dentsply Removable, partial dentures Becton Dickinson Intricate hemocytometer adapter for the company’s single-cell genomic analysis system Integer Virtual tubing prototyping for catheter design Bayer Healthcare 3D printable resins, filaments and powders; customized 3D printed insoles; customizable materials for 3D printed hearing aids