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  1. 1. • 135 ft. Norwegian ice-class car ferry• fully operational• roll-on roll-off hydraulic bow & stern doors• hydraulic top hatches & telescoping crane• $600K live/work additions by top SF architect• Built in 1975, shown below in 2000
  2. 2. • built to ferry truck across the North Sea in winter• came from Norway to SF in 2000• shown here in operation in Iceland c. 1990
  3. 3. • shown here at its berth in SF, where it has been carefully maintained for 10 years• comes with 3500ft^2 warehouse space (secure, dive-in, power, concrete floors)• 4000 ft^2 apron space (south exposure, shown with potted plants)
  4. 4. • on apron, amidships, looking towards bow• note wheelhouse (top right) and “captain’s cabin” (top center)
  5. 5. • on apron, about to come aboard...
  6. 6. • once aboard, one sees the office area, and stairways going down, and up.• Note nice railings, trim, floors.
  7. 7. • note stainless steel built-in furniture, shelving.• everything except books, art, and nick- nacks come with the purchase of the ship.
  8. 8. • on top deck looking towards stern.• automatically inflatable lifeboats.• large aluminum table with deployable awning•
  9. 9. • looking towards bow.• everything is rock-solid
  10. 10. • next to wheelhouse, looking aft• top of captain’s cabin is a nice space for a greenhouse, yes?
  11. 11. • inside captain’s cabin
  12. 12. • captain’s cabin has its own kitchen with and its own toilet and shower
  13. 13. • inside the wheelhouse, port side. A• both radars, both VHF and UHF radios, both GPS, weatherfax, compass, antennas, searchlight, foghorn and mac quadra (!) all work.
  14. 14. • wheelhouse, starboard.• variable pitch propeller control and throttle control. bow thruster control not shown.• all controls labelled in Norwegian. Blue tape has English translations.
  15. 15. • rope handling area• a garden? a bedroom? a rope-handling area?
  16. 16. • fully operational telescoping crane and secondary hydraulic hatch.• crane can reach to shore and load 1.5 tons into hatch• this is the rustiest part of the ship (cosmetic)
  17. 17. • all external hydraulic lines and conduits are stainless steel.• some hoses and seals need replacement
  18. 18. • one of the two primary hydraulic top hatches, opening
  19. 19. • with both hatches open, we look down onto the main car deck.• The stern has been converted into bedroom / living room / kitchen areas.
  20. 20. • the forwards 2/3 of the car deck is largely empty• note the skylight (white area) which lets light down to the next deck below.• the white skylight panels are easliy removable
  21. 21. • on the car deck, looking towards the bow• the bow door can be opened hydraulically
  22. 22. • middle of car deck• wood stove vents into smokestack / engine blower vent stack• wood brought in via the crane
  23. 23. • on car deck looking towards bow, skylight panels removed• you can see down to the crew deck
  24. 24. • car deck, looking aft• roll-top glass door with 8 ft sliding glass dors on either side• looks out onto car deck kitchen• stern door open during good weather
  25. 25. • on car deck kitchen with stern door closed• all furniture and appliances come with the ship• professional restaurant quality•
  26. 26. • down to the crew deck.• lookign up into the skylight
  27. 27. • 25’ cedar table comes with the ship• shelving comes with the ship• hot sauce collection does not
  28. 28. • crew deck galley kitchen• all high-end German appliances• left-hand side
  29. 29. • right-hand side
  30. 30. • left-had side again
  31. 31. • the walk in refrigerator, currently powered down and used for wine cellar / pantry, is fully operational.• it is about 4x bigger than what is shown• this ship could cross the atlantic and hold enough food for a crew of six• there is also a large subzero refrigerator, not shown.
  32. 32. • there are five cabins like the one shown here.• each has one or two bunks, a sink, a seat, closets, cabinets, and drawers• they are currently used as closets, but can be used for guests
  33. 33. • this hallway has the five crew cabins, as well as a big shower room, a laundry room, and a spare parts room
  34. 34. • the engine room is a thing of beauty• Wichman 6 cylinder 1000hp deisel• recently rebuilt, fully operational• stainless steel propeller, variable pitch• direct drive
  35. 35. • one (of two) Volvo 6 cylinder diesels powering one (of two) 100kw three-phase generators.• 15,000 gallon fuel tank, 10,000 gallon sewage tank, 5,000 gallon fresh water tank• comes with 3500 gal. diesel fuel aboard• stay off the grid (and out to sea?) during earthquakes, political turmoil, and/or zombie apocalypse.
  36. 36. • engine room shop
  37. 37. • main breaker panel• switch between shore power or A & B generators.
  38. 38. • a few blocks from train station, freeway, UCSF mission bay and downtown.• secure parking on pier, even during Giant’s games. Even during America’s cup.• an angel investor has agreed to fund a significant fraction of the cost of the ship.• total cost to us: $200K + $6K/mo + work to keep it ship-shape. Split 50/50. Augmented with additional renters on board and/or in warehouse. Or we could move it to Sausalito (cheaper) or Richmond (much cheaper).• did I mention we get a zodiac, two drysuits, and a forklift?• partner(s) must be hard-working, reliable, friendly, communicative, stable, consensus-oriented, intelligent, flexible, good-humored, social, into cooperative (not communal) living, and very enthusiastic.