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Persuasive Design Template


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This is a Persuasive Writing Template that I created for my 6th grade students. They would use this template to present their persuasive writing piece at the end of the persuasive writing unit.

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Persuasive Design Template

  1. 1. Add your information where the words are in black. Do not type over any BLUE WORDS
  2. 2. Persuasive Writing By Christine Reich
  3. 3. The Power of Persuasive Writing By (Your name here)
  4. 4. What are the purposes of writing to persuade? (list at least two purposes) Write your first purpose here Write your second purpose here
  5. 5. Mentor Text Share <ul><li>Add a picture of your mentor text example here </li></ul>Write what persuasive techniques the author used here. Give an example from your mentor text to support your above statement. Why was the author’s technique an effective form of persuasion?
  6. 6. My persuasive topic is Write the topic of the persuasive piece that you wrote here My audience (write who you are trying to persuade here)
  7. 7. Write the medium that you chose for your persuasive writing piece here. (Speech, article, essay, advertisement) Write one reason you chose this medium here. Write a second reason you chose this medium here.
  8. 8. (Share your persuasive piece with the class when you come to this blank slide)
  9. 9. Showcasing my persuasive techniques List at least three persuasive techniques that you used in your writing. (this can be done as a bulleted list) Give examples from your writing that show how these techniques were used.
  10. 10. How is my project an effective example of persuasive writing?