What We Can Learn from My Little Pony


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Presentation highlighting the Friendship is Magic ponies from My Little Pony. I love the strong female characters. I give this presentation to women in tech groups.

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  • Every pony has specific qualities that are unique. They are qualities that we should try to embody as well.
  • Great qualities to have a student or as a professional.
  • One thing I love about Rarity is that she owns her femininity. I’m not saying everyone should be extremely feminine, but you should own whatever style you choose. Being in fashion, Rarity also has to show off her work. In Suited for Success (http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Suited_For_Success) she hosts a fashion show so she can show off her work. No one will notice what you do if you don’t tell them!
  • Fluttershy is great character in My Little Pony. In contrast to the other ponies, Fluttershy is introverted. Fluttershy is a very successful pony! She is very compassionate and talented with animals. She also has very good pony friends who give her encouragement when needed. Fluttershy is a great example of a successful introvert!
  • Pinkie Pie is a ball of energy. She loves to laugh and cheer people up and she is very resourceful. In Swarm of the Century (http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Swarm_of_the_Century), Pinkie Pie becomes a one-man band to save the day.
  • Rainbow Dash is one of my favorite characters. From the first episode when she boasts she can clear the sky in 10 seconds and does it, Rainbow Dash exudes confidence in her abilities. Being confident and bold is something we can all remember and strive for.
  • Twilight Sparkle is another one of my favorites because she is smart and proud of it! When a problem comes along she uses her smarts and reference guides to solve it. Seeing a strong lead character who knows that being smart is cool is fantastic!
  • The Friendship is Magic ponies exhibit some actions that we can all learn from as well.
  • In the very first episode one of the key components to increasing the number of women in tech is mentioned: MENTORING! Twilight Sparkle has a mentor, do you?
  • Each pony represents an element of harmony and to solve problems, the elements must work together. The ponies know that teamwork in important. In the classroom or in the office, you don’t exist in a vacuum. Teamwork is an essential part of your academic and professional life.
  • Ponies know their strengths. That’s what their Cutie Marks are for! They’ve worked hard to discover what they’re really good at and they play to their strengths. Sometimes they need a little help, like when Twilight wanted to help with the coming of spring in Winter Wrap Up (http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_11). Everyone had jobs that show cased their strengths. Twilight tried them all, but finally settled on something she’s really good at: organization. With all the ponies using the best skills, spring was able to come on time!
  • Be nice to other. 
  • What We Can Learn from My Little Pony

    1. 1. My Little PonyWhat we can learn from Friendship is Magic Ponies
    3. 3. Applejack• Dependable• Hard- working• Honest
    4. 4. Rarity • Feminine • Generous
    5. 5. • Compassionate • IntrovertedFluttershy • Kind
    6. 6. Pinkie Pie• Hyperactive• Resourceful• Laughter
    7. 7. Rainbow Dash • Brave • Bold • Loyal
    8. 8. Twilight Sparkle• Intelligent• Magic (X factor)
    9. 9. PONY ACTIONS
    10. 10. Mentoring
    11. 11. Elements of Harmony = Teamwork
    12. 12. Know your strengths
    13. 13. One last thing…
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