Old School Race


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Old School Race

  1. 1. Multiplatform Games for Computer & Tablet with Flash & AIR Old School Race From the web to tablets and much more!Andrea Pontiggia Stefano MagniCo-founder e CTO Technical Director
  2. 2. Andrea Pontiggia• ActionScript developer since 2001• Co-owner and CTO since 2004 of Creeo Studio• E-mail: andrea@creeostudio.it• Twitter: @andreapontiggia
  3. 3. Who is Creeo ?• Creeo started in 2004 as a Web Agency• Our team was specialized in the web design with a high level of creativity and interactivity• Our developers were highly skilled in Actionscript development (since Actionscript 1.0 and Flash 5 )
  4. 4. Early 2010 in ItalyMOBILE • iPhone 3G, 3GS was a status symbol and it’s more or less everywhere • The App Store has got 100.000 app and reached < downloads • Apple released the iPad • Despite some difficulties Android can placed its first interesting smartphones
  5. 5. Early 2010 in ItalyWEB DEVELOPMENT • HTML5 and CSS3 were growing up really fast • Javascript advanced programming was a must-to-have • Social API (Facebook, Twitter, Live SDK)
  6. 6. Creeo - early 2010• Our team: 4 developers, 4 creatives, 1 account• Creeo had just been doing business with some big international companies in Milan• Some strategic partnerships started to yield benefits
  7. 7. Our choiceCreeo chose to consolidate the businessopportunity that it had just been created.The development team had an importanttechnical updating about company corebusiness: Web Development.In that year Creeo didn’t have enough resourcesto strongly innovate its team in thedevelopment of mobile applications.
  8. 8. Creeo - early 2011• The technical team was updated on last web development innovation• The development of mobile application was a must-to-have service• Mobile devices were, as expected, always more popular (iPad 2, Android based sp., BB Playbook, Windows Phone, ...)• Creeo had to improve its know-how compared with its competitors experience
  9. 9. iOs developmentADVANTAGES: • solid, tested and affordable platform • in continuous vertical growth (thanks to the new iPad) • today Apple devices are still the most attractive and most appealing to the market • Creeo could plug the gap in its services. It finally could say ‘Yes, we develop for iOs!’
  10. 10. iOs developmentCRITICALITY: • long training time (ten months?) • Objective C is a closed language (syntax and development patterns are really peculiar) • Objective C is a complex language • iOs native development is a strong challenging market (maybe saturated) • What about the multiplatform growth?
  11. 11. iOs developmentWE DON’T LIKE THIS WAY • Creeo will be competitive too late • Creeo will lose out to its competitors • Creeo will not take any benefits about multiplatform growth
  12. 12. MultiplatformCreeo does not believe that the all the worldwill become Apple addicted.Apple is changing our business (and our life)especially in these 5 years (Apple released theiPhone 1 in the 2008), but the future is foreveryone!Creeo believe that a multiplatform approach willbe successful in the mobile market.Adobe Flash Platform has grown in the last twoyears ... is it a real possibility TODAY?
  13. 13. Adobe Flash PlatformCRITICALITY AND DOUBTS: • A.F.P. is new platform for mobile development ... is it reliable? is it strong? • A.F.P. builds native apps, but they are recognizable ... maybe this could be a problem (again) for the app store policy? • Today the A.F.P. has some lacks (eg. in-app purchase). Will Adobe improve and innovate the platform with a strong team, a strong developer support and a release roadmap with frequent updates?
  14. 14. Adobe Flash PlatformADVANTAGES: • The team has to (strongly) update its know-how. It is no longer studying a new language. • The team will use its 10 years experience • The team could reuse its AS framework (+/- 70%) • The first app could be in the market in 2/3 months • Market differentiation • To achieve know-how in the multiplatform market
  15. 15. Adobe Flash PlatformWE LIKE THIS WAYCreeo can strongly reuse resources (humanresources, development, know-how)Creeo may be on the market in a short time andwith a service that differsCreeo can faces today in the multiplatformmobile market
  16. 16. Stefano Magni• ActionScript developer since 2008• Responsabile tecnico di Creeo Studio• E-mail: stefano@creeostudio.it• Twitter: @noriste
  17. 17. The web version• multiplayer game running as WLM activity (using the WL API)• constricted gameplay (500x500 pixel)• no performance troubles
  18. 18. Can we moving to mobile?• The team chooses to review the graphic into a horizontal gameplay• The team designed some new features, such as the multiplayer, and to capitalize the devices with a good resolution (tablets)• The team starts a deep analysis of the Flash Platform advantages and criticality
  19. 19. First test: export for iPadWe try to export theproject like it is. It works!After two minutes theapplication worksperfectly fine on our iPad.No compatibility issues.No problem with thedeploy on the device.
  20. 20. Fast optimizationThe performance wasreally bad; theapplication ran with realframe rate of 1 fps (itshould be 35 fps).Few fast optimizations(GPU, cacheAsBitmap)made the application ranat a real frame rate of 10fps.
  21. 21. Deep optimization• we reduced the background size• we designed the GUI optimized for a minimum size of 1024x768, but we considered to cover a maximum size of 1280x800• we reviewed the gameplay. The track was still while the car moved.
  22. 22. Deep optimization• we converted the cars into bitmap imagesWith these fixes the gameplayed at 20 FPSOur team developed allthese fixes without any pastknow-how about ‘mobileapplication optimization’The engine is fully developedwith Flash Professional
  23. 23. AIR runtime and SDK• AIR2.6 → AIR2.7 performance was improved by 2x/3x• AIR2.7 → AIR3.0 performance was improved by 2x
  24. 24. AIR 3 SDKAnother thing reallyimportant.AIR3 contained a list ofbig updates and newfeatures such as: • captive runtime su Android • native extension
  25. 25. Beyond iOs• At the beginning we centered the analysis on the iOs porting, because Apple devices where the most problematical devices to deploy the A.F.P.• Android supports AIR. Its performance are better.• BB TabletOS is distributed with AIR installed. Its performance are excellent.
  26. 26. Beyond iOsWithout any changes onthe game engine Creeodeployed the applicationto every tablet Androidbased and to theBlackBerry PlayBook.This is a greatopportunity to increasethe economic return ofthe project.
  27. 27. Today• Creeo published Old School Race on the Apple Store, on the Android Market and on the Blackberry App World• Creeo is estimating the porting in the following stores: Nook Store, App Store, Amazon Store
  28. 28. Tomorrow• Creeo planned the porting on the iPhone and every Android smartphone• Creeo is estimating the (experimental) porting on some SmartTV• Our team will use A.F.P. for a new casual game application
  29. 29. Old School Race• On the occasion of View Conference the application is free on every store• Take a look at the site: www.oldschoolrace.com and download the app perfect for your tablet!
  30. 30. Thank you!Creeo Studiowww.creeostudio.it mobile@creeostudio.it @creeostudio