Using Content Marketing for SEO


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Understanding the basic inputs needed for SEO and the outputs of a successful content marketing program, one can see the overlap and the opportunity to exponentially gain traffic. But, gaining traffic in this fashion is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work over a very long period of time to gain traction on both SEO and content marketing, so it is not for the faint of heart. • It is not enough just to work hard at this, one must also work smart and optimize the content to be SEO ready and to cut through the clutter of content on the Internet.

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  • Page & Domain Level Link Metrics (42%). Links from other websites to your site as a whole and to individual pages on your site hold the most weight in your site’s ability to rank. Page Level Social Metrics (7%). The social buzz of a particular page, for example Twitter links and Facebook shares.Domain Level Brand Metrics (7%). The visibility of a brand across the web in news articles, noted sites like Wikipedia and sheer volume of searches is an indicator to the search engines that the keyword is important.
  • Domain Level Brand Metrics (7%). The visibility of a brand across the web in news articles, noted sites like Wikipedia and sheer volume of searches is an indicator to the search engines that the keyword is important.
  • Page Level Keyword Usage (15%). The keywords on the page. Search engines seek to determine what a page is about by looking at key page elements and will penalize a page if keywords are repeated too many times.Page/Domain Level Keyword Agnostic Features (12%). Includes uniqueness of content compared to other content on the web, freshness of content, age of site/page.Page Level Traffic/Query Data (6%). This category of factors includes user experience metrics such as the click through rate of your listing and the bounce rate of the page. In essence, the search engines want to reward sites that users appreciate. Domain Level Keyword Usage (11%). This category refers to keyword usage in the domain name itself, e.g. www.[keyword].com.
  • Content marketing is driven by one big idea: if you produce and share fantastically useful content, your community will be more likely to become customers, remain customers, and send you more customers. Benefits•A stronger customer relationship with your brand once they see you are honestly trying to help them instead of just shilling your product •A well-earned reputation as the thought leader in your industry•Increased traffic to your website through higher SEO rankings, inbound links and social shares •Educated and empowered repeat customers who become brand ambassadors •Fewer customer service complaints and calls •Opportunities to engage with prospects seeking to educate themselves about their buying decisions
  • About Slumberland – History, Mission,Values Customer Service - Working with us,Shopping ,Design help,Purchasing, Guarantees,Financing Options ,Returns/exchanges/refunds,Delivery areas/shipping,FAQs,Customer Testimonials  Product/Category Descriptions  Buying GuidesMaterial GuidesMaintenance/CareDesign Guides/Inspiration   How linens can change up a roomUsing mirrors to expand a spaceBig ideas for small living rooms How to create a neutral palette Design a home officeHow to arrange irregular spacesLighting 101How to find your design styleChoosing the best rugs for your spaceThe ultimate entertainment room Space-savers (storage benches/ottomans, laptop armoires, etc.)How to artfully arrange a bookcaseTaming the tangle: Media consoles Staging: tips for staging your house for sale Vendor Guides  Extras Shop this room: Annotated photos of rooms decorated with Slumberland furniture and accessoriesStaff picks: Staff members’ favorite products and/or vendorsHome tours: Such as on Room and Board and Apartment TherapyBefore and after room makeoversCustomer and/or employee stories Ask the Expert: Customers can submit design or furniture questions to be answered by a Slumberland professionalGlossary of terms More user-friendly/sophisticated style finder and room designer, interactive features
  • Nearly 7.5 million blog posts are published every week on WordPress alone - one of many blogging platforms 340 million tweets posted every dayFacebook’s 1 billion users have uploaded 219 billion photos and clicked the Like button 1.13 trillion (yes, trillion) times1 hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second To sort through it all, Internet users type nearly 18 billion queries into search engines every month and rely on their social networks to curate interesting information.
  • Above all else, your content has to provide value to people. Search engines are getting better at knowing which content was created to game the ever-changing algorithm versus what content humans actually trust. In order for content to get downloaded, linked to, bookmarked or shared, it has to satisfy a human need. It must entertain or educate your audience. What will be your editorial team’s standard for quality? What standards must each piece of content meet in order to get published? Document the essential guidelines to ensure your editorial team is collectively focused on providing value to people.
  • Using Content Marketing for SEO

    1. 1. Using ContentMarketing for SEO
    2. 2. Search Engine Optimization
    3. 3. What Affects Search Engine OptimizationOff-Site On-SiteFactors Factors 44% 56%
    4. 4. Off-Site – Inbound Links (42%) In-bound Links Other
    5. 5. Off-Site – Social Links (7%)
    6. 6. Off-Site – Domain URL (7%)
    7. 7. On-Site – Keywords (44%) Relative Search Volume
    8. 8. Content Marketing
    9. 9. SEO = Content Marketing Links Social Keywords Uniqueness Freshness Clicks Crawlable content
    10. 10. Tracks of Content Prod/Category General web Buying/Material/Care Design Important Dates Description content Guides Inspiration Vendor Guides ExtrasNovember-12 X X X XDecember-12 X X X X January-13 X X X March-13 X X X X April-13 X X X May-13 X X X X July-13 X X X X August-13 X X X XSeptember-13 X X XNovember-13 X X XDecember-13 X X X
    11. 11. Ideas for Content Tracks
    12. 12. Team and Process
    13. 13. Schedule and CommitmentWeek Collection/Vetting Writing/Vetting Editing/Design Publish Action needed byDecember 3 - 7 Upholstery / Leather basics, manuals, videos, trends (Marks 1) Cust Service items - Gaurantees, training docs great example) About specials, refunds, delivery 2) Us/Interview, basically anything Mattress Buying Guide ALL GatekeepersDecember 10 - 14 Any and all info relevant to Jan/Feb 1) Uphostery buying guide, 1) Cust Service items - Gaurantees, advertised items - selling points / 2)Leather buying guide 3)About Us / specials, refunds, delivery 2) campaign strategy Slumberlands story Mattress Buying Guide Tom - Mark - RyderDecember 17 - 21 Linnens, Mirrors, popular SL 1) Uphostery buying guide, 1) Cust Service items - trends, common customer design 2)Leather buying guide 3)About Us / Gaurantees, specials, refunds, questions as examples Strategic Product Descriptions Slumberlands story delivery 2) Mattress Buying Guide Katie - ScottDecember 24 - 28 Design Guides: 1) How linnens Childrens furniture trends, campaigns, change a room 2) Using Mirrors 3) selling guides, Lighting, lamps Finding your design style Strategic Product Descriptions Mark - ScottDec 31 - Jan 4 1) Childrens furniture buying guide 1) Uphostery buying guide, Storage benches, ottomans, laptop 2) Childrens spaces design guide 3) Design Guides: 1) How linnens 2)Leather buying guide 3)About armoires, Customer feedback, internal Lighting 101 4)Design: Bid ideas for change a room 2) Using Mirrors 3) Us / Slumberlands story 4) initiatives small spaces Finding your design style Product Descriptions first wave Katie - Mark - Scott
    14. 14. Optimizing
    15. 15. Cutting Through Clutter “We create as muchinformation in two days aswe have since the dawn of man through to 2003.” - Eric Schmidt, Google CEO
    16. 16. Add Value To HumansWrite interesting titlesand descriptionsUse bulletsKeep videos shortUse visuals andgraphicsHave clear calls to
    17. 17. Optimize to Search EnginesSite Map Name Home Page About UsURL / about-minneapolis-senior-carePage title Nokomis Healthy Seniors in Minneapolis, MN Providing Senior Care to South MinneapolisOn-Page <H1> Title Nokomis Healthy Seniors in Minneapolis, MN Providing Senior Care to South Minneapolis Nokomis Healthy Seniors is based in Minneapolis, Learm more about Nokomis Healthy SeniorsIntro Text MN… providing senior care for the past x yearsMeta Title Minneapolis based Nokomis Healthy Seniors Senior care in south minneapoils Minneapolis based Nokomis Healthy Seniors works with elderly providing senior home care and nursing Nokomis Healthy Seniors provides senior care toMeta Description services. South Minneapolis.
    18. 18. Follow Best PracticesKeep one keyword phrasefocused to one pageUse a CMS with friendlyURLsLink internally from contentpiece to content piece usingkeywordsUse tags and categories withkeywordsKeep a site map up-to-dateMake social sharing easy
    19. 19. Content Distribution
    20. 20. Device Everywhere
    21. 21. Platform Everywhere
    22. 22. Tag and Segment Content
    23. 23. CMS ContentSegmentation
    24. 24. Where to Start?Start small, then growDetermine SEO keywordsResearch tracks of contentCommit to a publish schedule andassignmentsOptimize by creating valuablecontent with SEO keywordsWrite content chuncks that can beused multiple waysDistribute across platforms anddevicesParticipate in online conversations
    25. 25. Questions?
    26. 26. Using Content Marketing for SEO 1.) SEO Factors 2.) Content Marketing • Links • Create tracks of • Social content • Keywords • Create schedule • Uniqueness and assignments • Freshness • Clicks • Crawlable content 3.) Optimize 4.) Distribute • Add value to humans • Device ready content • Optimize to search • Platform ready content engines • Break down and • Focus on keywords segment content and best practices elements More info and references: Illustrations taken from Look for next Lunch and Learn on A Top-Secret JavaScript Topic in April.Presented by: Jonathan Anderstrom | | Office: 651.356.6996 | Mobile: 651.334.8800