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Librarians, Faculty, and Credo: The Affordable Learning Trifecta


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One of the most common concerns librarians express is that faculty and students underestimate the value of the library and its resources. Join professor Jody Ondich and faculty librarian Bridget Reistad of Lake Superior College as they discuss how they teamed up to use Credo, and existing library resources, as an “Affordable Learning” solution for their students.

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Librarians, Faculty, and Credo: The Affordable Learning Trifecta

  1. 1. Librarians, Faculty, and Credo: The Affordable Learning Trifecta
  2. 2.  Presented by Jody Ondich & Bridget Reistad Faculty @ Lake Superior College
  3. 3. powtoon
  4. 4. Credo asked… “How did you get faculty engaged with Library resources?”
  5. 5. ProgramforOnlineExcellenceinTeaching
  6. 6. Centerfor Faculty Innovation: CFI
  7. 7. Understanding the Digital Generation Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape by Ian Jukes, Ted McCain, Lee Crockett FIG: Faculty Inquiry Group
  8. 8. Humanities 1130: WorldReligion Credostatsorld  The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism 55  The New Encyclopedia of Judaism 230  The Essentials of Philosophy and Ethics 296  Religious Holidays & Calendars 210  Dictionary of World Philosophy 281  Big Ideas Simply Explained: The Philosophy Book 317  Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained 451
  9. 9. Numerous Benefits!  Topic pages  Read out loud option  Mind mapping  Translations in original language  Integrated search  Ease of embedding
  10. 10. Fadeto D2LBrightspace
  11. 11. Upcoming webinar: Emerging Library Trends in the FYE: New Ideas for Impacting Student Success Wednesday, June 13th at 1pm ET