What Creditwrench can do for you


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What Creditwrench can do for you

  1. 1. How does Creditwrench do and what can I expect as a creditwrench student? Creditwrench always starts where you are in the collections process. The ideal time to become a creditwrench student is when you first default on a credit card, mortgage or finance contract of some kind. At that point you are still dealing with the original creditor(s) and you have a few months to learn what you need to know when dealing with 3rd party debt collectors. Original creditors are not bound by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act but in many states they must follow state laws which by law must be stricter than federal law in some meaningful way. Many states have complied with that federal mandate by making original creditors and 3rd party debt collectors equal and state law applies to both. If your state law does not have consumer protection laws or you state law does not treat both equally then there is little you can do about harassing phone calls from creditors other than to ignore them if you cannot make your payments for whatever reason. Creditwrench does not advocate non-payment of your lawful debts. We do, however strongly recommend that you set up a budget and know what your debt to income ratio is at all times. We strongly recommend that you make your mortgage or rent payments on time your first priority. Don't pay any other debt until you have secured your rent or mortgage payments. Second should come your utility bills and your family food budget. Your third concern should be your car payments and all other transportation costs. All other payments and costs should come after those expenses have been met. If you run out of money before you run out of payments you must decide what to do and if you have no other means of making money then your only option is to default on one or more credit cards or other debt. If you run out of money and must default then you should not only cut back on spending somehow but start learning about what you can do to keep the wolf away from your door. The first thing you must learn is that if you are in a hole then stop digging immediately. Realize that running to debt consolidation or loan sharks is only digging your hole deeper and deeper. Bankruptcy merely serves to deepen your hole as well. I can go into a lengthy dissertation why those remedies only deepen the hole you are already in but that would be beyond the scope of this article. Only two things can get you out of the hole and the first is do whatever you can to increase your
  2. 2. income and the second is to become a Creditwrench student. Increasing your income should never cause you to take a course of action that will not produce nearly immediate results or cause you to invest money you don't have hoping that someone's business idea will make money in the future. It usually won't. Creditwrench will work for you because it teaches you your rights under the law and how to use the law to remedy the problems caused by those who violate your rights under the law. Creditors and debt collectors alike have the right to collect what you lawfully owe them but they must also respect you and your rights in the process. When they fail to do that then they owe you money for their violations just as you owe money when you violate your agreements with them. In order to enforce that you must first of all know what your rights under the law are and secondly how to force the other party to respect you and your rights. That is what Creditwrench teaches. When you have defaulted on a debt you will most likely have to endure phone calls from creditors for a time until they turn the debt over to an attorney or to a debt collector. Most use debt collectors first before turning to attorneys. If you start receiving phone calls from a debt collector you need to visit this web page and print out our list of 18 questions to ask debt collectors every time they call. Be sure to listen to the audio recordings so you learn how to control the conversation instead of letting them run roughshod over you. You must learn how to write and use properly constructed validation letters rather than using the garbage validation letters found all over the internet. Creditwrench students get a validation letter sample that is FDCPA compliant in all respects. In rare instances debt collectors may actually be able to validate the debt and prove that you actually do owe the debt they are trying to collect. If that happens most so called experts are all out of steam and their only response is to tell you that there is little more that you can do but pay up. Creditwrench students are definitely not out of options. Creditwrench students learn how to deal with even such a calamity. They have a simple but devastating response that also complies to FDCPA to that as well. There is a second letter called an estopple letter that is freely available on many web sites and message forums. Such letters have no validity in this type of situation but they can serve as a reminder to the debt collector that you have not forgotten about the problem and that you expect a reply to your demand for validation in a timely manner. On rare occasions it will cause the debt collector to give it up and forget about collecting the debt. A few years ago estoppel letters scared debt collectors off quite frequently but not any more. Many message boards simply run out of ideas once the estoppel has been sent but Creditwrench students learn that there is much more they can do. They learn how to handle the situation all the way even to taking the debt collector and his attorney to federal court if need be. And all for one low, easily affordable price. Folks often call me and ask how they can become creditwrench students. They look for some easy to fill out form that will somehow take the enrollment fee out of their bank accounts or credit cards and they will be led to some download site where they can get the information they need. Creditwrench does not work that way. We don't have one size fits all turnkey solution to all that might trouble you. In fact, we often have people who would have needlessly spent money if they could have instead of calling me first to see whether I can help them or not. Sometimes I can't. Sometimes I they have problems that need expertise I don't have. Sometimes I can suggest things they might do other than spending their hard earned money on something that won't help them. Many times people want me to fix their credit and that is something I don't do. Many times folks want
  3. 3. advice or suggestions about things I can't help them with or they want quit paying on their debts because of some idea that someone has planted in their minds about how the credit card companies or their mortgage lenders have somehow defrauded them. I am often able to talk some common sense into them and keep them from making a very serious error in judgment. I can do those things without having to charge them anything. I'm open to talk to you about your problems at any time without charge. All you need to do is call me at (405) 237-2174 or (405) 227-9423. You should understand that my phones are all call forwarded to my cellphone after 4 rings. That is because I don't want to miss your call if I should happen to be out of the office. If I am in the office and your caller ID shows up on my computer screen I will pick up from the office phone. If your phone number don't show up on my computer screen I will let it roll over to my cell phone and take it from there. That means you will have to let it ring more than 4 times. Most sales persons will only let it ring about 3 or 4 times then hang up so that is a convenient way to get rid of unwanted sales calls for trips to Burmuda or someone telling me my car warranty has run out. I already knew that and I don't have the time to spend running off to Burmuda then having to pay IRS if I really did win anything. Another way for you to contact me and learn more about Creditwrench and what it can do for you is to join in on our Friday night conference calls. They always start at 7:00 P.M. central time. The call in number is (712) 432-1601 and the pin number is 508548 followed by the # sign. You can feel free to join in the lively conversations and ask any questions you might have.