50 Free Sources for Downloadable Legal Templates & Documents

by Linda on July 29, 2009

Are you searching for free legal ...
��.14‘Lectric Law Library: Use the search engine to find specific documents and templates, or
    search through hundreds ...
��.36Ladies Who Launch: This Web page offers free legal forms, templates and information for
    your business. These samp...
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50 Free Sources for Downloadable Lega...


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50 Free Sources for Downloadable Lega...

  1. 1. 50 Free Sources for Downloadable Legal Templates & Documents by Linda on July 29, 2009 Are you searching for free legal templates and documents for real estate transactions, divorce, business incorporation or copyright? There are dozens of sites that offer libraries of these documents and more, and they boast time saving features and huge financial savings as you prepare legal documents yourself. While filing legal forms without an attorney often is not advisable, you can use these sites to find forms and that time alone with save you many dollars. The sites listed below are categorized by “various documents,” which covers personal and business legalities of all shapes, sizes and character. The business category offers sites that focus mainly on businesses, especially smaller businesses. The last category, “Specific Focus Sites,” offers links to sites that focus only on one specific issue, with free legal documents and templates that pertain to that issue. All sites are listed alphabetically under each category to show readers we do not favor one legal template and document site over another. Various Documents ��.1All About Forms: Find over 2,000 legal forms and answers to common legal and financial questions for business and personal issues. ��.2All About Law: Find more than 2,000 free legal forms for business, consumers, credit, family and personal and more at this site. ��.3Blitz Document: From sales-related forms to contractor’s agreements, you can find many templates and documents on this Web page. ��.4.docstoc: Find and share professional documents for legal, business, finance and more. ��.5Find Forms: Thousands of free legal forms are listed at this site, ranging from accounting to workers compensation. ��.6Forms Guru: Although some forms demand a small fee, the majority of legal forms on this site are free for you to use. ��.7Free Documents: Gain free access to legal documents and templates geared toward business practices at this site. ��.8Free Legal Documents: From a bill of sale to intellectual property, you can find a wide range of free documents and templates here. ��.9Get free Legal Forms: Find free legal documents and forms, form letters and more in a directory that focuses on a variety of issues from business and consumer to real estate and trusts. ��.10Giveaway Legal Forms: Search and find legal documents and templates that range from accounting and arbitration to wills and codicils. ��.11Hoover Web Design: A Web design site might seem like an odd place to find legal templates, but this site contains everything from an Assignment of Life Insurance Policy to a Revocation of Trust. ��.12LawInfo: Select from a number of practice areas to learn more about the issues and to find free documents and templates to use for those issues. ��.13LawSmart: If you need any common legal document, this site may have it.
  2. 2. ��.14‘Lectric Law Library: Use the search engine to find specific documents and templates, or search through hundreds of categories to find what you need. ��.15Legaldocs: Simply select the type of document you need and complete the easy step-by- step process to finalize that document in minutes. ��.16NOLO: From business and human resources to rights and disputes, NOLO has legal forms and information that offer protection for you or for your business. ��.17Public Legal Forms: Over 2,000 free legal forms for business and personal use are listed on this site. A number of forms are now adapted for state-specific use as well. ��.18Real Deal Docs: This site contains a virtual world of legal documents, many drafted by lawyers for their clients. Search and view for free. However, if you wish to save a document you must pay a membership fee. ��.19Rocket Lawyer: Select a document, fill it out, e-sign, save and you’re finished. You also can receive a personalized list of legal documents based upon your answers to a few simple questions. ��.20R.P. Emery & Associates: Enjoy this company’s list of free legal contracts, documents, forms and letters. ��.21Scribd: Look at this site like a virtual document library. You may need to delve deep to find what you need, but this site contains many legal forms and document templates. ��.22The Opticon: This is a legal library that goes above and beyond with forms for military law, torts, public records and more. Their forms can assist tenants, business owners, landlords, inmates, indigent claimants, law students and others representing themselves pro se as well as attorneys. ��.23USLegalforms.com: Find state-specific legal forms at this site for any category. Business Owners ��.24BizToolkit: From downloadable business plans to financial templates, educational programs and human resource tools, this site is suited for the business owner. ��.25Business.Gov: This site contains documents, templates and much more information that helps businesses comply with governmental regulations. ��.26Business Forms: This site contains an inventory of over 500 free legal business forms and templates available in Excel and Word formats. ��.27Business Owner’s Toolkit: Use this site to obtain free legal documents and templates suitable for any small business. ��.28Coollawyer: Browse forms that range from advertising to confidentiality to Web site documents that can protect your business. Some forms are state specific. ��.29Designers Toolbox: This site is geared toward designers and contains contracts, briefs and other design resources for any business or freelancer to use. ��.30FormNet: Entrepreneur online offers a wide range of business documents and forms through FormNet, ranging from accounting to starting a business. ��.31Free Business Forms: Use a variety of free legal forms, including medical and real estate forms, business reports and templates for anything a small business owner might use. ��.32Home Business Legal Forms: These free forms go beyond the home business necessities, including personal finance, rental management and more. ��.33Inc. Tools: Join Inc.com for free and enjoy more than 100 free tools available to members. ��.34Internal Revenue Service: No matter which legal document or template you need to file taxes, the IRS has it online. ��.35JaxWorks: This library contains a variety of spreadsheets any small business can use for legal matters.
  3. 3. ��.36Ladies Who Launch: This Web page offers free legal forms, templates and information for your business. These samples should be read carefully and adapted to your individual needs. ��.37Legal and Business Forms: Download and draft your own legal documents for any U.S.- based small business. Also contains personal forms for no-fault divorce and credit repair. ��.38Microsoft Office: Find many types of legal and business documents and templates here, from agendas to contracts and new resume samples. ��.39Smart Biz: Download a large selection of free business forms to help you get the most out of your business, including finance, management, compensation, marketing, worker safety and more. ��.40SME Toolkit: Find business forms, training and more at this site geared toward starting a small business. ��.41Winmark Small Business Tools: Find model business documents, financial spreadsheets, checklists and official government forms at this site. Specific Focus Sites ��.42Divorce Forms: Click on your resident state link to obtain marriage settlement agreement kits with free divorce forms, fee waiver, checklist and guides. ��.43Fathers Unite: Legal forms that any father may need in custody situations. ��.44Free Divorce Forms: Click on your state on the Web site map to download divorce forms and documents and templates for issues about children, custody, child support, restraining orders, petitions and more for that state. ��.45freenetlaw.com: Find a copyright notice, Web site disclaimer, privacy statement and cookies policy template for your Web site. ��.46Legal Pleading Template: This site provides several legal pleading templates for appeals, for appellee to respond to appellant, for filing bankruptcy, divorce and civil lawsuits. ��.47United States Patent and Trademark Office: Find all current patent and trademark office forms at this site. ��.48U.S. Copyright: This government Web site contains all the documents and instructions you need for copyright for free. Filing, however, requires a fee in most cases. ��.49U.S. Courts: Use this site to claim your free bankruptcy forms, instructions and committee notes. ��.50Website Law: This site also contains a Web site disclaimer, privacy policy and terms and conditions, but they’re set for UK customers. Free use entails using a link and credit to Website Law site.