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Credit agricole 2016 : 5 strong convictions guiding our strategy


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Credit agricole 2016 : 5 strong convictions guiding our strategy

  1. 1. Cooperative and mutual roots foster sustainable performance The cooperative model is a sustainable value-creating model based on building close, lasting relationships with mutual shareholders and customers to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty Slow recovery of the European economy Customer expectations changing radically Tighter regulatory environment, fiercer competition, consumer pressure growing French market attractive for the banking industry Increasing demands on customer advisors: simplicity, availability, responsiveness, expertise, personal service Changing customer habits: continuous accessibility, multi-channel banking rather than on-line banking, advanced internet and mobile functionalities GDP per capita: No. 2 of the key European countries High level of savings Responsible mortgage lending distribution in France 1 2 5 4 3 2ème 5 STRONG CONVICTIONS GUIDING OUR STRATEGY 1 JAN BOF NSP OUI NEW Mr MIEUX CREDIT AGRICOLE OUR CLIENTS, AT THE CORE OF A GROUP IN MOTION 2016