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Reputation Management for Restaurants


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No such thing as bad publicity? Even when it comes to your business’ reputation? You’ve worked hard to earn a good reputation and many restaurant, hospitality and hotel owners live in fear of someone using the internet to ruin their business or post false information about them.
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Reputation Management for Restaurants

  1. 1. Reputation Managementfor RestaurantsDaniel Grossmann, Founder & Managing Partner at Credema ICC
  2. 2. About author The last 20 years I split my professional timebetween developing concepts for the HospitalityIndustry and developing online products on theWeb. With the focus on developing MarketingAutomation related tools and services in Europe,CreDeMa ICC is a Infusionsoft Partner andInfusionsoft Certified Consultant. Follow me on:
  3. 3. Interesting facts about ReputationManagement No such thing as bad publicity? Even when it comes to your business’reputation? You’ve worked hard to earn a good reputation and many restaurant,hospitality and hotel owners live in fear of someone using the internet toruin their business or post false information about them. The culinary industry thrives on word-of-mouth. Managing the reputations that are posted online about your restaurants canincrease booking conversions by up to 90% and has therefore become crucialin the hospitality industry.
  4. 4. Definition Online reputation management is a process by which companiesand individuals can monitor, influence and improve feedback thatpeople leave about them on the internet.
  5. 5. Online Reputation Management: BestPractices Never ignore negative feedback Analyze Exaggerations: What is true and what is exaggerated Encourage your customers to leave positive reviews Whatever you do, don‘t be tempted to try and post “fake“ reviews
  6. 6. Never ignore negative feedback The well-known saying “Nobody is perfect” also applies to any business Never react in a hostile way Engage with the complaint in a clear, polite and positive fashion as this willhelp to show you and your restaurant in a good light with potential customers Pause and Reflect Take the time to pause, reflect and walk away before you respond to any criticism Criticism is an Opportunity Whether a critique is good or bad, accept it for the opportunity that it presents togrow and develop
  7. 7. Analyze Exaggerations: What is true andwhat is exaggerated When reading a negative review, the regular assumption is that it isexaggerated You should carefully read and acknowledge what was said Remain cool and respond Don’t open a response with an attack Be apologetic, thank the person for coming and offer your sincere wishes toaddress the concern and improve their experience if they choose to return You should walk away when it escalating and turning into an internet nuclear war,be polite and courtesy, apologize, let it go and never exaggerate
  8. 8. Analyze Exaggerations: What is true andwhat is exaggerations Don’t just focus on the negative Even if you try and address the situation and offer amends, some people just wantto vent their anger, and others can never be appeased If a customer leaves a good review, thank them for the experience and for takingthe time to write the review Recent studies have concluded that bad reviews give consumers a reason to believegood ones, and, that in some instances, negative information can accentuatepositive information
  9. 9. Encourage your customers to leavepositive reviews It is a well-known fact that customers are much more likely to leave a reviewor share their opinion if they have had a negative experience Be proactive in getting people to leave positive recommendations
  10. 10. Whatever you do, don’t be tempted totry and post “fake” reviews. Fake reviews will not help! Many websites like TripAdvisor, Foursquare, etc. have growing list ofblacklisted companies Remember that what happens online; stays online Did you know that comments you leave on a blog can come up in searchengines if someone searches for your email? Everything from a tweet to a comment can appear for literally years into thefuture whether you like it or not, so watch what you say
  11. 11. About Credema ICC Infusionsoft is an all-in-one sales and marketing application, combining CRM,Marketing Automation and Ecommerce on one platform. CreDeMa ICCdevelops its distribution worldwide focusing on non-anglosaxon regions. Inaddtion CreDeMa ICC supports its customers with all related tools and know-how through ebooks, white papers, videos or cheat sheets so that infusionsoftusers may focus on their core business. Website: Follow us on:
  12. 12. Thank you for your attentionIf you have any question feel free to contact me on, All rights reserved to Credema ICC s.r.o., 2013