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CRE Secure Advantages-Demo


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CRE Secure, the first cloud-based security payment system that is fully compliant with new credit card security rules, helps online merchants stop credit card theft. Connect your online shopping cart or web site that accepts credit cards using one of our certified payment modules or custom API and achieve 100% PCI compliance. CRE Secure is a certified partner with and Chase Paymentech (Tampa and Salem platforms)

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CRE Secure Advantages-Demo

  1. 1. We Stop Online Credit Card Theft How ? We bypass the weakest link in the payment security chain from any application on the web connected to any bank in the world Introducing
  2. 2. <ul><li>First PCI DSS certified independent payment system designed especially for online merchants and custom websites that want to continue hosting their own retail site and still become PCI compliant. </li></ul><ul><li>By extracting the payment security layer out of the current payment process we dynamically deliver a secure hosted payment page or hosted payment form (iFrame, Java) directly to the end user’s browser. </li></ul><ul><li>Innovative, patent pending HTML Clone™ technology, securely handles the transactions and maintains the original ‘look and feel’ of the merchant website automatically for each transaction. </li></ul>Introducing: CRE Secure [Demo: Next Slide. Click through to view]
  3. 3. The Problem Credit Card Data is transmitted and possibly stored in the merchant environment as it is passed to the Gateway provider. The Traditional Approach  Customer Pays Gateway Bank Online Store Servers hosting ecommerce stores are commonly not secure. July 2009: Network Solutions. 573,000 cards stolen – malicious code inserted into 4,343 insecure ecommerce stores.
  4. 4. An exact ‘clone’ of the store’s payment page is securely sent to the customer’s browser Only the payment data is sent to the store’s existing merchant bank and confirmed The Solution – Hosted Payment Page (HPP) Result: Achieve PCI Compliance and not have to move your store to a PCI hosting data center, saving thousands of dollars in monthly costs. CRE Secure cost only pennies per transaction in addition to your gateway fees. Customer Pays  Online Store Bank Gateway
  5. 5. Get Started Today Gregory P. McGraw CEO CRE Secure Payments, a wholly owned subsidiary of CRE Commerce, Inc. Phone: 404-961-9845 Sales: 800-609-2141 E-mail: [email_address] Visit Our Website: