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Eat crebus conf


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Eat crebus conf

  1. 1. Entrepreneurs assistance Tool (EAT) for Maritime Education Dmitrijs Semjonovs Anna Maria UlvisteBucharest, 09/oct/2012
  2. 2. Introduction Field Educational Professional entrepreneur EffectiveInteresting Fundamental Relevant Practical Inclusively
  3. 3. Possible Solutions Educator courses Field Advisor Implant assistance Professional chip Educator EAT
  4. 4. EAT as Instrument List ofTypes of Student s Technologies EAT Proper way to educate
  5. 5. Entrepreneurs Assistance Tool (EAT)
  6. 6. Student Diversity Technologies ResearchInterconnectionsIT, Math, Education,Maritime, Psychology Directions to move. Scientists Involvement Society Way of expansions Responsible person Improvement
  7. 7. Conclusion. Break old fashion approaches to educationEAT Create educators background for field’s professionals Perform attractive and interesting lessons/practical tasks
  8. 8.