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This is BEST,BEST Program for Processor, Student and Researcher.....

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Scholar’S Aid English

  1. 1. Scholar’s Aid the Reference Processor Scholar’s Aid, Inc.
  2. 2. Overview Scholar’s AID-- research management, writing and collaboration tool -- is designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies. If you need to manage information for any reason -- whether it be for writing, research or collaboration -- Scholar’s AID is the perfect tool. Use the tutorials and information resources on this site to work smarter with Scholar’s AID! Scholar’s AID is used wherever research is performed worldwide including all leading academic, corporate and government institutions. The power and flexibility of these tools make them ideal for any discipline whether in the sciences or the arts and humanities. Scholar’s AID customers include scientists, researchers, information professionals and students who rely on these leading bibliographic tools to advance their research, writing and publishing.The reason you should use a computer for study
  3. 3. Scholar’s Aid Package Scholars Aid is a program package that includes a bibliographical data manager called Library, a notes/information manager called Notes, a data provider called Data Retriever, and a manuscript manager called Word Add In. The four modules are tightly integrated using the COM technology, thereby enabling you to achieve levels of flexibility and control over your data that no other comparable program can match. Bibliographic data manager Library (Bibliographic Data Manager) manages bibliographical data, and is packed with a wide range of easy and powerful functions that many users have praised including Auto Citation. Notes manages notes and other information such as Web pages in a hierarchical structure, and enables you to retrieve the information (whenever you need it) in various ways. Note manager Data Retriever retrieves and provides data from/to various types of data such as Z39.50 and XML. This module allows users to expand their research area from local to global. Manuscript Manager keeps track of all transactions between Scholar’s Aid and your project document and manages all information about your project. Key Features includes keeping general project information, rearranging the citations and Data Retriever generating bibliography for the project automatically.The reason you should use a computer for study
  4. 4. Diagram Library + Notes + Retriever + Word Add-In –Library : Bibliographic Data Manager –Notes : Notes/Information Manager –Data Retriever : Data Provider –Word Add-In : Manuscript Manager Scholar’s Aid has revolutionized the way of learning. Students and academics of all disciplines can now increase their learning and knowledge base by using Scholar’s Aid.The reason you should use a computer for study
  5. 5. Installation of Scholar’s AID Notes :Notes/ Information manager & Data management per Library topic Notes Interworking Library : Bibliographical data manager & Literature source data managementThe reason you should use a computer for study
  6. 6. Features Scholar’s AID is collecting data from Academic DB,Journal, E- Library & Internet,etcThe reason you should use a computer for study
  7. 7. Features Automatically put it down in writing and Multiple insertion by one click(Quotation Button)The reason you should use a computer for study
  8. 8. Users from all over the world Country Percentage Occupation Percentage USA 42.01 Student (Doctoral) 28.76 United Kingdom 12.46 Student (Masters) 22.79 Australia 8.96 Professor 16.32 Canada 6.50 Student 6.99 France 4.06 (Undergraduate) 4.92 Germany 2.71 Writer/Journalist/Report 4.40 Italy 2.16 er 3.11 Belgium 1.90 Researcher 2.59 Brazil 1.88 Scientist/Engineer 1.57 Spain 1.63 Pastor/Missionary 1.55 Netherlands 1.61 Library/Museum 1.03 Hong Kong 1.36 Business 0.53 New Zealand 1.34 Government 0.51 Others/Not specified 4.93 Singapore 1.33 Lawyer Taiwan 0.90 Medical doctor Portugal 0.88 Puerto Rico 0.78 Poland 0.77 Israel 0.71 Switzerland 0.69 Japan 0.66 Korea 0.65 Mexico 0.52 From registered Scholars Aid 0.51 Total downloads: 1,154,853 Finland Other Countries 3.25 South Africa 0.49The reason you should use a computer for study
  9. 9. Reviews (IT Media) wealth of features make it perfectly powerful database app. .. an indispensable aid ZDNet Rated: Five Stars the perfect research assistant PC User Rated: Five Stars a must for scholars C/Net; PC Highlight, Essential Tools Rated: Popular, Premiere pick an excellent application… replacement Rocket Download Rated: Five smiliesThe reason you should use a computer for study
  10. 10. Using Using Scholar’s Aid (Guide Book) by Nicholas Reeves amazon “Scholars Aid program package includes a bibliographical data manager called Library, an notes/information manager called Notes. WIKIPEDIAThe reason you should use a computer for study
  11. 11. Review/testimonial Managing References the Easy Way “Scholars Aid contains a tightly integrated library reference manager and note and information manager. ” The Scientist ㅎㅎㅎㅎ References and Documentation “An excellent reference database and citation generator; even the registered version is a fraction of the price of more expensive, commercial bibliography software. ” Claremont Graduate UniversityThe reason you should use a computer for study
  12. 12. Review/testimonial Download section “This program is designed to keep all your references and papers in a neat database, allowing output bibliography to many common word-processors, and merging with other peoples databases.” Oxford University “Best of best” by London City University Business SchoolThe reason you should use a computer for study
  13. 13. Review/testimonial Forum Training Seminars “... researchers must keep extensive notes and be able to relate those notes to their “Scholars Aid is one of the finest research. Scholar’s Aid is designed tools for study and research.” specifically for that purpose. ” World Future Society. University of the Philippines Methodology ForumThe reason you should use a computer for study
  14. 14. Review/testimonial Research and Study Aids Canada McGill University 硏究 道具 - 唯一 推薦 中國 中央 硏究院The reason you should use a computer for study
  15. 15. Review/testimonial Lite Version Published 聯合新聞(臺灣) “Scholars Aid is an excellent application for any student or scholar whos required to track bibliographic data. The program is a replacement to some of the limited features found in many word processors. --- ” Rocket DownloadThe reason you should use a computer for study
  16. 16. Thank you! Global Standard!! World-class scholarly computer program for scholars created by scholars Scholar’s Aid is the reason you should use a computer for study Scholars inc.( #4 Yeyang Bldg.,640-11, Yeoksam Dong,Kang Nam Gu,Seoul,135-909 Korea T.82 2 508 6123 M.82 19 9201 2988 F.82 2 557 6123The reason you should use a computer for study