Guidelines for good innovative design


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We were asked to give a lecture to an international group of 60 industrial design students at Howest, Kortrijk.

This is how our lead designer Thomas inspired them in only ten slides.

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Guidelines for good innovative design

  1. #10 guidelines for innovative design   @creaxnv  
  2. We  were  asked  to  give  a  lecture  to  an   interna5onal  group  of  60  industrial   design  students  at  Howest,  Kortrijk.     This  is  how  our  lead  designer  Thomas   inspired  them  in  only  ten  slides.  
  3. Find  a  problem   #1   The  day  James  Dyson  got  frustrated   with  his  vacuum  cleaner  was  the  most   important  day  in  the  history  of  the   bagless  vacuum  cleaner.  Vacuum   cleaners  with  bags  loose  suc5on  very   quickly.  This  was  a  problem  James   Dyson  wanted  to  remedy.  
  4. Do  Steal   Don’t  copy   #2   But  James  Dyson  did  not  start  from   scratch.  He  knew  of  another  device   used  to  suck  and  clean  air:  the  cyclone.   It  could  be  found  on  the  roof  of   sawmills  and  animal  stables.  This   inven5on  dates  back  as  far  as  1898.  
  5. Have  Many     Ideas   #3   A  real  innova5on  does  not  start  from  1   magical  idea.  It  is  usually  a   combina5on  of  several  ideas  selected   from  many,  many  more.  Having  lots  of   ideas  is  key  to  having  a  good  idea  in   the  end.   In  innova5on,  quan5ty  breeds  quality.  
  6. Have  Fun   #4   Make  sure  to  have  fun  in  the   mean5me.  Developing  an  idea  into  a   fully  fledged  product  is  frustra5ng  and   daun5ng.   It’s  beXer  to  have  some  laughs  along   the  way.    
  7. Make  it  happen   #5   Make  prototypes  and  make  a  lot  of   them.  Make  them  quick  and  dirty.  Just   test  and  fiddle.  Tes5ng  your  idea  is  the   key  to  reality.     The  prototyping  phase  is  also  where   the  ‘happy  accidents’  happen.  
  8. Learn  to  Fail   #6   Failing  just  means  that  you   are  not  working  in  your   comfort  zone  anymore.   This  is  a  good  thing,   because  it’s  then  that   you’ll  find  new  things.  The   famous  Post-­‐It  was  the   result  of  a  failure  and  it   became  one  of  3M’s  best   selling  products.  
  9. Keep  it  Simple   #7   Do  not  overcomplicate  things.  If  you  can,  make  it  simpler.  The  less   complex  a  system  is,  the  less  prone  it  is  to  damage.  This  will  also  make   your  product  cheaper,  faster  to  develop  and  easier  to  repair.    Reebok  Disc  
  10. Find  the  right   5me   #8   It  was  not  the  first  5me  that  Apple  decided  to  launch  a  tablet   computer.  They  did  it  for  the  first  5me  in  the  90s.  The  Newton   failed  miserably  and  was  a  commercial  catastrophe.  A  decade   later  they  tried  again.  By  this  5me,  the  market  and  technology   where  ready,  and  the  rest  is  history.    Apple  Newton  &  Ipad  
  11. Think  in  Func5ons   #9   All  these  products  have  the  same  func5onality:  storing  data.  All  of  them  made   the  previous  one  obsolete.  Companies  that  did  not  see  the  changes  in  their   market  vanished.  So  be  aware  of  this  fact.  You  do  not  make  a  product.  You   make  a  solu5on  to  achieve  a  func5on  and  maybe  one  day  somebody  has  a   beXer  solu5on  for  that  func5on.  
  12. A  good  idea   ain’t  enough   #10   Despite  all  your  efforts,  it  could  s5ll  be  that  your  innova5ve  product  is  not  a   success.  Be  sure  to  communicate  what  sets  your  product  apart  from  the   compe55on.  This  3  in1  poXy  received  a  lot  of  design  awards  for  it’s   mul5func5onality,  yet  failed  to  convey  that  message  to  the  clients  in  the  store.      dotpot  by  dotbaby  
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