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creatorstand for SBIO '13


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Sustainable Brands Innovation Open 2013 submission. Vote here before April 14th:

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creatorstand for SBIO '13

  1. 1. SB Innovation Open 2013 + Redesign for the Times
  2. 2. Source: Edelman Digital 2013 Social Media Trends (link)
  3. 3. Source: Edelman Digital 2013 Social Media Trends (link)
  4. 4. We redesigned a simple product fortoday’s challenges and opportunities• People want comfort and access when using their computers, tablets and smartphones at home, school, work, and on-the-go• Brands need to stand out and be more engaging among increasing digital clutter and distractions• People care about being green -- creatorstand embraces and promotes sustainable design on the desktop; 24x7
  5. 5. The 1st sustainable reading stand forpeople and brands on the web
  6. 6. It holds tablets, too
  7. 7. More about creatorstand®• Improves desktop comfort and engagement where the physical world meets the digital world on the desktop• Holds reading materials including email printouts, tablets, bills to be paid, note pads, magazines, text books, large binders and more• Provides maximum space for branding, social media icons, QR codes, URLs, how-to info, offers, mission statements, calendars, images, etc.• Inexpensive to fully customize for employee communications, integrated marketing, e-commerce, education, support, etc.• Eco-friendly with a patented design and reusable package• Made in America; auditioned for ABC Shark Tank ; $19.95 SRP
  8. 8. Sustainable Brand Success Story“We are always looking for ways to provide our Academy guests a fun, quality give-awaythat will encourage them to return to the Academy for future trainings. The creatorstandwas the perfect choice. The creatorstand holds important documents or even iPads thatyou are using during your daily work. We were also able to brand the creatorstand with aQR code and URL links, so that Academy alumni could easily reference our most current training catalog and schedule.” Jenn Aikins Group Manager, Product Training at ExactTarget See customer profile at
  9. 9. ReusablepackageCreate and deliver branded contentand experiences for the Premium Contentdesktop/web. Two panels enable Spacepremium content space with 8.5” x12” on the front and 8” x 9” on theback; when in use. Consumers willnot use similar products at the sametime – sustainable brands standout. Handling & POS Content & side Engagement side
  10. 10. Easy to assemble and use 7
  11. 11. Brief video
  12. 12. Enable people Stand out and engageDo much more with the web Be green
  13. 13. About creatorbase®Based in the San Francisco BayArea, creatorbase is a communityof creators, ideas and solutionsthat revolve around the web.Your space to create.® 220 Park Road, Box 117636, Burlingame, California 94011