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Nominator Essay

  1. 1. WHY DO YOU THINK THE CANDIDATE DESERVES TO BE SELECTED AS ONE GO NEGOSYO’S MOST INSPIRING YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS? Creativoices Productions What’s to sell these days when you think every imaginable thing is already being sold and being bought – from food to fashion to technology to even, garbage. But how many times has it happened that even the most overlooked and things that are taken-for-granted could become a gold mine for some people who are just brilliant and very passionate about their craft. And this gold mine for Mr. Pocholo Gonzales is his God-given gift, his voice. Why not? Come to think about it, those unnamed voice actors are everywhere. Their anonymous voices could be heard in advertisements, movies, TV shows, radio announcements, events, concerts, and in every emerging media. Pocholo realized the potential as he made his vision, or should I say, his voice, become his ticket to entrepreneurial success. Having known Pocholo for several years, I’ve seen his growth from a mere voice talent who has voice acting skills that are amazing and entertaining to a voice director and to someone who has always dreamed of becoming more and of reaching his fullest potential through the craft he is almost obsessed about. I have also known the other side of him as a dedicated youth advocate for years, who has always inspired young people – motivated them and make them move. This is through Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Network – a volunteer organization of young people encouraging the Filipino youth to believe in themselves and to promote positive social change. VOTY already received numerous citations and awards, most notable is the Youth Action Net Award by International Youth Foundation awarded in Washington D.C. in 2003 and Global Youth Action in Action Award by Global Youth Action Network (GYAN) awarded in New York City in 2004. He was also awarded in Quezon City as one of Youth Achievers Award in 2003. One if its pioneering project is a radio program dubbed as VOTY Radio which has been airing for five years now over DZME 1530kHz (Sundays 9 – 10 AM). And these two sides of Pocholo honed and prepared him to step into a higher level of becoming a true artist and an entrepreneur – and a true Voicemaster. Through Creativoices Productions, Pocholo has opened the doors of the elusive, and somehow, untapped, voice acting industry. Not only did Creativoices provided jobs and projects to our local voice talents, scriptwriters and translators as the business responds to the demand of local and international clients - it also made hundreds of young people realize their potential to becoming voice talents.
  2. 2. It is no longer enough for aspiring voice talents to merely have a good or flexible voice to get into the business. For it would take a lot of discipline, days or even years of practice to truly become a professional and make a living out of the craft. Also, to break into the industry is difficult enough, and this is where Creativoices steps in. Its series of voice acting workshops – Voiceworxx – already had graduates getting jobs for dubbing, voice-overs, and advertisements. These first – timers did not only enhanced their talents, they also gained self – confidence and realized their dream. Choy’s reputation in the industry (where he’s been involved since he was 16 years old) has also become a selling point to these workshops as he was able to invite the best mentors and practitioners to teach aspiring voice artists that range from students to professionals looking for other avenues for their career. And these students did not only become practitioners in the industry, they also found potential life-long friends with one another as they get involved with several events and projects through the workshop’s off-shoot organization called Society of Young Voice Artists of the Philippines or SYVAP. With its 10 workshops that produced 200 graduates to date that have been truly consistently successful, I realize that there is really a need for it. People are indeed willing to invest in improving their voice skills. They are just waiting for something like Creativoices to happen. Taking into consideration that the participants only receive the announcements of its workshops through email blasts and social networks – the response truly is unprecedented. What’s also admirable is Pocholo’s advocacy, which is to promote voice acting as an art - for it is true that no skill, craft, business or profession would ever become a legacy until it has become an art. Creativoices does not only serve as a studio for voice and audio needs; it is also a school, an events venue and an avenue where young bright minds meet. It has become a melting pot of ideas, maximizing the fullest potential of the craft and the offerings of new technologies. And the possibilities are indeed endless – from voice and audio services, to audio books, to podcasts, to radio dramas and promos, to events management and speaking engagements. Walking into the office make you see that whoever owns the place is a young man who never really left his childhood with all the toys and action figures scattered everwhere, the cool gadgets, the posters of animes and movies plastered on the walls; among all the accolades received by Pocholo, who deservingly earned the moniker as the “Voicemaster”. An ordinary voice talent would be content of just having enough pay slip after receiving a project or two once in a while and to be kept anonymous by their various voices.
  3. 3. But Pocholo had a different thing in mind. He wanted to provide opportunities to other people, to motivate them and to enrich their talents. He wanted to open the Pinoy voice talent industry to the other people who are just waiting for such doors to be unlocked. He also wanted to open the Pinoy voice talent industry to the world. (His entrepreneurial spirit is truly unstoppable that in spite of the growing success of his voice productions company, he recently put up the Creativevents Management aimed at putting more zest and creativity in every events that clients would want to stage with the added value of the audio-digital-technical expertise that is sure to produce quality events.) And the Voicemaster indeed got what he wanted. Through Creativoices Productions, his voice was heard paving the way for many other talented Filipinos. MR. MARICZAR R. LINTAG BROADCASTER DZME 1530kHz WRITER, WEB DESIGNER, ADMINISTRATOR