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“A photo speaks a thousand words.”

'Creativity Clipping Path' is a South Asia based outsourcing company. It offers all kinds of digital photo services all over the world. Creativity Clipping Path is established at 2011 and it is organized by dedicated and highly skilled operators.

'Creativity Clipping Path' has been isolating objects from their backgrounds for large advertising agencies, studios, photographers and end users since 2011. Via the application at images can easily be uploaded and checked. Specifications can be added to entire jobs or to individual images. All communication concerning jobs and images takes place within the application and using e-mail notifications.

'Creativity Clipping Path' is also used by companies in industries such as jewelry industry or textile industry who regularly publish brochures, leaflets or other promotional material containing images of their products.

• Clipping Paths
• Masking
• Resizing (x pixels by x pixels)
• Cropping (Cutting of all necessary white on an image leaving just the object in the frame)
• Placing objects in images upright
• Centering objects in images
• Outlining objects to make sure they are all at the same height in an image
• Adding a natural or drop shadow
• Cleaning up images (removing all dust particles etc)
• Recoloring
• Vectoring
• Invisible man- providing a template for Fashion images
• Removing joints from mannequin
• Retouching & Restoration

♦ Low cost service
♦ No payment required before completion
♦ Quick turnaround
♦ Satisfaction guarantee
♦ Volume discount
♦ Triple check quality control
♦ 24 hours customer support
♦ All types of photo treatment service available
♦ Easy and flexible services
♦ Huge amount of image processing capacity
♦ Service available 24/7- 365 days
Phone: +880-1935219912 | +880-1718077385
E-mail: | | Skype: ccplbd

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  1. 1. WELCOME TO CCPL Your Best Image Editing Partner
  2. 2. Image post Production Service proposal Providing Image Editing Services to Fashion Icons, E-Commerce Stores, Photography studios and Agencies, and also freelancer photographers Infrastructure & Resources Man Power: 100 Graphic Designers 4 and half years experience on an average 3 working shifts a day, dedicated team leader for each shift 24x7 Production and support 3 steps quality control Our Services Hardware & Software Platform: All the workstations are intel/3rd Generation computers and apple iMAC Adobe Photoshop CS3/4/5/6 suitd, Adobe Illustrator, In Design, Lightroom Windows XP/7 and apple Mac OS X PRODUCTION CAPABILITY: Clipping – 2500 image/day Masking- 800 images/day Retouch- 500 images/day Neck Joint+In-clip – 400 images/day INTERNET LINK: Clipping Path Multi/Silo Path Channel Masking Alpha Masking Beauty Retouch Hi-End Retouch Product Retouch Shadow Effects Image Manipulation Color Matching Neck Joints/Editing Graphic Designing Look Book/Editorial Web Design & Developing Dedicated 10mbps upload/download fiber optic connectivity. PRODUCTION HOUSE : 4000 Square feet office 75 Workstations Roam to expand more,
  3. 3. Your Benefits Before making a decision to work with us, we suggest you try our Free Trial Job Send a few images from each product category. A few lines of instructions on how you wish to see the final images A few hours to complete the job and return back for your evaluation. We provide Price Quotations based on provided sample images. Return on investment-Value analysis Our recommendation can substantially increase your revenues and your time management. A potential of 27% to 53% increased revenue (on Average) Increase employee productivity and efficiency by 35% to 55% increase. Lower Employee costs and save 30-50% or more Comparison between working in house and with CCPLBD Total Post Production Designers In house CCPLBD 1 1 Service Images Done/Hour Image Retouch Image Retouch 4-5 4-5 Cost/hour Hourly payment rate $25-40 Negotiable, Total save
  4. 4. Beauty Retouch Clipping, Masking, Retouch, Color Correction Done,
  5. 5. Image Clipping Path,
  6. 6. Image Masking,
  7. 7. Image Retouch,
  8. 8. Shadow Creation,
  9. 9. Multi Path,
  10. 10. Image Manipulation Object Removed,
  11. 11. Image Color Correction,
  12. 12. Invisible Man/Neck Correction,
  13. 13. Image Resize,
  14. 14. Raster to Vector,
  15. 15. Corporate Design,
  16. 16. Flyer & Brochure Design,
  17. 17. Web Design & Development,
  18. 18. Payment We allow payment via PayPal. Anyone can pay with their PayPal account, Western Union, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, Payza, MasterCard, and Visa. Communication! We are here for you to serve as our best. We are ON 24x7!,