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Corporate Intranets Apps – ICLCity2013 Taking Advantage of a Wasted Opportunity


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This talk was part of the ICLCity2013 event at City University London on the 13th May 2013. For more details see:

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Corporate Intranets Apps – ICLCity2013 Taking Advantage of a Wasted Opportunity

  1. 1. Corporateintranets appsTaking advantage of awasted opportunityMay 2013Susan Costello@howoco
  2. 2. years of the web (nearly)
  3. 3. In that time, an entire industry around ‘user experience’ has built up
  4. 4. An industry dedicated to making it easy and pleasant to usewebsites. Especially functional websites, especially when there’s atask to perform.
  5. 5. We take it for granted that we can check out of the shop (and we don’tgo back to those sites which fail to provide a foolproof way of completingthis simple process*) *Unless we HAVE to (more later)
  6. 6. We take it for granted that we can book our flights, trains, hotels… thatwe can hire our cars.
  7. 7. And now, increasingly, we do this on the move, at a time thatsuits us and on devices that are to hand
  8. 8. But in contrast, let’s takea brief look at a fewcommon intranet apps inuse at a large corporationonly last week…
  9. 9. Expense claims
  10. 10. Annual leave tracking
  11. 11. Room & desk booking
  12. 12. Car booking
  13. 13. Why does thismatter?
  14. 14. Staff disengagementIt damages your brand – it changes the way your staff feel about you.The message: ‘you don’t care about me’ at best….‘you despise me’ at worst.
  15. 15. Your staff don’t have a choice– they MUST use these sites.To illustrate how this makesthem feel – let’s consider afrequent flyer on a budgetjust about to check out…
  16. 16. How does this makeher feel about thecompany that haveput her through thisprocess?
  17. 17. Staff disengagementBad news for employers.Give them good apps – show them you care.
  18. 18. It wastes time, lots of time,Think about the opportunity cost.
  19. 19. Why are intranet apps so rubbish?
  20. 20. UX is sidelined by IS departmentsand the ensuing problem becomes insurmountable
  21. 21. Management are not interested“don’t bother me about facilities… I’ve got to sell more widgets”
  22. 22. Corporations are paranoid about security
  23. 23. What couldwe do?
  24. 24. Barbara is on a train on her way to the office.. she needs a desk whenshe gets there.
  25. 25. She uses her smartphone app to locate the building
  26. 26. She chooses a desk from those available
  27. 27. She gets to the office and checks in through security. Then she uses her phoneto get directions to the desk (note the sex change :D)
  28. 28. But of course you don’t have to go that far
  29. 29. Treat internal web apps in the same way as external web apps
  30. 30. Treat internal web apps in the same way as external web apps
  31. 31. What shouldwe do?
  32. 32. Lessen the focus on the next ‘big’ thing.Innovation isn’t all about new tech, it’s also about new ways ofgetting things done, of making things better.Wasting money with ‘use once’ apps? Divert budgets into sorting out your intranet functions
  33. 33. To further illustrate thispoint, here’s a synopsistaken from an event at adigital conference in‘silicon roundabout’ takingplace very soon…
  34. 34. Investigate and play with your relativity to others in online virtual spaces. Duringthis creative-thinking session we will collectively explore issues of identity,communication and team work for the 21st century through immersivetelepresence and virtual environments.Imagine a future unbound by the two dimensional head and shoulders of todaysvideo communication, into a world of full bodied haptic feedback, 3d immersivespaces and interaction mediated communication.Avatars are the representations we create of ourselves in virtual worlds. They arecentral to our modern lifestyles: we work, play, explore and share with oneanother using these digital bodies.Telepresence can be utilised to enhance and extend future work and playenvironments and allow the physical live body to be engaged simultaneouslywith another body at a distance, creating intimacy and build trust as itencourages an evolving expression of yourself and others.”“
  35. 35. Yeah, right.
  36. 36. So how do we getthis done?Five steps…
  37. 37. 1Choose a keyapplication
  38. 38. 2Do somecost benefitanalysis
  39. 39. 3Engage UX
  40. 40. 4Run it like anexternal webapp project
  41. 41. 5Fight the negativityInspire and exciteStay focusedThank you :D
  42. 42. Questions?
  43. 43. Corporateintranets appsTaking advantage of awasted opportunitySusan Costello@howoco