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Enterprise Chatbots: A Hybrid Approach to Machine Learning


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During the 2017 Chatbot Summit in Berlin, Björn Gülsdorff, Head of Business Development at Creative Virtual, presented a keynote on combining AI and self-learning with human input for successful chatbots and virtual agents.

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Enterprise Chatbots: A Hybrid Approach to Machine Learning

  1. 1. Enterprise Chatbots: Taking a Hybrid Approach to Machine Learning Björn Gülsdorff, Head of Business Development @Bjoern_CV @creativevirtual
  2. 2. Gartner Predicts Source: Gartner, 2016
  3. 3. ExistingVAs – how to add ML?
  4. 4. The challenge of Enterprise Chatbots
  5. 5. Recap of the Challenges Integration Customisation – Domain Knowledge Compliance (Legal, Security, …) And  ROI  Timeline  Budget And  Predictability
  6. 6. Self-Learning - Pitfalls  Machine Learning is Not flexible • Architecture • Algorithm • Special cases  Black Box – By design  Garbage in – Garbage out
  7. 7. And: A noisy Panda is a Gibbon Panda (57%) „Noise“ Gibbon (99%)
  8. 8. What‘s missing? Let‘s think!
  9. 9. If your agents were quicker readers… Would you let them read chats or would you train them?
  10. 10. If your agents were multi- taskers… Should they watch other agents or would you train them?
  11. 11. Accept Human Knowledge!
  12. 12. How it works Unsupervised pre-learning of generic language model System actions with integration (Classes) defined by humans Machine Learning against examples Scenarios defined in flow editor Examples for classification defined by humans or collected from agent actions
  13. 13. Hybrid2 Approach 1. Creation of Content • Unsupervised Pre-Learning • Human curated content • Supervised Learning 2. Improvement • Alternates from user interactions • Feedback from agents • Retrain
  14. 14. Finds & Benefits Small receptive fields Robust against parameter variations Only few examples needed Great results!
  15. 15. Semantic StatisticalSurveys Feedback Loops Human Curation A hybrid approach of human curation of content and self- learning minimizes the risk in creation, allows the system to continually improve while also giving control over the reliability of virtual agent responses.
  16. 16. Companies need today Combination of virtual & real Knowledge management & feedback loop Complementary technology Learning capabilities
  17. 17. Get in Touch with Me By email: On Twitter: @creativevirtual On the web: