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2017 HKCCA International Symposium :: Taking Your Contact Centre Into the Future with EASE


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At the 2017 HKCCA International Symposium in Hong Kong, Chris Ezekiel (Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual) presented 'Taking Your Contact Centre Into the Future with EASE'. He explored best practices for combining virtual and real support by bringing together chatbots and virtual agents with live chat.

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2017 HKCCA International Symposium :: Taking Your Contact Centre Into the Future with EASE

  1. 1. Taking Your Contact Centre Into the Future with EASE Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO @chrisezekiel @creativevirtual
  2. 2. APAC Customers are Evolving  Increasingly willing to experiment  Reliant on technology  Inclined to integrate digital and physical experiences  Able to handle large volumes of information  Determined to create the best experiences for themselves According to Forrester, consumers in Asia Pacific are becoming more empowered and changing along five key dimensions: Source: Forrester, 2016
  3. 3. What do empowered customers want? EASE effortless * accurate * seamless * effective
  4. 4. Growing usage of virtual & real support 2012 2015 Virtual Agent 28% 58% Live Chat 43% 65% Source: Forrester, 2015 “Customers increasingly leverage self-service and digital channels for customer service because these channels offer the least amount of interaction friction.”
  6. 6. Live Demos  National Rail Enquiries  Facebook Messenger  E.ON  HSBC Hong Kong  Live Chat  V-Portal  TWC (mobile)
  7. 7. Feedback Loop: Combining virtual & real Virtual Agent provides content for Live Agents Live Agents submit real-time feedback on content V-Portal™ automatically creates change request in workflow Content team reviews feedback and makes knowledgebase updates Team approves and deploys updates across all customer contact channels
  8. 8. Impact of Innovation ORGANISATIONS:  Reductions of up to 80% in live chat sessions with virtual agent  Average handling time reductions of up to 40%  More engaged, skilled and happier agents resulting in reduced staff turnover  Lower support costs, improved efficiency and increased sales  Unique customer insights AGENTS:  Complete customer conversation history for seamless handover  Automatically presented with response from virtual agent knowledgebase  Customisable console with real-time feedback loop  Become knowledge experts helping to keep self-service channels up-to-date CUSTOMERS:  24/7 access to smart self-help  Seamless handover from virtual agent to live chat agent  Access to accurate, consistent and personalised information across contact channels  Convenient and easy support experience
  9. 9. The future of the contact centre is:  A collaboration between contact centre & digital  A combination of virtual and real customer support
  10. 10. The future is a blend of AI and human thought
  11. 11. Get in Touch with Me By email: On Twitter: @chrisezekiel On the web: