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Energy Medicine at Your Fingertips | Be Well and Wise


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Presentation by Toni Crotty at the Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference 2013. Covers the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® for self-help.

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Energy Medicine at Your Fingertips | Be Well and Wise

  1. 1. Energy Medicine at Your Fingertips Experiencing the Ancient Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® for Self-Help Toni Crotty, MA CAMT CRTh 2013 Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  2. 2. Welcome, I’m Toni Practitioner of Energy Medicine providing hands- on experience with the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” My goal: To give you a vision of yourself as an energetic being… with the empowering ability to move your own energy. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  3. 3. Let’s begin! Grounding exercise: Be in your body now, connected to the earth. I came to JSJ because I felt my tight shoulders melt with two minutes of gentle touch. Important because of research. Experiential: Fold arms across chest with fingers facing back in soft spot before shoulder blade. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  4. 4. What I Cover Welcome~ Introduction~ How I Came to JSJ Energy Basics & Why Energy Medicine is Important Why Learn JSJ? Current Research on the Benefits of JSJ Where Did JSJ Originate? What is JSJ? How to Apply JSJ Self-Help How to Teach Others Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  5. 5. Everything is Energy “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” - Albert Einstein Cycle of life is energy densing down into matter, then lightening up to return to source. At birth, human heart beats at the same Hz as the earth = most healing state. We are energetic envelopes of body, mind, spirit. Wikipedia Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  6. 6. Our Energy Sources Survival needs = energy: sunlight, air, food & water Just Breathe! Breath is the immediate source of chi and connection to self and Source. Deep breathing is exhaling fully & allowing… Experiential: Notice the breath Be Well & Wise & Energized! Wikipedia
  7. 7. More About Energy Sources First Source of Personal Chi: Constitutional Input: Sunlight, air, food, water, exercise, earth, play, love, joy Chi creates and nourishes all of life. Imbalances in chi lead to pain and illness. Health is the balanced & harmonious flow of chi. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  8. 8. Energy Blockages & Drains Stuck emotions & overwork = stress Stress = rocks in the river of energy Wind dissipates chi, or life energy. Toxic people, environments, food, water, & air Surgery, illnesses Experiential: Hold the thumb to ease worry. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  9. 9. Origins of Energy Based Philosophy Ancient peoples in touch with nature for survival Valued inner and elder wisdom Lived more connected to earth Valued health, culture, tradition More self-reliant Experiential: Hold the little finger to ease overwork. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  10. 10. Origins of Energy Based Medicine 5,000 years ago Chinese Folk Art ~ Oral Tradition Instinctively used hands to alleviate pain by holding & massaging Soldiers noticed: place hit with a stone or arrow ~another place may react or heal Meticulous observations and testing of prisoners Masters saw energy/Now Kirilean photography Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  11. 11. How We Experience Energy Bodily noises and movement Temperature changes in body and extremities Physical sensations: butterflies, orgasms Pain= too much energy in one place Numbness = lack of energy Experiential: Hold index finger to release fear. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  12. 12. How Does it Feel? Blocked Energy can feel tender, sore, numb, achy, lifeless, cold Free flowing energy can feel relaxing, melting, pulsing, warm, electric, tingling. Energy Medicine releases Endorphins = feel good Experiential: Hold middle finger to release anger. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  13. 13. Why Energy Medicine Works Energy is movement, illness is stuck Energetic level precedes physical manifestation Relies on the wisdom of the body Honors interconnections of body systems Energy Medicine releases Endorphins Thoughts are directive energy. “I admit thoughts influence the body.” Einstein Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  14. 14. Energy Medicine Helps Shift… Release beliefs that projects are incurable Expand current medical viewpoint Belief systems are stories we tell ourselves Re-write stories Become empowered to heal oneself Experiential: Hold ring finger to ease grief. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  15. 15. Why Learn Jin Shin Jytusu®? Unifying link connects & harmonizes all systems: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Works at the level of cause Compatible with Western Medicine Re-establishes original blueprint Honors individual wisdom in present time Easily continued at home by patient Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  16. 16. When did JSJ originate? Ancient, intuitive art practiced by many cultures Handed down through oral tradition JSJ had fallen into obscurity Rediscovered and revived by Master Jiro Mirai in Japan ~early 1900s. Avid interest in philosophy, Jiro read of ancient wisdom accessing innate ability of the body to heal itself by using the hands as jumper cables to balance life energy. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  17. 17. Jiro’s Story Cleared his own life-threatening illness by holding finger positions called mudras. Devoted his life to researching and developing JSJ. Taught Mary Burmeister, who brought it to the U.S. in 1950’s. Today JSJ is practiced around the world.  “We need never know fatigue. Energy can never tire. It is our personal imbalance that causes fatigue. When our 26 ‘Safety Energy Locks’ are unlocked, we are in a state of ecstasy. We have our two hands as rejuvenators and harmonizers.” Mary Burmeister Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  18. 18. What is Jin Shin Jyutsu®?  The words translate = the Art of the Creator through the person of knowing & compassion  Jin Shin Jyutsu Phsysio-philosophy® is the ancient art of getting to know oneself by accessing the body’s wisdom.  JSJ studies the movement of the breath of life  JSJ helps know oneself & connect with one’s original energetic perfection.  Experiential: Main Central Vertical Flow Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  19. 19. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  20. 20. Connecting with the Source of Life Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy Right hand on top of head (leave there until last step) Left hand moves  ~ between eyebrows  ~on tip of nose  ~ on throat  ~ between breasts  ~ at base of breast bone (sternum)  ~ on top of pubic bone when you move Right hand to tailbone (coccyx) Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  21. 21. Basic Principles & Terminology Life is the continuous movement of energy Health is balanced and harmonious flow of energy Energy flows in rivers called meridians Meridians get blocked by attitudes Attitudes = stuck emotions  Fear is the core of all attitudes Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  22. 22. Basic Principles cont… Attitudes block the flow of energy. Over time, blocked energy can create a “project” diagnosed with a “label.” Safety Energy Locks are main intersections of energy, like circuit breakers. Gentle touch with hands on safety energy locks moves stuck energy. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  23. 23. How is JSJ Applied? “When aware of stress or tension causing ‘attitudes,’ relax as much as possible in a comfortable position. Sitting, standing or lying down are all effective.” Mary Burmeister JSJ is an Art, not a technique, there is no right way to move energy. Gentle touch acts as jumper cables. No pressure required Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  24. 24. Markey Cancer Center Lexington Cancer Foundation Jin Shin Jyutsu Program 2011 Latest Jin Shin Jyutsu® Research Jennifer Bradley studied 111 patients articles/MarkeyCancerCenterLCF2011Program2.pd f Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  25. 25. Referral Sources Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  26. 26. Gender 37 Males ~ 74 Females Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  27. 27. Program Data 267 Session Given 1-17-11 to 9-1-11 Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  28. 28. Outcomes: 51% Less Pain 61.8% Less Stress 66.7% Less Nausea Be Well & Wise & Energized! Pre and Post Distress 0-10
  29. 29. Study shows… Complete Patient Satisfaction Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  30. 30. JSJ Benefits JSJ nurtures the body, mind, and spirit by harmonizing the flow of chi’ or life energy. JSJ releases stuck emotions called attitudes which block energy flow causing numbness or pain. JSJ supports all body functions, improving cleaning and healing capacity and boosting energy. Powerful cleansing functions helps prevent disease of accumulation. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  31. 31. Why Practice JSJ Self-Help? An excellent complement to Western Medicine JSJ can release the cause of acute and chronic conditions. No side effects Renews vitality, deeply cleanses the body Restores emotional equilibrium Relaxes muscle tension for deep relaxation Relieves pain and promotes optimal wellness in body, mind and spirit. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  32. 32. How Jin Shin Jyutsu® Works JSJ accesses 26 Safety Energy Locks which are major intersections of energy where tension can collect and block energy flow. SELs act like circuit breakers on the house. Hands act like jumper cables on a battery, closing the circuit so energy can flow. Holding SELs balances the flow of chi (life energy,) allowing movement towards harmony. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  33. 33. How to apply the Art of JSJ Receiver is clothed and in a comfortable position Giver hold Safety energy locks with gentle touch Giver does not transfer personal energy to receiver Can place hands above the skin surface in cases of open wounds, burns, severe pain, casts, etc. Hold until you feel a pulsing sensation or two to twenty minutes. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  34. 34. Clearing the Front and Back of the Body To Clear the Right Front:  Place right hand over left shoulder, fingers facing back and neck  Place left hand under left sit bone To Clear the Left Front:  Place left hand over right shoulder, fingers facing back and neck  Place right hand under right sit bone To Clear the Right Back:  Place right hand over left shoulder, fingers facing back and neck  Place left hand in groin where left leg meets torso To Clear the Left Back:  Place left hand over right shoulder, fingers facing back and neck  Place right hand in groin where right leg meets torso Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  35. 35. Tips for Getting Started Be comfortable and fully present in the moment to increase effectiveness of the treatment. Have a clear intention to move energy into balance. Imagine your hands as jumper cables allowing the life energy to flow. No pressure is needed. Follow your instincts and trust your intuition. There is no right and wrong. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  36. 36. Connecting the Left and Right Energy Left Side Energy Flow:  Left thumb over left ring fingernail  Right hand over left shoulder, fingers facing back and neck  Knees together Right Side Energy Flow:  Right thumb over right ring fingernail  Left hand over right shoulder, fingers facing back and neck  Knees together Harmonizes Left & Right Energy with Main Central Vertical Energy to increase the total energy supply to the whole person. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  37. 37. FAQs  Do I have to believe in it for it to work?  Do I have to know what I am doing?  Do I have to locate the spot exactly?  How much pressure do I use?  Does it hurt?  How long does it take?  What can I expect? For answers, see Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  38. 38. Benefits Balances the flow of energy Reduces muscle tension Detoxifies & Improves Circulation so need less meds Frees breathing which increases energy Relaxes and Balances Emotions, so eases Stress Releases Endorphins so Relieves Pain & Improves Sleep Speeds healing Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  39. 39. How Can You Help? JSJ Quickies for Yourself and Others  Cross arms and place fingers in soft area before shoulder blade with thumbs facing up.  Hold Fingers to balance emotions and all flows of energy.  Sit with hands under sitbones.  Join backs of fingers and place fingertips along center of top of head. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  40. 40. Hold Fingers to Balance Emotions  Hold the whole finger OR  Place pad of thumb on fingernail  Thumb ~ Worry  Index Finger ~ Fear  Middle Finger ~ Anger  Ring Finger ~ Grief  Little Finger ~ Overwork  Center of the Palm ~ Everything Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  41. 41. Holding the Fingers Helps… “Caused by disharmony and run down energy, attitudes are stuck emotions that block energy flow. The thumb and fingers are keys to harmonizing the attitudes and revitalizing the energy flows.” Mary Burmeister Thumb: Stomach and Spleen Function Energy Index: Bladder & Kidney Function Energy Middle: Gall Bladder & Liver Function Energy Ring: Large Intestine & Lung Function Energy Little: Small Intestine & Heart Function Energy Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  42. 42. Hold Fingers to Recharge & Harmonize Mental & Physical Functions Experiential: With right hand: Hold each finger of left hand, one by one. With left hand: Hold each finger of right hand, one by one. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  43. 43. Hold Fingers to Recharge & Harmonize Mental & Physical Functions “In time you will know the non-secret secret of the power that is in the awareness and understanding of the thumbs and fingers. All disharmonies can be harmonized through them.” Mary Burmeister “With these two hands we have the privilege of helping ourselves and others get in tune with the universe. Hands are generators of the Creator Power – not from within us, but a part of the ever – constant and forever balanced Universal SUPPLY. We need ony be AWARE of this supply.” Mary Burmeister Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  44. 44. JSJ Helps Alleviate: JSJ works on every body system so can relieve: Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  45. 45. Summary of JSJ Options Cross arms and place fingers in soft area before shoulder blade with thumbs facing up. Hold Fingers to balance emotions and all flows of energy. Do the MCV Clear the Front and Back of the Body Connect and Clear the Left and Right Sides Sit on hands Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  46. 46. How to Teach Others Start with fingers and attitudes Even children can learn Copy handouts here & create handouts from slides Demonstrate how to hold Cover basic tips for getting started and FAQs Take Workshop for further practice Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  47. 47. How Can I Help You? Drawing for Free 1 Hour Consultation on Integrating Jin Shin Jyutsu® personally and/or with your population. Workshop: Step By Step to Confidently Sharing JSJ with the Population You Serve. Workshop: Healing for Healers: Tricks of the Trade Discounted sessions for you and your family and friends through September 30th . Ask me about coming to your area to teach your group. Be Well & Wise & Energized!
  48. 48. Thank You for Choosing Energy Medicine at Your Fingertips Wishing you increased health and happiness using Energy Medicine Toni Crotty, MA CAMT CRTh Be Well & Wise & Energized! “My destiny is in my own hands.” Mary Burmeister