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Esrifamslms read ahead_april_2011

  1. 1. ESRIFAMSLMS…Decoding the mystery of marketing research using ESRI, FAMS and LMS: An Interactive Case StudyApproach. Frequently Asked QuestionsEsri FAQWhat Esri reports are available for me to use in marketing planning?Report Name Description On MWRBrand CentralMarket Profile Report Detailed demographic information by Yes areaExecutive Summary (ES) Demographic overview by area YesGraphic Report (GP) Demographics in bar & pie chart YesBusiness Location Business address by location By RequestBusiness Summary Total sales, total # of employees, distance in miles (closest 250 By Request business for given area)Tapestry Dominant Segment Report (TSAP) Lifestyle/life stage information YesTapestry Dominant Segment Map Maps the locations of the segments By RequestConsumer Expenditure Reports 7 categories of spending by household & services for given area By Request (based on mileage or drive time)Traffic Counts Current traffic data for routing By RequestMajor Shopping Centers Data from Directory of Major Malls By Request databaseWhere can I find Esri Reports for my Installation?Esri reports can be found on under the Market Research Link. Click on theResearch Tab to locate ‘Industry Research’.There is no Esri report for my installation, why?Esri is only available for locations located within the United States. Esri is working to develop reportsfor locations overseas. These will be included as they become available.Where can I get the definitions for the Esri Tapestry Segments?Definitions can be found on under the Market Research Link. Click on theResearch Tab to locate ‘Industry Research’. Open the pdf titled ‘Tapestry-Segmentation’ to view a 96page all encompassing document on the segmentation.How can I get a list of competitor or off-base business report? 1
  2. 2. ESRIFAMSLMS…Decoding the mystery of marketing research using ESRI, FAMS and LMS: An Interactive Case StudyApproach.These reports can be requested from the FMWRC Market Research Division. Please allow enoughtime for the analyst to understand your need and pull the data as these are custom built reports.FMWRC POC for these requests is Mr. George Brezny; will the Esri data be updated with census 2010 data?The current Esri demographic reports are based on the 2000 census data. Esri expects to have all ofthe demographic reports updated with 2010 census data in the summer 2011 timeframe.Family Reporting System (FAMS) FAQWhat is the FAMS reporting system?FAMS provides reports on demographic data of Army community. The data includes active duty,Reserve, National Guard, spouses of active duty, children and other dependents, and retirees. Theusers can select various criteria to create custom reports.How do I access FAMs?FAMS is a secure site located on the ACS staff web portal. In order to access the FAMS applicationyou must register on the ACS web portal. After following the steps to register and linking your CACcard with your login information, you will be able to login using your CAC card. Once logged onto theACS staff web portal, go to the reports menu (on the left hand side) and select Family ReportingSystem (FAMS) from the drop down list.Is training available on how to run reports?Yes. A Computer Based Training (CBT) module is available. From the ACS staff website, go to thelessons link and at the bottom of the page and you will find the link to the Computer Based Training(CBT) module.Where do you get the data for the reports?Data used in the Family Reporting System (FAMS) module has been provided by Defense ManpowerData Center (DMDC) to the contractor (DefenseWeb) and is produced and processed based on datafrom the Defense Eligibility Enrolment Reporting System (DEERS) database.How often is the data updated? 2
  3. 3. ESRIFAMSLMS…Decoding the mystery of marketing research using ESRI, FAMS and LMS: An Interactive Case StudyApproach.The FAMS data is updated at the end of each quarter. At the time of release, two quarters of data willbe available on the site. Eventually 4 quarters of data will be available on the site including thecurrent quarter and the previous three quarters.Can I customize the reports?Users may choose sponsor’s grade, age, gender, component, marital status, children, and/orgeographical levels.What are the Geographical levels of reporting?The reports can be generated at the All (global), Regional, or specific Installation level.Is there any documentation available for using the FAMS site?There is a PDF training manual that you can read on your own. You can also choose to take theComputer Based Training (CBT) module to learn about the FAMS application.Who can get access to FAMS?All Family and MWR marketing staff can obtain a login and access the FAMS reporting system.Leisure Market Survey (LMS) FAQWhen will the next LNS come out?The Leisure Market Survey (LMS) is expected to be conducted in the August/September timeframe.How will Marketing Offices be involved?Garrisons will be tasked to provide input on several customizable questions, making the surveyunique to each garrison. Garrison marketing offices will also be tasked to promote and market thesurvey.How will the survey be distributed?The survey will be directly emailed or mailed to each person in the sample. Garrisons will not behanding out survey instruments to customers.When will the results be released?The survey findings will be released within 3 months of the close of the survey. 3