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Creative photo shoot sharon bringing power-point


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Creative photo shoot sharon bringing power-point

  1. 1. Digital PhotographyPlanning &ShootingFor Success2011 Installation Management SymposiumCreative and Visual Design Breakout SessionSharon BertschiMarketing and Advertising Specialist,Northeast Region IMCOMEmail: 757 788-2650
  3. 3. LifestylePhotography• Recreates real life situations in a controlled environment.• Lifestyle shoots depict personality and incorporate aspects of a person’s life such as hobbies, work, or entertainment.
  4. 4. Life versus Lifeless
  5. 5. Amateur? Sure.But it hits the mark.
  6. 6. MWR Brand Central Subheads
  7. 7. Feed the Beast
  8. 8. Stock versus Custom
  9. 9. Well-Planned Photo ShootsBuild Robust, Versatile Archives.
  10. 10. Components of a Shoot TOPICS What do you need photos of ? SCENES What will people be doing ? A PLAN Develop a Shoot ListFACILITY MANAGER Cooperation and support SCOUT Visit the shoot site in advance MODELS / PROPS The right people and items needed for scenes SHOOT TEAM Director and Photographer CULL / EDIT Cherry pick the photos. Correct / crop / format ARCHIVE Rename and save. Safety backups.
  11. 11. It All Starts with the Shoot List TOPICS AND SCHEDULE Left column NOTES ANDCONSIDERATIONS Right column
  12. 12. Planning, Props And CompositionWell Planned. Tight, Focused Long Shot Clutter
  13. 13. Coaching Models Every picture tells a story.Models need to know what that story is to act out the scenes.
  14. 14. Setting the SceneClean the set to minimize having to edit and correct later.
  15. 15. Watch the DetailsNo. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
  16. 16. Tricks and Reducing Risk
  17. 17. Happy Models = Great Photos• Keep models fresh by using stand-ins when setting up scenes.• Feed models before asking them to shoot food scenes.• Give them something to do while waiting until you need them.• Bring cases of water and single-serve bags of chips, cookies, etc.• They’ll want to see the photos. Flickr.• ALWAYS bring gifts for children.
  18. 18. Create a Shoot KitCAMERA LAPTOP Board games, cards Lighter fluid, matchesBATTERIES REFLECTOR Grooming ItemsEXTRA STORAGE TRIPOD … comb, hair ties, hair spray Double stick tape, safety pins Scissors Colorful puppets or clickers Gifts for children, lollipops Talent releases and pens Clipboard
  19. 19. After the Shoot Cull Edit and correct Format Archive Adobe Bridge is an excellent tool for reviewing and selecting.
  20. 20. Re-touching and EditingPhoto subjects may need a little TLC to help them look their best.
  21. 21. Make them Look GoodCoach models and position them attractively.
  22. 22. Expect the Unexpected Stay alert for that perfect moment.
  23. 23. Wait for the Magic. It will come. Keep shooting.