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Web Design Trends 2014


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At Creative Spark, we encourage our employees to host sharing sessions with the rest of the team about new trends and updates within the industry. Recently, Ltisch Amos, our senior Digital Designer, shared her knowledge in a sharing session on current and upcoming web design trends. We liked it so much that we uploaded a short video of her presentation onto YouTube.

Now you can view the entire slideshow on Slideshare - BOOM!

Ltisch focused on:

Flat Design - a distinct two-dimensional style that is simply...flat, devoid of embellishment, drop shadows or any other tools that add depth.

Parallax scrolling sites - this involves the website background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page.

Responsive design - A website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities if a user switches from their laptop to their iPad, for example, thereby responding to the user's preferences and eliminating the need for a different design and development phase for each new gadget on the market.

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Web Design Trends 2014

  1. • Flat design • Large feature images • Parallax scrolling sites • Beautiful typography • Responsive design In this presentation we discuss
  2. Flat Design
  3. • No more “eye-popping” gradients or shadows • Strong focus on colour • Flat buttons still look clickable and the input fields still look editable • Layouts still look interactive but without the more exquisitely refined graphics Flat Design
  4. Apple
  5. Apple
  6. Large hero areas quickly killing simple sliders
  7. • Often an image with a little amount of text, at the top of a website • A borrowed term from print design • They are here to replace sliders and are increasingly creative and elaborate • These images can be elaborate and illustrated or simple images which are slightly blurred Large Hero Areas
  8. Videos in Place of Text
  9. Coin
  10. Manuel Rueda
  11. Long Scrolling Sites (Parallax)
  12. Cyclemon
  13. Sony
  14. Beautiful Typography
  15. Slam Dunk History
  16. London to Paris
  17. Responsive Design
  18. Slam Dunk History
  19. Slam Dunk History
  20. Creative Spark How we fit in
  21. • Flat design - no gradients on buttons or navigation but the call to action still looks clickable. • We feature large hero images with small amounts of text on all pages. This immediately attracts the user’s attention, especially if the image is well photographed or creatively made. • Although our new site has multiple pages – we have a nifty little feature on top of all pages. • Use of beautiful typography in headings. • And of course, our website is responsive. Web ‘pro’ prediction for 2014
  22. • Flat design • Large feature images Web ‘pro’ prediction for 2014
  23. • Flat design • Large feature images • Parallax scrolling sites Web ‘pro’ prediction for 2014
  24. • Flat design • Large feature images • Parallax scrolling sites • Beautiful typography Web ‘pro’ prediction for 2014
  25. • Flat design • Large feature images • Parallax scrolling sites • Beautiful typography • Responsive design Web ‘pro’ prediction for 2014