Midem 2012 General Presentation


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A general presentation on showcasing at Midem in France.

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Midem 2012 General Presentation

  1. 1. From Saturday 28th to Tuesday 31st January 2012
  2. 2. Music beats in peoples hearts and is set to beat louder.Be part of midem & the community leveraging music toconnect with its audience.
  3. 3. midem is the place where music makers, cutting-edge technologies,brands & talent come together to enrich the passionate relationshipbetween people & music, transform audience engagement & form newbusiness connections.
  4. 4. What is midem?•  6,850 Participants•  3,120 Companies•  77 Countries•  360 Journalists•  55 National Pavilions•  155 Startups
  5. 5. music, brands & technologies interact togetherin new waysPeople today love music more than ever, and they engage with it in new ways.  Six of the top ten Twitter accounts are musicians  A third of all YouTube videos are music-related  74% of music fans and 67% of labels agree that more fans will buy directly from the artists (Music Support Here, 2011)  Over 2.9M artists now meet, engage & transact over online communities*  97% of people think that music can strengthen their brand (Sounds Like Branding, 2010)  91% of consumers accept or are positive about brand involvement in music entertainment and culture (Frukt, 2011) *Audiolife, Bandcamp, Billboard Pro, CD Baby, GigMaven, Headliner.fm, Hello Music, Indaba Music, RegioActive.de, ReverbNation, Sonicbids, Soundcloud, SoundExchange, Songkick…
  6. 6. cutting-edge technologies come to midem
  7. 7. midemlabsuccess storiesOur lab is the place to pitch and showcase mobile apps and innovative digital startups.Many digital leading players emerged through our incubation events:  The Echo Nest, SoundCloud & Catch Media in 2009  Songkick, BandMetrics, Kickstarter & TuneWiki in 2010  Next Big Sound, Root Music & Jammbox in 2011Many lab finalists raised funds after their participation at our events  TuneWiki raised $7 million in Series B funding from Motorola Ventures, Intellect Capital Ventures, HillsVen Capital, Novel TMT, Benchmark Israel & DOCOMO capital  Songkick, raised nearly $2 million
  8. 8. brands & ad agencies come to midem
  9. 9. artists & music professionals come to midem ✓  Imogen Heap ✓  Mark Kelly (Marillion) ✓  Damian Kulash (OK Go) ✓  Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins) ✓  David Guetta ✓  Ben Watt (Everything But The Girl) ✓  Amanda Palmer ✓  Andy Cato & Tom Findlay (Groove ✓  Pharrell Williams Armada) ✓  Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) ✓  Will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas) ✓  J. Y. Park ✓  Peter Gabriel ✓  Paul Mc Guinness ✓  Chuck D (Public Enemy) •  1,500 labels •  700 publishers •  500 distributors
  10. 10. midem components
  11. 11. A reinvented market3 levelsRIVIERA, LEVEL 01 & LERINS✓ Totally re-shaped✓ More dynamism✓ More interactions and networking moments✓ Better overall comfort – daylight & access to the outside✓ More open spaces✓ More traffic and flow✓ Free Wifi Everywhere
  12. 12. Riviera Benefits •  High traffic •  Brighter spaces •  Sea view, Terraces •  New interactive zone •  New main entrance
  13. 13. Focus on the open zone4 new zones open space innovation factory direct 2 fan camp hub•  40 Pods •  midemlab •  success stories & •  meet-ups with the core business•  15 Mediums •  hack day discussions (labels, managers,•  A brand new •  how to sessions •  learning sessions publishers, exhibition area to •  demo space •  how to sessions lawyers...) •  bloggers’ café •  mentoring sessions •  meet-ups with the showcase your new players (tech, company brands, bloggers)
  14. 14. Lerins / new floor music playzone New zone: music playzone  Central zone in the heart of the market  Artist coaching - career advice •  Bright spaces •  180° windows •  2 000 m² of Terraces
  15. 15. Conferences inside the market, press & vipLevel 01 A new organisation •  VIP Club and the midem suites •  2 ideas hothouse (conference room) •  business center •  plug and play •  press club •  midem offices = all the team in one place
  16. 16. midem festivalWhat? Headliners & discovery artists 3/4 bands / nightWhen?3 days – Saturday, Sunday & MondayWhere? In an historical venue of Cannes – 1 500 capacityWho? Open to midem community & ticketing for general publicHow?In association with a live concert promoterSupported by Cannes and its region
  17. 17. midem off The benefits:  Show midem community and general public how you work a crowd  Knock out an audience in a friendly venue  Get promotion in midem off communication campaign 3 nights: Saturday, Sunday, Monday In a bar selected as midem off partner Packages*:   One band   One full night (5 bands)   Embassy (3 nights) *(production & basic backline included in each package)
  18. 18. visionary mondayWhat? A thought-provoking all day conference (keynote sessions, discussions and presentations) featuring decision makers coming from the music, brands and technology worlds.When? Monday, January 30th 2012Where?Palais des Festivals, Auditorium DebussyWho?Artists, brands, tech innovators, global tech players
  19. 19. Be inspired, step inside theultimate ideas hothouse &drive your business forward.