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Web design: A Way to put your Business Online | Penrose Creative Projects


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Do you want to how website is designed? Penrose Creative Projects is the place where you can increase your knowledge about website creation and can get wour website designed in the best way.

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Web design: A Way to put your Business Online | Penrose Creative Projects

  1. 1. Web design: A way to put your business online
  2. 2. Food and Wine Festival
  3. 3. This is a Flyer for Taxi Kitchen to advertise “Caught in the Current” event for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. This flyer in particular is for a more formal event, in line with the fine dining experience Taxi is well known for. For the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Taxi Kitchen have utilized the talents of their head chef and celebrated his background with a river based theme. The design approach is mature and clean.
  4. 4. Business Card Design
  5. 5. A business card design for Rebecca Wills, an Events & Functions Marketing Manager. The design needed to appeal in a corporate setting but be bold and punchy. The end result being a business card design that is hard to overlook. As well as creating business card, we set her up a domain name that redirects to her LinkedIn profile and created her an email address that utilizes her domain name.
  6. 6. Andmore Agency
  7. 7. Andmore Agency is an online agency where you can find NZ graphic & web designers. The idea is to support fellow designers and promote those who have a track record of cultivating great working relationships. The style is made to let the featured work talk and it acts as a platform to easily browse work applicable to the viewers interests.
  8. 8. Dieline Printing Photography & Website
  9. 9. This project involved their web design and photography, assisting the launch of Dieline Printing. Their site was blog based and simple. The photos were shot in a studio. They highlighted print finishing through exaggerated lighting allowing the viewer to imagine the tactile touch . The images are now used on their website and really help the company deliver a clear and professional image
  10. 10. Jonas Blog Site
  11. 11. This website design was made to showcase the adventures of travelling. The client was a keen photographer and he needed a design to utilize that, hence featuring full screen photographs. Letting the images do all the talking with a minimalist simplistic design approach.
  12. 12. Sarah Robertson Website
  13. 13. The Sarah Robertson website was a project which also included new social media imagery. Sarah Robertson is an international model, DJ and former playboy bunny. She has cemented her DJ career as being the DJ of choice for the rich and famous. Content was acquired from current online sources, such as social media to populate the site and organize it’s launch. Online media is definitely a first impression and this gives Sarah a professional image to portray in the entertainment industry.
  14. 14. For watching this. To see more examples, visit: Penrose Creative Projects