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What are the most under-recognized power of graphic design? We’re all aware that looking great is beneficial to gaining and keeping business. Penrose Creative Projects helps you in getting answers to these questions.
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5 Under-recognized Powers of Graphic Design | Penrose Creative Projects

  1. 1. 5 Under-recognized Powers of Graphic Design
  2. 2. Cycle of Under – recognized power of Graphic Design Being Unique Mental ownership Controlling your first impression Be beautiful, get spread Time saving
  3. 3. Being Unique
  4. 4. It doesn’t sound like an under-recognized point but hear me out. Creativity is an ability of unique expression. Graphic design is creativity at it’s finest, yet it’s becoming looked upon as a tick box, one to cover as quickly and cheaply as possible. If it’s about being quick, cheap and overlooking originality, you forfeit your chance to express your ideas in the most unique way possible. You should always embrace the opportunity to design yourself out of the crowd and be unique.
  5. 5. Mental Ownership Example of mental ownership
  6. 6. Like a dog marks its territory, you market your territory. Your designs are custom representations of your vision and you know your marketing material is yours. Custom designs connect back to a sense of ownership over your brand. Graphic design intertwines itself with your business, your vision, your life, mentally it’s powerful in bringing you closer together with your business and it’s direction.
  7. 7. Controlling your First impression
  8. 8. Again obvious but frequently under- recognized. Your staff, service and mood are all things open to factors of circumstance but graphic design is one thing that can remain constant. Graphic design is an element you can constantly control when it comes to your first impression. Graphic design’s power is that it’s seldom affected by circumstance, you can rely on it to communicate you effectively, as you’d like to be seen.
  9. 9. Be beautiful, get Spread
  10. 10. Have you ever designed for reasons other than informational promotion of your business? Designing to be beautiful and to aesthetically please your potential client base without blatant self promotion? I personally think every business should indulge in design which leaves your business a footnote. Make design people want to keep and collect. Invest in design which people pick up, display and spread because it’s beautiful to them. Embracing design for it’s beauty is powerful.
  11. 11. Time Saving
  12. 12. Work smart, not hard. Repeating yourself, that can be hard work. By handing over a sheet of paper or a web address, you can save yourself having to repeat information. If you communicate effectively, you save time. Graphic design is just another form of communication. Visual communication is a powerful time saver.
  13. 13. For watching this. To know more about graphic designing, Visit: Penrose Creative Projects