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Think Boost And Win The Search World


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Growth is never by chance. It's a result of two forces working together. Boost is leading the industry in ad creative optimization by differentiating itself from others in the space. View our SlideShare and see how we're setting the bar higher over our competitors.

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Think Boost And Win The Search World

  1. 1. think boost, win the world Across the board, Boost sets itself apart by caring about what matters most to the modern marketer; making their time more valuable. We help increase profitability, save time and learn more with comprehensive insights.
  2. 2. Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. We are a Battery Ventures backed portfolio company, joining ranks with Omniture, Marketo, Blue Kai, Akami, Exact Target, and more. We have strong relationships and partnerships with the leading platforms that you already use today.
  3. 3. We Enforce & Protect Your Brand Boost has created a tremendously robust process consisting of three approval layers to ensure that the brand message is not only enforced, but protected. Unlike other platforms, ads don’t just go live, they are vetted by clients to ensure maximum brand protection.
  4. 4. Harness The Creativity Of Humans There is no substitute for human creativity We leverage human creativity and algorithms to optimize ad creative Personalization requires people. Time and time again, we’ve seen what machines can produce vs. humans from a creative standpoint. While they can win at chess, emotional messaging and creativity are a different ball game. We blend the best of both worlds by leveraging humans to provide creative & software to scale personalization.
  5. 5. Enterprise Level Security Security   Usability   Engineering   MediaCom and Dell demanded strict data security and privacy procedures. We answered by utilizing their enterprise-level requirements and building advanced security layers into our platform, while exceeding industry standards. Fortune 50 businesses trust us with their data for good reason. We have a world class engineering team based out of Silicon Valley led by the CTO and cofounder of StubHub, acquired by eBay.
  6. 6. Reach For More ROI Marketers are more cost-conscious than ever before, and for good reason. While we take strides to be competitively priced in the marketplace, we subscribe to the adage ‘you get what you pay for’. Bottom line results and advanced insights about your customers will drive your business forward. Please feel free to ask us to connect you with customers at Geico, Intuit or HSN to hear why they chose Boost over the others.
  7. 7. Advanced Insights We go farther with the data, backed by the world’s best mathematicians and statisticians to make sure that you have a competitive edge through insights. We staff a full time Data Scientist, and work with Data Scientists from Stanford and Johns Hopkins to build out the most advanced search creative performance models in the world.
  8. 8. A Foundation With Universal Strength While others have found a “sweet spot” in PLAs, Boost remains dedicated to entire account performance improvement. What good is it to pay for a service that only optimizes a quarter of your account when you know the real difference happens at the entire account level?
  9. 9. You’re In Good Company We work with leading enterprise brands across every across every vertical to drive personalization and creative optimization. “ I would recommend Boost to advertisers that are looking to optimize their campaigns. Not only do they tell you what you need to change but also make it easy to make those changes. Frederick  Vallaeys     Former Google AdWords Evangelist
  10. 10. Let’s Talk Our doors are always open. Contact us today to schedule a live demo. You can also find us at: 170  Columbus  Avenue     Suite  150   San  Francisco,  CA  94133   Tel:  +1-­‐800-­‐771-­‐9415