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Surgical Scrub Station


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Everyday processes of hospitals demands cleaner air and a sanitized environment. The primary concern of using Surgical Scrub Station equipments is to help medical staff in using these equipments for working in the most feasible way.

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Surgical Scrub Station

  1. 1. Innovative Hospital Technologies for Allowing a Cleaner and Hygienic Airflow
  2. 2. Modular Operation Theater Modular Operation Theatre Equipment is a finished steel structure with joint less clean covering providing a top great quality complete. Pre-fabricated modular OT offer the advantage of rapid construction, top great quality complete in prevention of pollution build up, long durability, robust and flexibility design for future development, ease of maintenance etc. The pre-engineered Modular Operation Theater resolves the problem of infections. Invoke Medical System has provide, a full Technical support with Manufacturing of Modular Operation Theater Equipment like Laminar Air Flow, Anti-static Flooring, Hatch Box, Control Panel, Hermetically Door, Relief Damper etc.
  3. 3. Medical Gas Pipeline System MGPS guarantees continuous provide to the life preserving fresh air and/ or a machine service to help a clinician/ care provider save his/ her individual without stress. A Medical Gases Pipeline Systems (MGPS) is developed to provide a safe and effective method of providing the required healthcare gas from the resource of provide through a healthcare direction program to the affected person via an international airport device. Each medical gas to be must provided from an individual program and it is essential that all areas of each program are gas particular to make sure that there is no probability of cross-connection between any systems. A central Medical Gases Pipeline Systems (MGPS) is now a day’s identified as a primary life assistance infrastructural need of a medical center. It assists in keeping the cleanliness in the high-risk places such as OT, ICU, ICCU and Baby's room and helps you to save the attempt engaged in pulling tubes.
  4. 4. Surgical Scrub Station To get a cleaner and hygienic environment in the hospitals one most crucial element is using a standard surgical Scrub-up unit. Everyday processes of hospitals demands cleaner air and a sanitized environment. The primary concern of using Surgical Scrub Station equipments is to help medical staff in using these equipments for working in the most feasible way. Medical equipments manufacturers have come up with different Surgical Scrub station equipments backed by their years of work experience in controlling and eliminating medical infection. These portray their benefits with the outstanding features in hygienic safety and medical functions. Also these are user friendly and quite easy to function. Some manufacturers may provide extra features like infrared sensors for getting an automatic flow of soap, disinfectant and water.
  5. 5. Laminar Flow System In the recent years medical device clean rooms became more cost effective in both operating and initial costs with the enhancements and innovation in techniques and technology. The use of clean rooms is necessary for conducting specialized processes and need highly sanitized surroundings. The airflow in the clean rooms is constantly managed with the HVAC units and filtration systems. The air flowing in the clean room is typically categorized through three different methods and patterns of airflow. Another common airflow pattern is laminar flow. The laminar flow system is created when the air inside the room flows in layers and sheets in paralleled patterns. With the help of HEPA filters air enters into the room and a smooth and clean flow of air is ensured into the room.
  6. 6. Sealed Door Another type of airflow which is commonly available from manufacturers is known as turbulent air. Same as in the case of laminar flow, the air still passes through the HEPA filters. The main difference here is that it doesn’t maintain a straight and regular flow and is compressed with a sealed door. Different angles are used for getting a turbulent flow of air and this gets re-circulated with numerous grilles in the wall for support columns. The air typically comes in use in rooms that don’t need extremely higher level of cleanliness. The last kind of airflow has a combination of both laminar and turbulent flows. The mixed airflow type is generally used in clean rooms that provide segmented off sectors to formulate different kinds of functions. Many of these segments require a much higher sanitizes environment and cleanliness with a sealed door, whereas other room parts wouldn’t be able to manage critical procedures.
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