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CURE - Creative Zone Innovator

  1. 1. Der “Creative Zone Innovator” ein europäisches ModellMeike Sturm, CURE Projektkoordination
  2. 2. The CURE Project Time: January 2010 – December 2013 Budget: 3.4 m € Funding: INTERREG IVB NWE: 50% ERDF Partners: Lead-Partner: City of Hagen, DE, project coordination: cep sturm 8 Partners in DE, BE, UK, FR, NL , 2 Observers in NL, IR CUREs aim is the support of creative and cultural industries in particular to assist neglected districts of European medium-sized cities. The strengthening of the creative sector, a network of creative entrepreneurs and the provision of adequate facilities and building structures ("creative zones”) can significantly contribute to revitalization and a new identity. CURE-WEB.EU
  3. 3. The CURE Creative Zones CURE-WEB.EU
  4. 4. The Creative Zone Innovator CURE-WEB.EU
  5. 5. The Creative Zone Innovator CURE-WEB.EU
  6. 6. Flow of diversityThe CURE Approach CURE partners selected a set of innovative measures for enhancing the flow of diversity in the CURE Creative Zones The measures are complementary to eachother an build up different scales of intervention Different events’ programs and formats to create continuous impulses that will stimulate meetings, collaborations, networks and place identity CURE-WEB.EU
  7. 7. Flow of diversityBest practice Colchester – Hidden Kiosk Project Part of an activity programme that will use events and projects led by the creative sector aimed at the community to promote the changes taking place in the area and build an identity as an area filled with creativity. bring life to some disused kiosks in St Botolphs; people ‘try-out’ their local, creative business idea and bring new activities and footfall to the area Run as a competition, with judges spanning creative industries, politics and the media the first phase achieved ten winners from a variety of sectors – including a vegan cake-maker and a bicycle repair shop and café.       CURE-WEB.EU
  8. 8. Learning LabThe CURE Approach To create a learning environment which enables entrepreneurs to continually expand their capacity to create the results they aspire and remain innovative and creative. CURE partners test intervention strategies on different scales and with different forms of involvement (from individual to sector level and from informal to formal learning opportunities) CURE-WEB.EU
  9. 9. Learning LabBest practice Brugge – „design met wortels“ contemporary design meets old handcraft techniques Run a series of workshops, master classes, exchange & inspirational moments on handcraft techniques (ex. lost wax techniques, knitting, pottery ...)       CURE-WEB.EU
  10. 10. Cultural Business ModelThe CURE Approach How a creative zone creates, delivers and captures value for the creative entrepreneur and its stakeholders. CBM will contribute to a professional functioning of the CZ in the field of strategy making, organisational design, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and innovation. CURE partners test different concepts for innovative cultural business models. They cover different levels of intervention: individual level, building level, area level and district level CURE-WEB.EU
  11. 11. Cultural Business ModelBest Practice Edinburgh – Creative desks programme a non-profit coworking and learning space for independent workers, freelancers, start-ups, and the local community Collaboration with private sector and academia       CURE-WEB.EU
  12. 12. Creative Value ChainThe CURE Approach to stimulate and strengthen the networked alliances of the creative entrepreneurs with gatekeepers, (co-) producers, distributors and customers in the creative quarter. Enhancement of the infrastructure by filling the gaps in the supply chain improves sustainable development of the entrepreneurs and the value of creative products and services. CURE partners implement and test different innovative concepts for collaborative working spaces I different formats and sizes where creatives from different sectors can meet and co-produce. CURE partners stimulate collaboration and closer relationship of the traditional industry and the creative sectors. CURE-WEB.EU
  13. 13. Creative Value ChainBest practice Hagen – Co-Working-Area Established a co-working area in a former coffee bar. regular, informal meetings; idea of working like a creative agency, aiming to create a complex homepage for the district including information, networks, a communication platform for the inhabitants, offering advice and help currently 4‐6 permanent co‐workers using the space while 8‐10 associated workers are not using the space itself.       Foto:Theo  Schme-kamp    Wes3älische  Rundschau     CURE-WEB.EU
  14. 14. Further information in the web: Join and follow CURE on facebook: on twitter: @CURE_project by contacting Meike Sturm: CURE-WEB.EU