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Prezi Tutorial


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Published in: Technology
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Prezi Tutorial

  1. 1. Prezi TutorialOverview 1) Go to View the introductory video (see right) and the link below to get a sense of what Prezi is and how it can be used. prezi-as-a-teaching-tool/ 2) Now choose 2-3 of the various Prezi presentation links at the bottom of the page. (The ending of each link gives you an idea of the topic of each.) As you view, consider how you might use Prezi in your classroom. 3) To play a Prezi, simply push the start arrow below the presentation and continue to click the arrow when you’re ready for the presentation to advance. 4) To view the presentation in full screen, roll your cursor over “More” on the right side, and then select “Fullscreen”. 5) If you’d like zoom out from a particular part of the presentation to review the “big picture”, simply click on the “zoom” icon. To zoom back in, click it again. 6) Clicking on a blank area of the actual Prezi “slide” will either zoom you in on or out from details of the presentation. 7) Which presentations caught your eye? Why? How are you envisioning using Prezi in your classroom? With your students?
  2. 2. Creating a Prezi Presentation 8) On the Prezi home page, find the “Sign up now” button. You’ll then see the options (free and others) Prezi offers. 9) If you scroll down, you’ll see the “Student/Teacher license” option. Click on that to see the options for educators. 10) Select the “Edu Enjoy” free option. Then provide the information requested. (Note: your email address will be your username.) Once you’ve provided school information, you’ll also need to verify your email address. Just follow the directions Prezi gives you. 11) For a quick overview of using Prezi and its tools, view the “Getting Started with Prezi” video. You can also learn Prezi in 3 lessons, which is what this tutorial will utilize. 12) If you’re using Prezi for the first time, choose a basic idea for your first presentation. For example, you could choose some vocabulary terms to present to students. (See my very basic example below.) Or maybe you were inspired by a Prezi presentation from Page 1 and have another idea in mind.
  3. 3. 13) Let’s work through the “Lesson 1: Step by Step” tutorial as it plays, stopping it whenever you need to. Have your Prezi account open, and the tutorial open (see below) and toggle between the two. In your Prezi account, you’ll need to click “New prezi” to start. Add a title, description, and click “New prezi”.14) You may go through the brief tutorial that pops up. Or simply close this tutorial since we’re using the “Step by Step” tutorial.15) Work through the Lesson 1 tutorial. a. Add and manipulate text. b. Add images, if you’d like. c. Add video, if you’d like. Note: If YouTube is blocked at your school, you can convert video from YouTube by using, save the video to your computer, and then upload to Prezi. Consider using TeacherTube or SchoolTube as well. d. Add a path for presenting. e. “Show” or preview your sample presentation. Congratulations! You’ve created your first Prezi! f. If you’d like, view the next 2 tutorials about grouping and layering and presenting and publishing. Note: You can find all of the basic, advanced and expert tutorials by clicking the “Learn” tab (see right) of your account and looking for “Prezi Academy” on the left side of your screen. There’s also a handy-dandy reference manual on the right side of your screen (see below).
  4. 4. Prezi Settings 16) In your Prezi account, click on “Your Prezis” and the presentation you just created. 17) On the right side, you’ll see several options. If you scroll down, you’ll see additional options below the presentation (see below). These options allow you to make your Prezi public, for example, or to invite editors. 18) There’s also a comment feature, which could be used to generate feedback when sharing a Prezi presentation with a group. 19) To log out, find your name in the upper right corner, and click “Logout.” 20) Post the link to your Prezi presentation in Tapped In by using the same steps as when we shared our Glogs. However, put your links in the “Prezi” folder.Prezi Meeting – Collaborating in Real Time 21) Once you’ve created a Prezi or two, you may be interested in Prezi Meeting, which allows real time collaboration. See an overview and a tutorial for by clicking on the following link: Prezi Meeting.
  5. 5. Final Project (due in May) Following the Prezi tutorial, create a presentation about what you have learned about using technology in the classroom this year. Post a link to your presentation in Tapped In. Your Prezi presentations should address the following: o Tell the story of the implementation of one or both of their lesson plans. o Quote from Using Technology to Improve Adolescent Writing or another relevant text, in support of the presentation. o Offer at least one insight into what they learned from integrating technology and writing into their classrooms. May 23/24, 2011, 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. central standard time, 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. mountain in Tapped In at o Participants will meet online at for a synchronous session. Participants will take turns talking about their classroom work with technology, referring to their Prezi presentations along the way. Discussion will follow. Information about the reflection assignment will also be provided. This is the last marathon synchronous meeting.