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FY 2017 Kickoff Presentation


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Slides from AHCMC's annual constituent kickoff meeting for FY 2017!

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FY 2017 Kickoff Presentation

  1. 1. Annual Kickoff Meeting Suzan Jenkins, Takenya LaViscount, Nabil Ghachem, Chris Quach, Joe Frandoni, Kelsey Eustace, and Amina Cooper.
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda  Welcome and Staff Introductions  A New Strategic Plan/Vision – AHCMC Turns 40  FY17 Grant Awards and Tips for Success  FY18 Grant Deadlines and Updates  FY17 MarketPower Offerings and Updates  Arts and Economic Prosperity Study 5 (AEP5) Update  Public Art in Montgomery County  Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts Presentation  Grantee Spotlight: Capacity Building  Networking Reception in the Kramer Gallery
  3. 3. Mission The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County in partnership with the community, cultivates and supports excellence in the arts and humanities, expands access to cultural expression, and contributes to economic vitality in the region. Vision Our vision is to provide leadership that sustains arts and humanities organizations, artists and scholars and inspires participation in our County’s rich cultural assets.
  4. 4. VALUES: Inclusivity Diversity Artistic and intellectual excellence Creativity Organizational effectiveness and efficiency Sustainability Responsiveness Transparency Mentoring and nurturing
  5. 5. FOUR MAJOR STRATEGIC GOALS: • Optimize Grantmaking • Strengthen the Organizational Capacity of the Arts and Humanities Council • Provide key resources to Arts and Humanities in the county • Represent and advocate for the arts and humanities locally, regionally and nationally
  6. 6. Grants
  7. 7. Grant Program Structure I General Operating Support Large Organizations Mid-Size Organizations
  8. 8. Project Support Advancement Grants Artists & Scholars Project Grants Wheaton Cultural Grants Small Orgs. & Groups Community Orgs. Arts Integration Residencies Grant Program Structure II
  9. 9. Grant Program Structure III Student Awards Haimovicz Visual Arts Award Abrams Creative Writing Award
  10. 10. More Funding for the Arts and Humanities in FY17 $4,298,117 $4,577,743 $4,000,000 $4,100,000 $4,200,000 $4,300,000 $4,400,000 $4,500,000 $4,600,000 $4,700,000 FY16 County Grants Appropriation FY17 County Grants Appropriation More Funding for the Arts and Humanities in FY17
  11. 11. FY17 Organization Grantees by Region Key – Large Organizations – Mid-size Organizations Bethesda and Rockville Area1 48% Silver Spring Area2 32% Upcounty3 12% Midcounty4 6% East County5 2% Notes: 1Rockville, North Bethesda, Kensington, Bethesda, Glen Echo, Chevy Chase 2Silver Spring, Wheaton, Takoma Park 3Germantown, Gaithersburg, Poolesville, Laytonsville, Montgomery Village, Damascus, Mount Airy, Clarksburg, Dickerson 4Olney, Ashton/Sandy Spring, Aspen Hill, Derwood, Brookeville 5Colesville, Burtonsville, Laurel
  12. 12. FY17 Organization Grantees by Discipline Music - 39% Theater - 20% Interdiscipli nary - 9% Dance - 9% Visual Art - 8% Writing/Humanities - 9% Media Arts- 4% Crafts - 2%
  13. 13. FY17 Individual Grantees by Discipline Visual Art - 48% Music - 19% Media Arts - 11% Writing - 10% Dance - 6% Theatre - 4% Storytelling - 2%
  14. 14. Grant Writing Tips
  15. 15. FY18 Deadlines Anticipated Award Notifications ~ mid-June 2017 Wheaton Cultural Project Grants ~ October 4, 2016 LOI for Large Organizations ~ November 28, 2016 Small Organizations and Groups ~ January 19, 2017 Large Organizations ~ January 23, 2017 Mid-Size Organizations ~ January 25, 2017 Artists and Scholars Project Grants ~ January 27, 2017 Advancement Grants ~ January 30, 2017 Capital Improvement Grants ~ January 17, 2017
  16. 16. Grants Program Assistant Chris Quach 301-565-3805 x 21 Questions? Senior Grants Program Manager Takenya LaViscount 301-565-3805 x 27 Grants Program Manager Nabil Ghachem 301-565-3804
  17. 17. Constituent ServicesConstituent Services
  18. 18. Engage Audiences • CultureSpotMC • Culture Spotlight • Guide to Children’s Arts Activities Increase Efficiency • Cooperative advertising • Ticket Giveaways • Calendar partners Acquire New Skills • Professional development: - forums - workshops - seminars • Marketing Committee
  19. 19. Cooperative Ads saved MarketPower Subscribers $57,882 in FY16  Bethesda Magazine  Washington Post  Washington City Paper  114 Total ads  $57,882 in subscriber savings
  20. 20. Professional Development Series  Pricing Institute: Dynamic Pricing, Audience Zoning, Pricing Psychology, Audience Messaging, and Pricing Facts & Myths  Creating an Audience First Website from Start to Finish with Jen Buzzell  Building Audiences with Audiences: Engaging and Targeting Diverse Audiences with Erica Bonderev  Inviting Audiences In: Building Community Value in Your Organization with Brooke Kidd
  21. 21. The AHCMC Marketing Committee: Our Community Think Tank
  22. 22.  New WordPress Site  Mobile optimized platform integrates with Facebook and Twitter  New image and video galleries  Integration with Goldstar Tickets, Yelp, and Google Maps
  23. 23. Our 8 calendar partners increase your reach and save your organization time  66,000 monthly impressions with calendar partners
  24. 24. The Culture Spotlight e-blast reaches 20,000 subscribers weekly  20,000 subscribers  15% open rate  1.1% click rate  Ticket Giveaway  Goldstar Ticket Portal
  25. 25. 200,000+ copies of The Guide to Children’s Arts Activities delivered annually  Bilingual: Combined English/Spanish Print Publication  Stuffed in the backpacks of every MCPS elementary school student twice annually  Distributed to every public library branch  Available online:
  26. 26. A new chapter for Ellyn Wexler, Editor Feature Articles
  27. 27. A big change after raising $263,982 $263,982 1,300 donors 85 projects $50 median gift $95,080 matching
  28. 28. Economic Impact and Advocacy
  29. 29.  Part 1 = Audience Intercept Surveys  Goal = 1,000  Collected 589 surveys  411 surveys left to collect to reach our goal Dear Arts Patron: 1. Adults: Children (<18): 2. A. $ B. $ C. $ D. $ E. $ F. $ G. $ H. $ I. Other (provide description): $ 3. 4. A E I am here to conduct business (e.g., meeting, conference) B I am a part-time resident (e.g., I own a vacation home here) F I am here on a vacation/holiday C I am here specifically to attend this arts/cultural event G I am visiting family and/or friends who live here D I work here, but I live somewhere else H Other (Please specify): 5. # of Nights: 6. A B C 7. A Yes B No 8. A Younger than 18 B 18-34 C 35-44 D 45-54 E 55-64 F 65+ 9. A Less than high school C 2-year college/technical/associates degree E Masters degree B High school D 4-year college degree F Doctoral degree 10. A Less than $40,000 C $60,000 - $79,999 E $100,000 - $119,999 B $40,000 - $59,999 D $80,000 - $99,999 F $120,000 or More 11. A Yes, I plan to vote (or I have voted already) B No C I don't know/Undecided D Not applicable Is this your first time attending this arts event or facility? Do you plan to vote in the 2016 United States presidential election? (Check only one response) How many nights away from your primary residence will you spend in Montgomery County specifically because of your attendance at this arts/cultural event? If you are a full-time or part-time resident, and you will not spend any nights away from your home, please respond with "0". Admission/tickets for your travel party's attendance to this event Refreshments and/or snacks purchased by your travel party while at this event Food, drinks, or meals purchased before or after this event (e.g., at a local restaurant) Souvenirs, gifts, books, recordings, and/or art Clothing or accessories specifically for this event What is the ZIP code or postal code of your primary home residence? No, I would have skipped the arts experience altogether No, I would have replaced it with another arts experience in this community Yes, I would have traveled to a different community to attend a similar arts experience What is the highest level of education that you have completed? (Check only one response) Which of the following ranges includes your annual household income? (Check only one response) Which of the following ranges includes your current age? (Check only one response) Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. This survey is part of a study to measure the economic impact of the arts and culture in Montgomery County, Maryland. Your answers are anonymous and will be kept strictly confidential. Please answer each question completely and return the survey to the person who gave it to you. Thank you! Which of the following best describes your primary reason for being in Montgomery County today? (Check only one response) I am a full-time resident (e.g., I live here, I go to school here) If this performance, event, or exhibit were not happening, would you have traveled to another community to attend a similar arts experience? (Check only one response) List the estimated amounts of money that you and the members of your immediate travel party will spend in Montgomery County specifically as a result of your attendance at this arts/cultural performance, event, or exhibit. Remember to include money spent before, during, and after the event. If exact figures are not available, use your best estimates. SECTION ONE: First, please tell us about today's visit to this arts/cultural performance, event, or exhibit ... SECTION TWO: To finish the survey, please tell us a little bit more about YOU … Child-care specifically to attend this event (If you currently are staying in a vacation property or second home that you own, provide the ZIP code for that vacation/second home). Including yourself, how many people are attending this arts event with you? Include only the people in your immediate travel party (e.g., not tour groups). Local transportation (e.g., gas, parking, tolls, rental car, taxi or bus fare -- not airfare) Overnight accommodations to attend this event (e.g., hotel, motel, inn) (include one night only)
  30. 30.  Part 2 = Org Survey  Data Arts / CDP  If you do not participate in the CDP then you will be asked to complete an organizational survey
  31. 31. The Montgomery County Public Art Trust
  32. 32. Mission  promote cultural enrichment  engage diverse communities through projects and dialogue  foster emerging and established Montgomery County artists
  33. 33. Program Goals  Place public art where it will be enjoyed by numerous people, particularly in parts of the County where there is less public art.  Create exciting, appealing, and harmonious public spaces by integrating art into architecture, landscape, and the urban fabric and through planning of infrastructure at the earliest design stage.  Encourage economic growth through public art that is stimulating and accessible.  Enhance Montgomery’s image locally, regionally, and nationally by insuring the creation of the highest quality public art.
  34. 34. A Civic Partnership
  35. 35. The Collection • Over 500 works on paper • 300 works of public sculpture • New commissions
  36. 36. Conservation
  37. 37. Creative Placemaking
  38. 38. Current Projects: Wheaton Town Square
  39. 39. The guidelines were produced in concert with Montgomery County Parks and Planning in 2012 to codify the policies and procedures that assign responsibility and set goals for the county's public art collection. Resources: The Public Art Guidelines
  40. 40. Resources: Kramer Gallery
  41. 41. Get Involved This Year!  Host or attend a National Arts and Humanities Month Event in your community such as a Creative Conversation  Use the National ArtsMeet Calendar to promote your event and find others happening near you!  Obtain a proclamation from your elected officials.  Dedicate cultural events for NAHM. Identify or include already-scheduled events for October as part of your celebration of the month.
  42. 42. AHCMC Turns 40!
  43. 43. Questions? Thank you! Providing leadership that sustains arts and humanities organizations, artists and scholars and inspires participation in our County’s rich cultural assets
  44. 44. Special Presentation:  John C. Good Executive Director
  45. 45. Grantee Spotlight: Building Capacity Debbie Ellinghaus, Managing Director Michael K. Bailey, Executive Director “Capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of a nonprofit. When capacity building is successful, it strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission over time, thereby enhancing the nonprofit’s ability to have a positive impact on lives and communities.”