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Economic Impact of Arts and Humanities in Montgomery County


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Let\'s start with a dollar.

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Economic Impact of Arts and Humanities in Montgomery County

  1. 1. THE ARTS AND HUMANITIES ARE A LET’S START WITH A DOLLAR GREAT INVESTMENT Montgomery County boasts over 400 arts and THE VISION OF THE humanities organizations and 1200 artists and ARTS AND HUMANITIES COUNCIL scholars. No wonder CNN Money (2008) ranked us among the most attractive places to live in the nation! OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY The arts and humanities contribute significantly to the quality of life we enjoy here in Montgomery County and IS TO PROVIDE LEADERSHIP are a source of economic vitality as well. LET’S START WITH A DOLLAR THAT SUSTAINS In FY08, ONE DOLLAR invested by ARTS AND HUMANITIES Montgomery County in the arts and humanities was matched by ORGANIZATIONS, ARTISTS AND SCHOLARS $1.15 IN CITY/STATE/FEDERAL DOLLARS $4.27 IN OTHER CONTRIBUTED INCOME &INSPIRES $8.91 IN EARNED INCOME PARTICIPATION xTOTAL: $14.33 IN OUR COUNTY’S So for every dollar that Montgomery County RICH CULTURAL ASSETS. invested in the arts and humanities $13.33 WAS PUMPED BACK INTO THE LOCAL ECONOMY FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES! THE NUMBERS Montgomery County’s $3,306,670 investment in FY08 (operating support for large organizations) 801 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910 was matched by $3,807,648 in City, State & Federal 301.565.3805 | dollars; $14,103,764 in other Contributed Income; and $29,483,144 in Earned Income.
  2. 2. THE ARTS AND HUMANITIES ARE AN FY08 LARGE ECONOMIC DRIVER ORGANIZATION In FY08, the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County funded 32 large arts and humanities organizations. GRANTEES THESE ORGANIZATIONS STIMULATED MONTGOMERY COUNTY’S ECONOMY WITH: $52,685,202 $29,242,124 Adventure Theatre American Dance Institute Arts for the Aging IN DIRECT EXPENDITURES IN SALARIES BlackRock Center for the Arts BSO at Strathmore CityDance Ensemble Class Acts Arts AND CREATED A WORKFORCE OF: Create Arts Center Friends of the Library, Montgomery County, Inc. 2800 + 3041 = 5841 TOTAL qqqq JOBS VOLUNTEERS Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture Inc. Imagination Stage Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington Levine School of Music Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Lumina Studio Theatre THE ARTS AND HUMANITIES Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras, Inc. SERVE OUR COMMUNITY Maryland Youth Ballet, Inc. Metropolitan Ballet Theatre, Inc. Montgomery County Historical Society The Musical Theater Center National Philharmonic In Montgomery County, residents and visitors enjoy world-class performances by internationally renowned artists, Olney Theatre Center for the Arts experience the story of our nation at extraordinary heritage sites and explore the world of arts and humanities through Peerless Rockville Historic Preservation, Ltd. outstanding educational programs. the Puppet Co. Pyramid Atlantic Art Center IN FY08, 32 LARGE ARTS AND HUMANITIES ORGANIZATIONS SERVED: Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center Round House Theatre Strathmore Hall Foundation, Inc. 1,252.398 180,657 Tappers With Attitude, Inc. VisArts The Washington School of Photography RESIDENTS AND VISITORS SCHOOL CHILDREN The Writer’s Center MONTGOMERY COUNTY RESIDENTS ABOUT THE DATA x LOVE THE ARTS AND HUMANITIES The data used for this report (excluding those with other citations) was provided by the Cultural Data Project (CDP), a collaborative project of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The Pew Charitable Trusts, The William Penn Foundation, The Heinz IN 2005, 1.9 MILLION PEOPLE* ATTENDED $65 million* RESTAURANTS Endowments and The Pittsburgh Foundation, created to PARKING GARAGES strengthen arts and culture by documenting and disseminating CULTURAL EVENTS AT 63 MONTGOMERY HOTELS information on the arts and culture sector. Any interpretation of the COUNTY CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS AND SPENT: BABYSITTERS data is the view of the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery IN EVENT-RELATED SPENDING TRANSPORTATION County and does not reflect the views of the Cultural Data Project. * Arts & Economic Prosperity III, a 2005 study conducted by Americans for the Arts, documented the economic impact of the cultural community in Montgomery County. Sixty-three Montgomery County arts and humanities organizations participated in this study. For more information on the Cultural Data Project, visit