CreativeMMS Villanova Colloquium 2/28/2012


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Ben LeDonni, Founder of CreativeMMS gives a presentation on the difference between Conversion and Traffic generation, the benefits of open source technologies and free marketing tools such as social media.

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  • As part of our Creative Process, I personally meet with a prospective client for a FREE one hour discovery meeting over the phone or at an agreed upon location to learn more about their business.  Based on the meeting, I will present a proposal which usually consists of some unique ideas around visual direction, features, and advice on emerging web technologies for your website.
  • I am going to take you through a redesigned website our team has developed.
  • After the contract is signed a sitemap will be created and serve as a roadmap for the remainder for the project.
  • Wireframe is created based on discussions with customers.
  • If we are in receipt of all content, our designer will create the creative concepts. If copy isn’t agreed upon prior to creative concept stage, the designer will add copy placeholders with filler text.
  • This customer saw the original design and then uploaded photos and some feedback as revisions.
  • Here is the revised design based on the customers feedback. Our programmers then translate finalized designs into working website templates (site navigation, header, footer). Any backend tools or custom databases are established and integrated. We code up all of the specifications we identified through the initial phases. The goal at this stage of the process is to ensure all functionality works as a cohesive unit.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) TestingTo guarantee your website is fully functioning, we can perform extensive testing during the assurance phase. We post the site to a testable environment to confirm the specifications aremet and test functionality is working as expected. Production Completion with DeploymentOnce your site is thoroughly tested, deliverables are completed and we get your final sign off,your site will go live. Prior to completion of the production process, the remaining 50% of theestimated total is due.Post Launch Creative MMS will support any “bug” fixes as they pertain to the content of our maintenance contract. Our maintenance packages allow for extensive site monitoring, tracking and support.
  • Here are a few stats based on a recent study by Stanford University…..
  • CreativeMMS Villanova Colloquium 2/28/2012

    1. 1. Twitter: #NovaCreative 1
    2. 2. Ben LeDonniTwitter: #NovaCreative 2
    3. 3. Why CreativeMMS? Started in 2004 Multimedia” is a word you will start to become synonymous with home-based technology, as technology in our homes will take a fascinating course over the next couple of years. Eventually, all the technology we use in our homes, such as Computers, Televisions, Phones, Digital Cameras, Music Players, DVD Players, Home Security Systems, and even more will all come together to form our home “multimedia” station. While this seems like something out of a fantasy movie, the internet and current technologies have brought this futuristic idea within the realm of this decade. “  Ben LeDonni, 2003 Twitter: #NovaCreative 3
    4. 4. Whois CreativeMMS?  Eastern PA based  Web savvy  Experts in respective fields  Virtually located  Connected through technology We believe in marketing the best our clients have to offer to their audience, in a way their audience will want to see it, using the most effective tools to maximize return on investment.Twitter: #NovaCreative 4
    5. 5. What We Do  Brand Identity  Website Design & Development  Website Maintenance  Social Media Strategy  Online Marketing  Programming Services  ConsultingTwitter: #NovaCreative 5
    6. 6. How We Do It  Identify project objectives  Identify target audience  Discuss required website features  Plan deliverables and timeline  Note special requirements  Set time/cost expectationsTwitter: #NovaCreative 6
    7. 7. Brand Identity: Messina LawnTwitter: #NovaCreative 7
    8. 8. Brand Identity: Messina LawnTwitter: #NovaCreative 8
    9. 9. Brand Identity: Business LogosTwitter: #NovaCreative 9
    10. 10. Creative Process: Discussion of current site BeforeTwitter: #NovaCreative 10
    11. 11. Creative Process: Pre-Creative Planning Site MapTwitter: #NovaCreative 11
    12. 12. Creative Process: Wireframe layout and concepts WireframeTwitter: #NovaCreative 12
    13. 13. Creative Process: Website Concept and Design ConceptTwitter: #NovaCreative 13
    14. 14. Creative Process: Feedback and Collaboration Creative MMS uses state of the art collaboration tools for feedback and project management.Twitter: #NovaCreative 14
    15. 15. Creative Process: Feedback Integration Final DesignTwitter: #NovaCreative 15
    16. 16. Website Design & Development Before After The #1 reason people abandon a website is poor design.Twitter: #NovaCreative 16
    17. 17. Online Marketing: Organic, Paid and Social SocialTwitter: #NovaCreative 17
    18. 18. Website Maintenance: Learn and AdaptTwitter: #NovaCreative 18
    19. 19. Social Media Strategy  Identify goals of social media  Profile your audience  Get a pulse on your online presence  Find relevant online outlets  Innovate with these new tools  Identify your voice  Deliver a planTwitter: #NovaCreative 19
    20. 20. Social Media Execution  Social page design and setup  Social applications  Landing pages (Facebook)  Connection management  Content creation and postingTwitter: #NovaCreative 20
    21. 21. Consider these facts about the quality of your website design: Your Web Site has 7 Seconds to Create Trust, Value and Credibility.  Over 90% of prospective customers will visit your website before considering doing business with you.  A high-quality website design markedly improves your ability to convert a prospect into a customer.  46% of Web sales are lost on web sites that lack the critical elements that build value and trust with website visitors.Twitter: #NovaCreative 21
    22. 22. What’s the difference between Conversion and Marketing?  If you build it...  They might come  If they come…  They might buy  If they buy…  They might come back  They might tell a friend  The ideal situation is…  They come  They buy  They rave to a friend about you publically  They come backTwitter: #NovaCreative 22
    23. 23. On Location: ConversionWhere will I go? What will I buy? Will I enjoy the experience?Twitter: #NovaCreative Who will serve me? How will I choose? 23
    24. 24. Traditional Business: Marketing  Local Ad (Newspaper, Radio, etc)  Magazine  Billboards  Direct Mail  Yellow Pages Metro Area Estimated Advertising Costs per YearTwitter: #NovaCreative (via 24
    25. 25. Online: ConversionWhere will I go? What will I buy? Will I enjoy the experience?Twitter: #NovaCreative Who will serve me? How will I choose? 25
    26. 26. Online Business: Marketing  Search Engine Optimization  Newsletter  Social Media  Pay Per ClickTwitter: #NovaCreative 26
    27. 27. How word spreadsTwitter: #NovaCreative 27
    28. 28. The world we live in  The internet is in almost everyone’s hands  People share their experiences online  Buyers research before they buy  Communication is cheapTwitter: #NovaCreative 28
    29. 29. How does a business get ahead?  Identifying a unique product/service offering  Identifying the audience  Using the right technology to solve custom problems  Figuring out a strategy to market themselves  And maybe…hiring the right team/person to put it all togetherTwitter: #NovaCreative 29
    30. 30. The right technology  Often open source  Many tools exist to make the solution possible, inexpensive and effective.  Must fit the unique requirements of the business  Should work hand in hand with the marketing initiativesTwitter: #NovaCreative 30
    31. 31. Open Source Technology: Wordpress  What is Wordpress?  Just a blog? I don’t think so.  Key Components  Theme  Custom Post Types  Plugins  Blog  An Example  Independence Helicopters  http://www.independenceheli.comTwitter: #NovaCreative 31
    32. 32. Open Source Technology: Wordpress  Technical benefits of Wordpress  LAMP Stack means easy hosting and support  Industry best practices  URL – Permalinks  Blog, RSS, Pingbacks  User management built in  Plugins that empower business  Allinone SEO Pack  Socialize  NextGen Gallery  WP e-commerce  WP members  …  Becoming a standardTwitter: #NovaCreative 32
    33. 33. Open Source Technology: Wordpress  Difficulties with Wordpress  Data management  Versioning  Backups  UpgradesTwitter: #NovaCreative 33
    34. 34. Marketing a Wordpress site  Strategy, strategy, strategy  Wordpress empowers marketing by the tools we already discussed  Tight integration points  Engagement functionality  Easy of use  Example  Independence Helicopters – My Flight page  ghts/56546sdfTwitter: #NovaCreative 34
    35. 35. Using free tools  Once strategy is built  Free tools empower the business to reach their audience  Facebook  Twitter  Linked In  Youtube  Pinterest  Google Plus  Vimeo  Mailchimp  FoursquareTwitter: #NovaCreative 35
    36. 36. What is SoLoMo?  Social  The recent shift towards time spent on social networks has created a shift in marketing.  Businesses must be where people are, and people are discussing things socially online.  Local  Internet advancements made it even easier for us to see what’s going on around us.  Groupon, Living Social and others bring discounts to local consumers  Location awareness helps businesses to know when and how often consumers come in to their store, allowing them to offer incentives.  Mobile  What’s in your pocket?  Mobile computing makes it even easier for businesses to connect with people while on the go.Twitter: #NovaCreative 36
    37. 37. Youtube: Success Example  Old Spice  Old Spice created a series of YouTube videos advertising their product that quickly went viral, averaging over 23 million views.  Their most successful video has over 32 million views, and that number is growing on a daily basis.  These videos present different versions of the “ideal” man, with an amusing tag line that insinuates Old Spice can “smell your man into a romantic millionaire.”  Because of the humor, the videos led to a number of spoofs, increasing their popularity even more. They even received press coverage for their originality and success.  #NovaCreative 37
    38. 38. Facebook: Success Example  American Express: Open  American Express created a forum just for small business owners and leaders.  Through a strategic partnership with Facebook, they created a massive contest for small businesses that generated lots of interest and increased their fan base.  It helped that they offered a valuable prize ($20,000).  #NovaCreative 38
    39. 39. FourSquare: Success Example  Dominos  “Mayors” get free pizza  Domino’s pizza credited Foursquare with a 29 percent increase in their profits.  By creating promotions that encourage customers to “check-in,” they increased the mention of their company across social media networks.Twitter: #NovaCreative 39
    40. 40. Social Media: Failure Example  Toyota  The Toyota account @CamryEffect was replying to users who used a Super Bowl related hashtag like #Giants or #Patriots with an offer to win a car.  What made this worse is that Toyota set up verified accounts for @CamryEffect alongside @CamryEffect1, @CamryEffect2 and so on – in total 10 accounts.  This allowed the company to effectively spam their Twitter campaign to every user who was using Super Bowl related hashtags.Twitter: #NovaCreative 40
    41. 41. Social Media: Failure Example  Chrysler  "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to (expletive) drive.”  Stated by agency employee on Chrystler’s twitter feed  He was fired, as Chrysler has a huge presence in Detroit and does not tolerate cursing on their social account (obviously)  Chryslers decided not to renew its contract with his employer. He single handedly lost the account.Twitter: #NovaCreative 41
    42. 42. Key takeaways  Social media changed and continues to change the game for marketing  Social media is about connecting, just like business sales, and customer support  Participate, add value, and build a rapport with people / followers / friends  Open Source technologies and SoLoMoempower businesses  If you build it they WILL NOT just come.  If they come, you better hope you built it right.Twitter: #NovaCreative 42
    43. 43. What’s next?  My thoughts  SoLoMo when combined and done properly allows companies to do some cool stuff. People like cool stuff.  Internet shopping continues to rise. Add in coupon websites being all the rage these days and new social networks claiming space (Pinterest) and it wont stop anytime soon. Eventually it will all be combined into one experience.  Businesses that do not figure out web conversion and traffic will be left in the dust.  What do you think?Twitter: #NovaCreative 43
    44. 44. Lucky for you!  You are in the right profession.  You have the ability to choose your own destiny and make your own future.  You are invaluable to businesses trying to figure it all out.  You speak a language not many others can speak.Twitter: #NovaCreative 44
    45. 45. Thank You  Connect with me  Twitter: @wisemansay    bledonni@creativemms.comTwitter: #NovaCreative 45