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10 Tricks That Make Your Travel a Treat!


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Travel doesn't have to be a nightmare! Follow these tricks to make your next adventure a treat!

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10 Tricks That Make Your Travel a Treat!

  2. 2. FIND FREE WI-FI 1. • Download Wi Fi detection services like NetStumbler or iStumbler • Use your local Starbucks or McDonalds
  3. 3. WALK EVERYWHERE 2. • Skipping the tourist-y trollies and cabs will save a lot of cash in the long run • This part’s obvious -- it’s healthy!
  4. 4. AVOID PRE-FLIGHT JUNK FOOD 3. • “Jet Bloat” is a real thing. It causes higher-than-normal airplane cabin pressure to expand inside the body • Super-salty snacks lead to dehydration. Which leads to drinking too much water. Which increases number of visits to the dreaded plane restroom
  5. 5. STOCK UP ON HOTEL’S HYGIENE SAMPLES 4. • It’s complimentary with your hotel stay • The hotel will gladly replenish them • You’ll get the good stuff -- Hotels usually don’t skimp on quality for their mini shampoos and soaps
  6. 6. SLEEP/WAKE FOR DESTINATION TIME ZONE 5. • A few days before traveling, start sleeping and waking as though you had already arrived at your destination • This trick will seriously minimize jet lag
  7. 7. BRING A REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE 6. • Stay hydrated and save!
  8. 8. If you’re stuck in the middle seat-- Own your armrests ...And don’t even feel bad about it 7.
  9. 9. WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE 8. • Some words don’t mean what you think they mean in other countries • For example, “1st floor” means ground level in the US, but it means the floor above ground level in the UK
  10. 10. FLY INTO THE SUNRISE 9. • Morning flights avoid delay and huge airport crowds
  11. 11. FLY ON TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, OR SATURDAY 10. • Domestic flights might be cheaper on these days
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